"Remember what happened to Birchface and Flowerpaw. Those rocks belong to us, and we'll kill as many of your Clanmates as we need to until you give them up."
— Rainfall threatening Mapleshade about Sunningrocks in Mapleshade's Vengeance, page 10

Rainfall is a skinny black tom.[1]

In Mapleshade's Vengeance, Rainfall is a RiverClan warrior under Darkstar's leadership. At a Gathering, Mapleshade emerges among a cluster of RiverClan cats and Rainfall is one of them. Rainfall snarls to her that there may be a truce, but to not push her luck, calling her mouse dung. Mapleshade ducks her head and mews she means no harm, and that she is not staying. She notes that she can't blame RiverClan for being angry as ThunderClan has won the right over the Sunningrocks recently. Rainfall murmurs in Mapleshade's ear to remember what happened to Birchface and Flowerpaw. He whispers that the rocks belong to RiverClan, and they will kill as many ThunderClan cats as they need until they give them up. After the death of Petalkit, Larchkit, and Patchkit, Darkstar gestures to Rainfall to help Splashfoot and Eeltail bury the kits.



"There may be a truce, but don't push your luck, ThunderClan mouse dung."
—Rainfall when Mapleshade emerges into a group of RiverClan cats Mapleshade's Vengeance, page 10

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