"ThunderClan warriors can't chase off Twolegs and monsters! I'd rather die than ask them for help!"
— Rainleap about asking ThunderClan for help in Cloudstar's Journey, chapter 5

Rainleap is a silver tabby she-cat with blue eyes.[2]


In the Novellas

Cloudstar's Journey

"We don't stand a chance against the yellow monsters, SkyClan is going to be destroyed!"
—Rainleap after Cloudstar tells the Clan about the monsters Cloudstar's Journey, page chapter 4
Rainleap is an ancient SkyClan warrior. She goes on a border patrol with Stoatfur, Cloudstar, and Quailheart. Stoatfur directs Rainleap to refresh the first border mark they come across, a tree stump covered with ivy. After they encounter Redstar, Stoatfur says that if the Twolegs start destroying more of the forest they might need ThunderClan's help. Rainleap snaps that ThunderClan warriors couldn't chase off Twolegs and monsters, and that she would rather die than ask for their help. Cloudstar tells Rainleap that she was being a bit extreme, but that she was right and SkyClan would fight its own battles. After Hazelwing says that her kits were too small to be dodging trees, Rainleap yowls that they didn't stand a chance against the yellow monsters, and that SkyClan would be destroyed.

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