"How could any cat starve here? Wanting more is just greedy!"
— Rainswept Flower confronting Clear Sky during the battle in The First Battle, page 265

Rainswept Flower is a brown tabby she-cat with sleek, thick fur[7] and blue eyes.[3]

Rainswept Flower was an ancient Clan ancestor from the mountains. She decided to leave the mountains with her father, Shaded Moss, and some other mountain cats to find a new territory to settle, as the cats were dying of starvation in the mountains. On the journey, Shaded Moss was killed by a monster. Rainswept Flower and the rest of the traveling cats reached the forest, and she joined Tall Shadow's group on the moor. She was later killed by Clear Sky in the battle at Fourtrees, and appeared as a spirit to tell the groups to unite or die.


In the Dawn of the Clans arc

The Sun Trail

"I never thought about what would happen if we met other cats! Do you think they're...kittypets? What do you think the kittypets are like? Will they understand us? Surely they'd envy us? We've seen more than they ever will."
―Rainswept Flower to Gray Wing The Sun Trail, pages 143-144
Rainswept Flower is a member of the Ancient Tribe. She toils up a slope to scout a route out of the mountains in a group composed of herself, Shaded Moss, Clear Sky, Tall Shadow, Dappled Pelt, and Turtle Tail. Rainswept Flower is part of the party of cats that are leaving the Mountains with Shaded Moss. As they are leaving, Stoneteller tells the cats to find somewhere that suits them all. She names each cats talent, noting Rainswept Flower for her ability to track far-off prey by scent alone. The cats start traveling to find a new home but because Hawk Swoop, Falling Feather, and Jackdaw's Cry are not fully grown they have trouble getting over the largest boulders. Rainswept Flower and Shattered Ice walk beside them as the party travels, offering help to the younger cats where it is needed. When Dappled Pelt catches a fish Bright Stream purrs that she thinks the fish is great and Rainswept Flower nods her head in agreement.
As the group crosses a scree they are attacked by eagles. Most of them reach safety but Rainswept Flower and Hawk Swoop fall behind, and Gray Wing finds he can make no progress with Dappled Pelt. A heartbeat after Gray Wing and Dappled Pelt reach safety under an overhanging rock with the rest of the cats Rainswept Flower and Hawk Swoop join them, just managing to dodge the eagle's claws. The group decides to wait out the eagles. After the eagles have withdrawn from trying to attack the cats again Clear Sky announces that they needed to show the eagles the cats were the hunters. Rainswept Flower demands how they would accomplish it. The plan works, but Bright Stream is killed. The group is forced to move on.
As the cats exit the mountains onto a stretch of flat lands Rainswept Flower exclaims that they had really done it. Shaded Moss tells her that they have almost done it; first they have to cross the river. Later on, the cats are discussing the Thunderpath, and if they will be able to cross or not. Rainswept Flower is not as hesitant as the others, because she says that Stoneteller told her that the monsters usually kept to the Thunderpath, so they will be safe. Eventually, the cats prepare to cross. Rainswept Flower exclaims that they are huge, and when a monster goes past slowly, she asks if it is looking for them. Rainswept Flower and Dappled Pelt soon cross together, showing that it can be done.
When the group is trying to cross another Thunderpath, Rainswept Flower screeches as a monster suddenly appears. Gray Wing leads the group to safety. When they try searching for shelter, Rainswept Flower declares they will use an old monster's den, claiming at least it's out of the rain, and they can take turns keeping watch. Her father, Shaded Moss, joins her to rest. Rainswept Flower comments that he looks tired. She tells him to get some sleep and that she will take the first watch. Gray Wing joins her. After hearing a yowl of a cat in the distance, she whispers to Gray Wing that she never thought about what happened if they met other cats, and wonders if they are kittypets. She also wonders what they are like, if they understand the travelers, and whether they envy them.
After a little while, a monster enters the clearing outside. Rainswept Flower orders Gray Wing to distract it while she wakes the others. The monster instead enters a different den though. Rainswept Flower whispers that all the the other dens could have sleeping monsters inside. When Gray Wing wonders why Twolegs are scared the monsters are so close to them, Rainswept Flower shrugs and settles back down. After some more time, she prods Gray Wing awake and tells him to change places with another cat. Hawk Swoop joins her. After some cats return from a fight with kittypets, Rainswept Flower suggests that they should have talked to them. They could have explained they were just passing through. After the group stops to feast, Rainswept Flower murmurs that it seems wrong to leave uneaten fresh-kill behind. The group moves on, traveling through marshes with mud up to their bellies. Jagged Peak slips sideways, so Rainswept Flower grabs him by the scruff and drags him out. When the group stops to eat for the second time that day, Rainswept Flower comments that she thinks everything they want is here, and asks what else they could be looking for, and wonders if they've found their new home.
The next morning, the group is woken by a mass of sheep coming into the den they have settled in. The group panics when the sheep cover the entrances, but Rainswept Flower leads the group across tumbled heaps of grass and through a tiny gap at the bottom of a wall. They escape and keep travelling. After meeting a rogue that explains about cats living on the other side of Highstones, Rainswept Flower comments that she thinks it's a good sign if there are cats living there. Cats like them, not kittypets. Later on, Rainswept Flower watches Dappled Pelt teach Falling Feather to fish when she says that she was wrong about the wooden den, and asks about this place. She is told no, but she only nods.
In a sudden dash, Shaded Moss runs onto a Thunderpath and is killed by a monster. Rainswept Flower screeches and throws herself down beside her father, pressing her muzzle into his fur. Clear Sky tries to move her, but Rainswept Flower insists she can't leave her father to the monsters. Once the group crosses the Thunderpath with his body, Rainswept Flower says there are no stones, so they can't bury Shaded Moss like they would in the mountains. Rainswept Flower hesitates at the suggestion of using sticks and grass instead, then nods. She insists on staying with his body a bit longer, saying he was the best father, she will never forget him. When dawn was near, Rainswept Flower starts the burial by laying the first twig on her father's body. After the group finishes, Rainswept Flower leads them away in silence. When the group settles down to rest for the night, Gray Wing is woken up by Rainswept Flower, calling out for Shaded Moss in her sleep. Gray Wing comforts her until she is silent.
Once the group can see their new home, it is mentioned that even Rainswept Flower is regaining a little of her optimism. Later, as the cats approach the final Thunderpath of their journey, Rainswept Flower is elected to be the part of the second group to cross along with Shattered Ice, Dappled Pelt, Turtle Tail, and Falling Feather. The group springs onto the Thunderpath, but quickly retreats when a monster comes. The second time no monsters come and all cats cross safely. The group settles on the moor in a shallow hollow lined with gorse bushes. Three days after, Rainswept Flower goes with Gray Wing, Cloud Spots, Jagged Peak, and Turtle Tail to investigate a bit more of the territory. When a breeze brings the scents of the forest, Rainswept Flower comments that there is no rain, no Thunderpaths, and plenty of prey, and asks what more they could want. They discover an even bigger hollow before catching prey and heading back. In the distance, a group of rogues appears. The group argues that they could be dangerous, but Rainswept Flower meows that for all they know, they could be friendly.
After Tall Shadow warns off a couple of rogues later on, Rainswept Flower thinks she doesn't want to fight to live at a place. She wonders if that is the place they are supposed to live in after all. Much later on, Rainswept Flower leaves the group's hollow with Jackdaw's Cry and Dappled Pelt to catch a circling hawk. After the hawk is caught, Rainswept Flower quickly praises Jackdaw's Cry. Dappled Pelt quickly catches the mouse the hawk was after, and Rainswept Flower comments that that would never happen in the mountains. Foxes soon come to the hollow and attack. Afterwards, Rainswept Flower is seen with clumps of fur torn from her pelt. As dawn light comes, she is seen with Tall Shadow, picking thorns out of each others pads. When Clear Sky and Moon Shadow announce they want to move to the forest, Rainswept Flower comments that her father wouldn't want them to split up, but winces when Clear Sky tells her that father isn't there anymore. The cats cast a vote to see who wants to stay on the moor or leave go to the forest. Rainswept Flower chooses to stay on the moor. When the cats that want to leave the hollow go, Rainswept Flower follows them out onto the moor with Tall Shadow.
When Gray Wing returns from talking to Storm, Rainswept Flower sits on the rock above him, cheekily wondering who would have known that Gray Wing would fall for a rogue. Later on, when Wind and Gorse visit the hollow, Rainswept Flower comments that maybe not all cats around there are enemies. Close to the forest, leaves are swirling in the wind as Rainswept Flower leaps and bounds at every leaf. She whirls around at Gray Wing's comment and murmurs that it's good exercise. She agrees with Gray Wing that is was never like this in the mountains, and they didn't have trees like those. She lets out a yowl of delight as she continues playing, and comments that she loves the crunching sound the leaves make. She is interrupted by Jackdaw's Cry, who tells her that he was turned away from seeing Fallen Feather. Rainswept Flower gasps that that's flea-brained, and asks if he told the guard that Fallen Feather is his sister.
Many days later, Rainswept Flower goes onto the moor to hunt with Gray Wing, Jackdaw's Cry, and Shattered Ice. Rainswept Flower wonders aloud if it snows at the territory. It gets cold enough. After a bit more discussion, the cats spread out and Rainswept Flower catches the first rabbit, breaking into a run towards the rabbit to a gorse covered bank. Suddenly, Rainswept Flower vanishes over the side of a ridge and gives screeches of alarm. Gray Wing, Shattered Ice, and Jackdaw's Cry call for her. Rainswept Flower pops her head up below loose soil in a dip. She tries scrambling up, but the soil kept crumbling so she yowls for help. Gray Wing asks if she is okay. Rainswept Flower meows that she swallowed some soil, but she is not hurt. There are rabbit burrows, but the scents are stale. Rainswept Flower pushes down on her paws when Gray Wing gives the signal. She is soon out and thanking her rescuers while spitting out soil and shaking off dust. When the other cats discuss about using the network of tunnels she fell into, she suggests telling Tall Shadow about it.
Gray Wing brings Thunder, Clear Sky's and Storm's kit is brought to camp and the group is deciding whether to keep him or not, Shattered Ice asks how would they know if Clear Sky comes back for him. Rainswept Flower replies that then they should send him back. She says that it's a good thing should Clear Sky wants his son, but then questions how Thunder would survive if they don't keep him. Tall Shadow asks everybody if he should stay, and Rainswept Flower asks what sort of cats would they be if they refuse to help him. No cat argues with her.

Thunder Rising

"Suppose we organize ourselves into groups. Rainswept Flower and Jackdaw's Cry each have a good sense of smell and Turtle Tail has keen eyes. They would be good at patrolling the hollow and the territory around it."
―Jagged Peak to Tall Shadow's group Thunder Rising, pages 88-89
Rainswept Flower returns to Tall Shadow's camp with a rabbit in her jaws and drags it in. Later, she is receiving instructions for a training session. She kicks out strongly against a bark propped against some rocks, dislodging it and sending scraps into the air. When Shattered Ice announces a stranger cat is in the territory, Rainswept Flower instantly recognizes it is Turtle Tail and tells Shattered Ice that this cat is a friend.
Later, Rainswept Flower asks if she could join Gray Wing's tour of the hollow and moor for Turtle Tail. Jagged Peak also asks but is refused. Rainswept Flower promises him that she will help with his exercises when she gets back but is refused. Rainswept Flower also promises that she will be back soon and Jagged Peak is not missing out on anything special before following Gray Wing and Turtle Tail. She tells her campmates that she thought they should do more to help Jagged Peak and stop telling him what he can't do. When Wind and Gorse appears, Rainswept Flower reassures Turtle Tail that they are friends. Wind and Gorse explains that hunting wasn't as complicated as before. Rainswept Flower jumps and asks if they are blaming the mountain cats. Wind faces Rainswept Flower and tells her that she doesn't blame all of them, hinting that she only blames the forest group. Rainswept Flower apologizes for taken offense. It's just times are more challenging. The cats head towards the river to look for easy prey for Turtle Tail. Rainswept Flower points out several pigeons. She shares a caught pigeon and comments that she thought they were supposed to show Turtle Tail how to catch fat lazy pigeons. A cat interrupts them and Rainswept Flower asks which cats likes sitting near the water. It is soon revealed the cat is River Ripple. The group suddenly flees when a barking of dogs startles them. When they reach the hollow, Rainswept Flower thrusts herself for a gap between two boulders. When the dogs were gone, Rainswept Flower emerges from where she was hiding. When it was noticed Thunder was missing, Rainswept Flower comments he was in the hollow earlier when Turtle Tail arrived.
When the dogs are taken away and Jagged Peak and Thunder are saved, Rainswept Flower appears with most of the other cats of Tall Shadow's group. Rainswept Flower claws frantically as she tries to uncover Jagged Peak who is buried alive in a tunnel. She moves back with the group and when Jagged Peak is revived and she instantly thanks Wind for her work. She tells the group she thinks Jagged Peak should lead the way back, and says it's the least she can do to help Jagged Peak. She supports him as the group heads back. Rainswept Flower helps settle him in his nest, and is mentioned she made Jagged Peak feel better. She sits down beside him and talks quietly with him. She is later seen with Turtle Tail, bringing out the rabbit she caught earlier. She is with some cats discussing about better ways to deal with dogs. She points out that they haven't lived on the moor long enough to know where the safe places are. She then took a portion of her rabbit and gives it to Jagged Peak, asking for him to join before leaving him alone. She went back to Turtle Tail but quickly joins Jagged Peak again when Gray Wing sat with Turtle Tail.
Later when Gorse and Wind have left, some of the mountain cats starts challenging Tall Shadow's leadership. Rainswept Flower protests by saying they cannot change leadership like that. She asks if they really want a leader like Clear Sky. She thinks they are better off as they are, and apologizes to Gray Wing, telling him that's how she feels. She later asks Jagged Peak to show them something he has learned from Clear Sky and his cats. Rainswept Flower promises she wouldn't tell anybody the secrets she was about to learn. Rainswept Flower is mentioned to have a good sense of smell and would be good at patrolling the hollow and territory. When Jagged Peak limps away and Rainswept Flower tries to follow, she is stopped by Gray Wing. She wants to argue with him, but just says whatever you say. She also comments that Gray Wing helped to save Jagged Peak that day.
Rainswept Flower stands outside the entrance of Turtle Tail's tunnel as Turtle Tail gives birth to her kits. She stops Gray Wing from going in and tells him he can go when she's ready. She is outraged that Gray Wing pushed past her but halts when she is told it is alright. She later announces to everyone in the hollow that Turtle Tail has given birth to three healthy kits. The next day, Rainswept Flower is with Turtle Tail and her new kits, tucking fresh moss under them. She defends Jagged Peak when he is told to go away, saying that he is being helpful. She then finishes with the moss and calls for Jagged Peak to collect more.
A moon later and Rainswept Flower is seen with Hawk Swoop, watching Turtle Tail's new litter play. Later, she is seen sharing some prey with Thunder. The next day, when the alarm is raised that a fire is in the forest, Rainswept Flower crouches in her nest, her eyes wide and scared as she gazes at the sky. She follows Gray Wing as he leaves the hollow towards the forest. She asks what should they do as the fire dies down at the edge of the forest but still rages on deeper in. Rainswept Flower screeches as a branch explodes in a shower of sparks and a spark singes her fur. She warns Gray Wing to get out of the fire as he tries searching for his brother. Rainswept Flower is the second cat to jump the flames to the safety of a stream. Rainswept Flower tells Thunder he is too young to risk his life to save Moon Shadow from the fire, and volunteers to go, but time is running out so Thunder goes. The next day, Rainswept Flower goes with Shattered Ice, Quick Water and Petal to see the extent of damage the fire has done to the forest, reporting back that Twolegs fought the fire and it was out, but the forest is badly damaged.
Later that day, Rainswept Flower asks Gray Wing where he was off to with a mouse dangling in her jaws. She nods at his response and pads away. Gray Wing instantly feels guilty for lying to her. She is later mentioned to be keeping an eye on Turtle Tail's kits. When Gray Wing wakes up, Rainswept Flower is gazing down at him with Owl Eyes, Sparrow Fur, and Pebble Heart standing around the dip's edge in a half circle with their fur buffeted by the brisk wind. She teases she is glad that they have found out what was obvious to the rest of the group. She comments they look so cozy, all curled up there. She also says that Gray Wing and Turtle Tail have their paws full there when the kits jumps into the dip. When Wind and Gorse are joining the group and deciding their new names, Rainswept Flower suggests Wind Runner for Wind, because she is really fast. Wind instantly agrees. After Gray Wing's speech, Rainswept Flower is mentioned as one of the cats who show their loyalty to Gray Wing. Later, when Gray Wing summons a meeting, Rainswept Flower sits with Turtle Tail and gathers the kits and makes them sit quietly. When Owl Eyes is missing, Gray Wing asks Rainswept Flower to keep an eye on Jagged Peak. Rainswept Flower responds she will. When Gray Wing returns with Owl Eyes, Rainswept Flower exclaims they're back.
Much later on, Rainswept Flower is returning from hunting with Shattered Ice and Lightning Tail. When Wind Runner calls a meeting, Rainswept Flower is seen looking particularly unhappy. When Wind Runner announces the death of a cat, Rainswept Flower joins Shattered Ice and Jackdaw's Cry with Dappled Pelt to leap to their paws and starts to pad around. Afterwards, Rainswept Flower promises to look after the kits, and wishes Gray Wing good luck. When Gray Wing returns to explain about Bumble's death and what Clear Sky claims, Rainswept Flower asks how does Gray Wing believe Clear Sky.

The First Battle

"Clear Sky has always respected you. You've known each other all your lives but you've hardly spoken since his changed. Talking to you might remind him of his old self. You were a friend of Bright Stream."
―Jagged Peak to Rainswept Flower The First Battle, pages 66-67
As Tall Shadow's group of cats debate whether to attack Clear Sky's camp Rainswept Flower asks what there was to fight for and adds that they didn't even want Clear Sky's forest. She asks why Clear Sky even wanted the moor adding that he had asked for the forest to begin with. Rainswept Flower is the first to scent Thunder as he enters the camp. Gray Wing asks if a storm was coming and Rainswept Flower says that she doesn't scent rain but the cat Thunder. Thunder comes out with Frost and Rainswept Flower asks who the white tom was. Hawk Swoop explains who the tom is as the cats gather around and Frost stays in their camp. As the group gathers to hear Tall Shadow make Wind Runner and Gorse Fur part of their group Rainswept Flower asks what the delay was. Later, after Gray Wind discovers that Wind Runner and Gorse Fur are expecting kits he pushes past Rainswept Flower and Jackdaw's Cry. He beckons for Wind Runner and Gorse Fur to come forward and Rainswept Flower moves to make room for the two cats. As Gray Wing tells the cats that Wind Runner was expecting kits Rainswept Flower darts forward and congratulates the expecting parents.
Later Gray Wing hears Rainswept Flower and Jagged Peak talking. Rainswept Flower tells Jackdaw's Cry that they had to make Clear Sky see reason and Jagged Peak whispers that talking wouldn't work with a cat like Clear Sky. Jagged Peak expresses doubt in Gray Wing, saying that if he goes to Clear Sky's camp Clear Sky will be furious. Rainswept Flower adds that the whole group would be in danger if Clear Sky gets furious. She continues to say that they had to do something or Clear Sky would keep taking their territory. Jagged Peak asks her if she'd go talk to Clear Sky and she asks why. Jagged Peak says that Clear Sky trusts Rainswept Flower and he adds that Rainswept Flower was a friend of Bright Stream. Rainswept Flower is doubtful but agrees to think about it. She and Jagged Peak pad back into camp and Gray Wing waits until they settle into their nests before he moves.
As Wind Runner sits at the edge of the clearing, her stomach bulging with unborn kits, Rainswept Flower places wet moss by her and tells her to drink. Soon after Rainswept Flower leaps to her paws as Thunder returns to camp bringing news that Clear Sky had taken Jackdaw's Cry captive. Rainswept Flower is shown to be worried when Wind Runner begins her kitting too soon. When Tom takes Pebble Heart, Owl Eyes, and Sparrow Fur from the camp Turtle Tail rushes into camp and Rainswept Flower asks her what was wrong. Later, Rainswept Flower is again seen bringing wet moss to Wind Runner, after Wind Runner kits. After the group of moor cats finds out about Turtle Tail's death Rainswept Flower stays beside Gray Wing, warming him. She whispers that Turtle Tail was happy that Gray Wing loved her at all. Soon Gray Wing falls asleep but Rainswept Flower awakes him at dawn. She murmurs that they should bury Emberkit. Wind Runner tries to encourage Gray Wing and Rainswept Flower hypothesizes that some Twolegs or kittypets might find Turtle Tail and give her a proper burial. Later, at Emberkit's burial, Rainswept Flower huddles by Owl Eyes and Sparrow Fur. As the cats leave to visit Clear Sky's camp Thunder notices Rainswept Flower nuzzling Turtle Tail's kits. Rainswept Flower calls to Gray Wing and asks if he's going to say goodbye to the kits.
Thunder rushes back into camp to find out more about Pebble Heart's dream and Rainswept Flower leaps to her paws from where she was nestled by the kits and tells Thunder that he's scaring the kits. As Rainswept Flower joins the patrol to fight in the great hollow Sparrow Fur asks if she's going with Thunder. Rainswept Flower tells the young she-cat that she has to go help Gray Wing and Sparrow Fur retorts that she might not come back. During the battle between Clear Sky's cats and Tall Shadow's cats, Rainswept Flower fights two toms that drive her away from her campmates. The cats soon get her on her back and start viciously attacking her, Acorn Fur rushes over to help her. Rainswept Flower soon is on her paws again and fighting a tortoiseshell cat. Later, Clear Sky hits Rainswept Flower and sends her reeling. He asks her if it was worth it and she asks what he means. He responds by asking her if she's ready to die just to stop him and she retorts that if they don't he'll just keep stealing land. He tells her that he's simply trying to make sure none of his cats starve and she looks around and asks him if any cat could starve in a place like this adding that wanting anything more would be greedy. Clear Sky leaps for her and grabs her throat between his jaws, holding her tightly until she's limp. He drops her and says to her lifeless body that he's not greedy, simply strong.
As the battle breaks up, Rainswept Flower's spirit reappears. Tall Shadow asks if it really is her and Rainswept Flower tells the she-cat hello. During the conversation the living cats have with the dead cats, Storm tells Clear Sky that he had once been greedy. Clear Sky protests he had not been greedy but courageous, and Storm asks if killing Rainswept Flower was courageous. She later repeats the spirit cat's message, that the two groups had to unite with each other or die. She then pads away and curls back into her body.

The Blazing Star

Clear Sky: "I'm so sorry."
Narrator: "Clear Sky was truly mourning his dead friend."
—Clear Sky mourning Rainswept Flower's death. The Blazing Star, page 9
The survivors of the battle decide to bury the dead bodies and honor the fallen. Clear Sky pads to Rainswept Flower's body and says he is so sorry. Thunder notes they have known each other since they were kits, so Clear Sky is truly grieving his dead friend. The survivors promise to listen to the spirit-cats advice, and swear in the fallen names, to not fight each other again. Clear Sky carries the guilt for a long time that he killed a dear friend.

A Forest Divided

Quiet Rain comes to the forest to find her sons so Gray Wing, Clear Sky and Jagged Peak have to tell about the battle. Quiet Rain asks about Rainswept Flower, and Gray Wing explains that she was killed in the battle. Clear Sky reluctantly admits that he killed Rainswept Flower and Quiet Rain is shocked, exclaiming he killed a Tribemate. Clear Sky wails that he thought he was doing the right thing, but his mother coldly asks if it was right to turn on his kin and Tribemates and slay them. She is furious at him for killing Rainswept Flower, and refuses to forgive her son. Quiet Rain talks to Thunder, exclaiming that Clear Sky killed a Tribemate, and a cat that helped raise him. Thunder defends his father, saying that Clear Sky cannot forgive himself for it. Shaded Moss soon comes to the she-cat. He wants her to forgive Clear Sky for killing his daughter, but Quiet Rain refuses. She states again that he killed a Tribemate. Shaded Moss convinces Quiet Rain, and she forgives Clear Sky for his crimes, including killing Rainswept Flower. She tells Clear Sky to forgive himself for what he has done.

Path of Stars

As Gray Wing slowly dies, he sees Rainswept Flower, among other cats welcoming him among their ranks.

In the Super Editions

Moth Flight's Vision

Rainswept Flower pushes past Half Moon and Moth Flight is surprised by the fierceness in her gaze. She growls to the medicine cat she has to devote herself to her Clan and Half Moon brushes her tail along the she-cat's spine, reassuring she will learn that in time. Half Moon then shoos Rainswept Flower away with her tail. When all the medicine cats go to the Moonstone, Dappled Pelt recognizes Rainswept Flower, rushing to her and greeting the she-cat. Rainswept Flower tells all the medicine cats they must pool their knowledge.

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Shaded Moss:[8] Deceased, verified StarClan member


Unnamed she-cat:[9] Status unknown


Unnamed ♀
Shaded Moss ♂
Rainswept Flower ♀

    = Male

    = Female

    = Gender Unknown



"Rainswept Flower, your ability to track far-off prey by scent alone. All of your talents must find the right place to blossom."
―Stoneteller to the leaving cats The Sun Trail, page 45

"I think it's a good sign if there are other cats living near here. Cats like us, I mean. Not kittypets."
―Rainswept Flower about the territory near Highstones The Sun Trail, page 165

Clear Sky: "Is it all worth it?"
Rainswept Flower: "What do you mean?"
Clear Sky: "Are you ready to die just to stop me from making borders?"
Rainswept Flower: "You'll keep stealing land as long as we let you."
Clear Sky: "Stealing land? I'm just making sure my cats never starve."
Rainswept Flower: "How could any cat starve here? There's so much. Wanting more is just greedy."
Clear Sky: "How dare you!"
—Clear Sky and Rainswept Flower before Clear Sky kills Rainswept Flower The First Battle, page 265

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