"We must stay united. I know we've had our differences, but Alderheart is right. We must look forward, not back. There are so few of us left. If we are to remain a Clan, we must work together."
— Ratscar to his Clan in Darkest Night, page 159

Ratscar is a dark[12] brown tom with a long scar across his back.[5]

Ratscar is a ShadowClan elder, and a former Dark Forest trainee. He lived throughout the reign of Tigerstar in the forest territories, only retiring after the Great Battle. During the reign of Rowanstar, he was among the cats dissatisfied with his leader's meek rule, yearning for the feared ShadowClan of old. However, after witnessing the savagery of the Kin, Ratscar regretted his abandonment of ShadowClan, working tirelessly to restore it after the Kin's defeat, despite being an elder.


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Omen of the Stars

"I always thought Ratscar looked a bit shifty. I'm not surprised he's here."
—Ivypool's thoughts about Ratscar training in the Dark Forest Sign of the Moon, page 129
Ratscar's former apprentice, Shrewfoot, has become a warrior, and he now mentors Pinepaw, participating alongside her in the battle of the border. It is revealed that he is training in the Dark Forest, and on Blossomfall's first visit there, Hawkfrost orders him to attack her, though Ivypool intervenes. Later, when Lionblaze provokes him at the border, Ratscar attacks, to which the ThunderClan warrior does nothing in defense. During the battle against the Dark Forest, Ratscar attacks the Dark Forest warrior, Shredtail, proving his loyalty to the Clans.

A Vision of Shadows

"The apprentices have a point. ShadowClan used to rule the forest. Now we live like a bunch of ThunderClan cats. All we want is peace and food. We're hardly better than kittypets."
—Ratscar about the state of ShadowClan Thunder and Shadow, page 144
As an elder, Ratscar laments the lack of respect modern apprentices have for senior warriors. After Violetkit is taken into ShadowClan, she overhears him exclaiming that she is not really one of them. When ShadowClan's apprentices accuse Rowanstar of making ShadowClan weak, Ratscar admits that they have a point. Later, he grieves for his denmate Kinkfur when she dies of yellowcough, but becomes more friendly with Violetpaw after she returns from Darktail's group. However, when Darktail takes over ShadowClan, he becomes part of the Kin, but is no longer cared for as an elder. When the Kin launch an attack on RiverClan, Ratscar and his fellow elder, Oakfur, are put on the front lines. To spare them the Kin's cruelty, Violetpaw sneaks both elders to the safety of ThunderClan where their wounds are healed. He expresses deep regret for abandoning Rowanstar.

Super Editions

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In Tigerheart's Shadow, Ratscar returns to patrols, despite being incredible frail and hungry, due to the loss of so many ShadowClan cats. He and Juniperclaw encounter Willowshine and Alderheart on their mission to find a six-toed cat.


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In Tigerclaw's Fury, Ratscar is curious as to why Tigerclaw left ThunderClan, and is hesitant when he suggests hunting on ThunderClan land. However, he fights against a ThunderClan patrol after Runningwind is killed by Tigerclaw.
In Dovewing's Silence, Ratscar and the other Dark Forest trainees agree to swear an oath of loyalty to the Clans, though Blackstar still visibly distrusts Ratscar and Tigerheart.

Detailed description

Ratscar is a scarred,[13] skinny,[14] mangy,[15] dark[12] brown tom[5] with yellow teeth,[16] a patchy tail,[17] and a torn ear.[18] He has a distinctive[19] long scar across his back.[5]


Interesting facts

  • The scar on his back gave him his warrior name.[12]


  • His name has mistakenly been printed as "Rat-scar". [20]
  • He has mistakenly been described as fox-red.[21]
  • He has mistakenly been called Rowanclaw.[22]
  • He has mistakenly been listed as a "darn brown tom" instead of dark brown.[23]

Character pixels

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"But we're not strong. And we don't want to take over ThunderClan's territory or hunt their prey."
—Ratscar protesting against Tigerclaw's words Tigerclaw's Fury, page 6

"They never told me they were training me to destroy my own Clan!"
—Ratscar to Snowbird and Lionblaze The Last Hope, page 279

"This oath... do we have to swear it now? In front of cats who have nothing to do with us?"
—Ratscar at a meeting deciding his fate Dovewing's Silence, page chapter 4

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"What right do you have to question our leader? Take yourself back to your own territory."
—Ratscar telling Bramblestar off for accusing Blackstar of lying Bramblestar's Storm, page page 35

Ratscar: "If you ask me, what should be embraced is a bit more respect for senior warriors."
Beepaw: "Ratscar's always saying that!"
—Ratscar and Beepaw at a Gathering The Apprentice's Quest, page 53

Ratscar: "The apprentices have a point. ShadowClan used to rule the forest. Now we live like a bunch of ThunderClan cats. All we want is peace and food. We're hardly better than kittypets."
Kinkfur: "What nonsense! ShadowClan will always be feared and respected by the other Clans."
Ratscar: "Even if we're not feared and respected by our own kits."
—Ratscar and Kinkfur Thunder and Shadow, page 144

"Try telling that to Darktail. You know, I can't believe how bad things were in that camp. The worst mistake I ever made was not leaving with Rowanstar."
—Ratscar to Alderheart Shattered Sky, page 180

"I'm old. But I'm not dead yet."
—Ratscar about patrolling Darkest Night, page 157

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