Allegiances, as presented in the opening pages of Ravenpaw's Farewell. Characters that were excluded from an Allegiances list, but appeared in the book, will be listed following the formal allegiances list.

Cats outside Clans

Ravenpaw - sleek black tom

Barley - sturdy black-and-white tom

Violet - pale orange tabby she-cat with dark orange stripes and white paws

Riley - pale gray tabby with dark gray stripes and blue eyes

Bella - pale orange she-cat with green eyes

Lulu - pale sandy she-cat with long fur

Patch - gray and pale orange tom

Madric - brown tabby tom

Pasha - very dark tabby tom


Leader: Leafstar - brown-and-cream tabby she-cat with amber eyes
Deputy: Sharpclaw - dark ginger tom
Medicine cat(s): Echosong - silver tabby she-cat with green eyes
Warriors: Cherrytail - tortoiseshell-and-white she-cat

Waspwhisker - gray-and-white tom
Apprentice, Duskpaw

Ebonyclaw - striking black she-cat (daylight warrior)
Apprentice, Hawkpaw

Billystorm - ginger-and-white tom
Apprentice, Pebblepaw

Harveymoon - white tom (daylight warrior)

Macgyver - black-and-white tom (daylight warrior)

Bouncefire - ginger tom
Apprentice, Blossompaw

Tinycloud - small white she-cat

Nettlesplash - pale brown tom

Rabbitleap - brown tom
Apprentice, Parsleypaw

Plumwillow - dark gray she-cat
Apprentice, Cloudpaw

Firefern - ginger she-cat

Apprentices: Duskpaw - ginger tabby tom

Hawkpaw - dark gray tom with yellow eyes

Blossompaw - ginger-and-white she-cat

Cloudpaw - white she-cat

Pebblepaw - brown-speckled white she-cat with green eyes

Parsleypaw - dark brown tabby tom

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