"Farewell, Barley. I will see you again one day."
Ravenpaw thinking about Barley as he dies in Ravenpaw's Farewell, chapter 10
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Ravenpaw wakes up to Echosong sitting beside him, her tail twitching and she mews that he is awake. The sun is sliding behind the trees and dusky shadows were gathering in the gorge. The scrubby grass that leads to the Twolegplace was quiet but fresh scent markers drift in the air while cats circle aimlessly around the gorge. As Ravenpaw and Echosong make their way down the cliff, the silver she-cat tells the tom how the new boundary is in place and that her Clanmates will protect it with their lives. Ravenpaw says that he hopes it doesn't come to that as a stir of alarm rises in him.
Riley and Bella bound up to Ravenpaw and Riley announces they've had a great day, saying that Cherrytail told him he is the best at pushing stones. Bella meows that she found the longest stick and Blossompaw helped her carry it. A brown tom calls to the two young cats and Riley explains that the cat is Rabbitleap and he and Bella are on his patrol. They say good-bye to Ravenpaw before whirling around and racing off. Barley pads up to his friend and observes that Riley and Bella have made friends already. The black and white tom tries to convince Ravenpaw not to fight, due to his health, to no avail.
SkyClan has finished its preparations and readies to fight. They travel to their new border and Sharpclaw gives the order to to attack the kittypets. The Clan cats soon win the battle against them, sending their intruders screeching away. Ravenpaw's plan is successful, but the black loner is very winded from the fight. Leafstar thanks him on behalf of SkyClan for teaching the kittypets to respect their borders. She offers to make Riley and Bella apprentices, and both eagerly accept. The former Clan cat then witnesses the apprentice ceremony for them, who are named Rileypaw and Bellapaw. Barley ushers his friend away to rest, but he requests to be under the trees.
The black-and-white tom protests, but Echosong says they must do as Ravenpaw wishes. The former Clan cat gasps to Barley that he will wait for him, and shall find him, wherever he may be. He hears Leafstar meow that they will give him a warrior's farewell. Curled up by Barley, Ravenpaw passes away on top of his friend's front paw. He stands up from his dead body and walks off into the shadows, towards warm sunshine and the scent of prey. He silently promises Barley that he will meet him again someday.





Important Events


Bellapaw and Rileypaw's Apprentice Ceremony
Leafstar: You fought well tonight. As bravely as any of my Clanmates, in fact. I was wrong to think that I needed to know a cat from kithood before I could trust them. You have proved that you belong here. Riley, Bella, will you do SkyClan the honor of joining us? Tinycloud, Nettlesplash, will you be their mentors?
Tinycloud: With pleasure.
Leafstar: Rileypaw, Bellapaw, StarClan welcomes you to SkyClan as apprentices.
Everyone: Rileypaw! Bellapaw!
Reference: Ravenpaw's Farewell, chapter 10

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