"It's your home, not ours. We want to be warriors!"
Riley to his mother Violet in Ravenpaw's Farewell, chapter 3
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Chapter description

Barley and Ravenpaw are staring up at the snow thickly falling; the trees and the hedges have lost the last of their leaves during leaf-bare. Hunting has become easier for them in the barn, since the pile of hay is shrinking. Ravenpaw becomes familiar with the pain in his belly, which flares up if he eats prey or sleeps in a draft. When he is playing with Barley up and down the hay, he slips and wrenches his shoulder. His friend licks his flank, and he tells him he'll be fine. He tries to stand up, however his leg hurts and Barley helps him over to his nest. The small black loner sighs he's getting old, but Barley disagrees with him. He states he's seen at least two more leaf-bares then he did, and he isn't old.
Newleaf arrives and the two barn cats begin to hunt outside, with Ravenpaw's shoulder healing. During the evening on their first day of sunshine, the cats hear a muffled squeaking in the hedgerow. Smelling the scent of kittypets, two shapes emerge from the growth, one orange and one gray. Surprised to see Bella and Riley, Ravenpaw asks what they are doing here, and Violet, coming up behind them, answers. Barley touches noses with his sister and asks where the other kits went. The orange queen explains that Lulu and Patch got adopted and they still see each other from time to time. Bella bounces up to Ravenpaw and pleads to be taken to the barn where she could catch a mouse. The black-and-white barn cat invites his family to his home and Violet states they won't stay there for too long.
The young ones race ahead to notice cows nearby. Riley and Bella are wary at first, however desire to use their fighting moves on them. Violet mentions that Smudge had told them stories of the four Clan in the forest. Riley announces he wants to join ThunderClan. Ravenpaw shows them the barn and decides to show them how he hunts. The loner and the kits head into the shadows, where he could pick out a trail. Scenting a mouse, he drops into the hunter's crouch, and gives it the killing bite. After giving thanks to StarClan for the meal, Riley asks him what he said. Instead of answering, Ravenpaw offers them the mouse. When they show the food to their mother, Bella promises to become a warrior. Violet disapproves of her kits' dreams and decides to takes them back home tomorrow. Ravenpaw silently disagrees with her and the kits become mutinous.




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