"Don't trespass on another Clan's territory. But if SkyClan is the only Clan around here, that doesn't matter, does it?"
Bella asking about the warrior code in Ravenpaw's Farewell, chapter 7
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Chapter description

The cats move on from spending the night next to the waterfall and continue following the river, which begins to narrow. The companions walk in single file, and Ravenpaw knows they are approaching SkyClan's territory. Barley pants that they should find somewhere shady to stop and rest. The small black tom observes his surroundings, and doesn't see any cover they could reach. Riley offers to investigate some gorse bushes and the others reach him to see he had found the bushes forming a small cave. Once inside, Ravenpaw closes his eye and hears Firestar's and Sandstorm's voices. He knows they had sheltered here too, which confirms that they are very close to SkyClan now. Ravenpaw warns his companions to tread carefully from now on because no Clan welcomes trespassers. Riley and Bella are anxious the Clan won't accept them, but their uncle promises he'll take them home if that happens.
Continuing on their way, the cats keep their senses alert for SkyClan. The clouds covering the sky bring an early dusk and Ravenpaw decides to stop so they can find SkyClan tomorrow. He also wants to check the area so he instructs Barley to stay with the kits. The black loner leaves the stream and smells a strong whiff of cats, both warrior and kittypet. Ravenpaw ponders about this, before remembering that SkyClan takes kittypets into the Clan as warriors. Barley is sleeping when he returns; however, Bella and Riley are still awake. They beg to know more about the warrior code, and Ravenpaw has them recite it. He teaches them more rules and fondly remembers Whitestorm, who was kind and patient toward him. The kits fall asleep and the loner lies next to Barley and hopes that SkyClan will give the young kits a chance.
Later, they are awakened by five hostile kittypets surrounding them. A tabby with piercing green eyes, jeers at the cats. Ravenpaw snarls at the intruders to leave them alone and approaches the tabby ringleader threateningly. The tabby tom jokes he is scared of him and warns them to go back where they belong. Barley stands next to Ravenpaw, and a ginger-and-white she-cat agrees with the kittypet leader. The tabby tells Ravenpaw to get lost and is answered is a clout between his ears. The other kittypets get bored fast and the tabby tom warns Ravenpaw he'll pay for what he did. They decide to give SkyClan another surprise in the gorge. The traveling companions settle down to rest, while Barley offers to keep an eye out in case the kittypets come back.




  • Pasha (Unnamed)[1]
  • Unnamed ginger-and-white she-cat[1]
  • Unnamed she-cat with silver and black patches[1]


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