These notes are brief, noting major events and minor events in Ravenpaw's Farewell that will be of consequence later. They are intended to be used as a reference for those looking for specific events for re-reading and the book discussions.

  • Ravenpaw dreams that he, Graypaw, and Firepaw are racing through the forest.
  • Barley wakes Ravenpaw, and suggests going to the forest, which Ravenpaw agrees to. Ravenpaw hopes that a walk will make his belly-ache go away.
  • Ravenpaw and Barley leave the barn and cross the Thunderpath by going through the tunnel underneath.
  • Ravenpaw and Barley cross the moor and go into a forested area.
  • They reach the former Fourtrees, which is now occupied by many Twoleg nests.
  • Ravenpaw and Barley come to Snakerocks, which is now a huge mound of brambles covered with rocks.
  • Ravenpaw remembers his dream and gets lost in thought, but comes back to his sense when Barley warns him to be careful. Ravenpaw realizes that he almost fell into a narrow hollow, and he whispers that it is the ravine.

  • Ravenpaw and Barley walk into the ravine and look around.
  • Ravenpaw remembers how Firestar had told him about SkyClan.
  • They two leave the camp to explore around more.
  • Ravenpaw and Barely encounter an unfriendly kittypet named Madric.
    • When they don't want to fight him, more kittypets come and chase Ravenpaw and Barley.
      • Ravenpaw's stomach is noted to hurt again as he runs.
  • The two run beside a Thunderpath, but both begin to slow.
  • An orange kittypet jumps in front of Ravenpaw, hissing and snarling.
    • Barley recognizes her as his sister, Violet.
  • Violet defends her brother against the other kittypets who come, and the kittypets leave.
  • Violet shows Ravenpaw and Barley her kits. She tells her kits to take a nap, and the two loners decide to go back to the barn.

  • It is leafbare, and Ravenpaw's belly ache has become constant, and he has hurt his shoulder.
  • It becomes newleaf again, and Ravenpaw's shoulder has healed.
  • When outside one day, Ravenpaw hears Riley and Bella, Violet's kits, call to them, and Violet comes to explain that they wanted to visit.
    • Violet adds that Lulu and Patch, her other kits, have gone to a new home.
  • The cats come inside the barn, and Bella and Riley and fascinated with the things they see.
  • In the barn, Ravenpaw shows the young cats how to hunt mice.
  • After Ravenpaw has caught a mouse, Riley and Bella talk about how they want to be warriors, but their mother discourages the idea.

  • Ravenpaw and Barley walk Violet, Riley, and Bella to the Thunderpath as the kittypets are on their way back home.
    • Before leaving, the young cats plead Ravenpaw again, begging him to let them be warriors.
  • Ravenpaw has troubles sleeping, as his stomach hurts, and he thinks about Riley and Bella.
  • Silverstream visits him in a dream, and tells him to take the two young cats to SkyClan.
  • The next day, Ravenpaw tells Barley of what he plans to do, but Barley strongly disagrees, and refuses to listen to any more of the idea.
  • Ravenpaw goes to Violet's Twoleg nest, and explains to Violet that he wants to take Bella and Riley to SkyClan.
    • Although she protests at first, with some nudging from Bella, Violet is convinced to let her kits go.
  • Her kits say farewell, and Ravenpaw and the kits leave Violet.

  • Ravenpaw and the kits come to the barn for the night.
  • Ravenpaw and Barley quarrel when Barley confirms that he will not come with Ravenpaw to SkyClan. He walks out of the barn without a farewell to his friend.
  • Riley and Bella wake up and eat, and the three cats set off.
  • They cross many fields, then walk along a river until sunhigh, and Ravenpaw's belly aches badly the whole time.
  • The cats rest, and Bella catches a shrew. Riley makes an unsuccessful attempt at catching a sparrow.
  • A large dog chases Ravenpaw, Bella, and Riley, but it is called away by its Twoleg.
  • Bella is particularly frightened by the dog, and both young cats begin to show doubts about the journey.
  • After walking more, the cast rest in a grassy stone den, and Ravenpaw brings the kits eggs to eat. The cats fall asleep in the den.
  • The next day, they travel more, but the kits are still quiet.
  • Riley and Ravenpaw stop to hunt, and Ravenpaw comes back to where Bella was waiting, only to find her eating Twoleg food.
    • Ravenpaw scolds Bella that Twolegs are their enemies, but she and Riley disagree.
  • Ravenpaw privately wonders if the kits will really be warriors.

  • After another day of traveling, Ravenpaw teaches Bella and Riley some fighting moves.
  • They travel along the river some more.
  • Ravenpaw and the kits find an abandoned Twoleg den and explore inside.
    • They find Barley in the Twoleg den.
  • Ravenpaw, Barley, and the kits move on and rest at a waterfall, where Riley catches a fish.

  • The cats follow the thinning river the next day.
  • They find a cave to rest in, and Ravenpaw hears whispers in it.
    • Ravenpaw knows that Sandstorm and Firestar had rested in that cave before, and he is sure that he has followed their steps to SkyClan.
  • Bella announces that she heard a cat, and they leave the cave, following the stream.
  • The journeying cats decide to stop by the stream for the night, but Ravenpaw first scouts the area for SkyClan.
  • Ravenpaw comes back and has the kits recall the Warrior Code before they go to sleep.
  • Ravenpaw wakes to see some hostile kittypets standing over them.
  • The kittypets threaten Ravenpaw and his friends, but when the loner hits Pasha, the lead kittypet, the kittypets leave.
    • The cats go back to sleep.

  • The next morning, the cats follow the stream until they reach SkyClan, and are met by a SkyClan patrol.
  • The patrol are unfriendly toward the traveling cats, but Ravenpaw asks to see Leafstar.
  • When Leafstar comes, Barley and Ravenpaw explain the situation with the young cats, but the SkyClan leader turns down the offer.
  • Ravenpaw and the kits are very disappointed, and they go to sleep in a cave for the night.
  • Ravenpaw is woken by Riley and Bella, who tell him that something is happening. Yowls are heard coming from the gorge.
  • They go to the edge of the gorge to see the same kittypets from the night before, attacking SkyClan cats.
  • SkyClan drive the cats out of the gorge, although it is revealed that the kittypets have been intruding in the gorge for the past few days.
  • The traveling cats go back to their cave.

  • Ravenpaw has a dream where Silverstream informs him that he will die before returning to the barn, and Skywatcher and Cloudstar plead him to help SkyClan fight the kittypets. Skywatcher shows Ravenpaw a battle tactic, and Ravenpaw promises to help.
  • The next morning, the cats go back to the gorge, and Ravenpaw goes to Leafstar's den.
  • He tells Leafstar, and Billystorm and Sharpclaw, who are also there, about the borders strategy from his dream, that he thinks will help keep the kittypets out.
  • Leafstar announces the new border strategy to her Clan, and Barley, Riley, and Bella go to help out.
  • Echosong takes Ravenpaw to the Skyrock.

  • Ravenpaw wakes up and Bella, Riley, and Barley tell him what they did that day.
  • Barley asks Ravenpaw not to fight, but Ravenpaw insists that he will.
  • The SkyClan cats go to the border to fight the kittypets.
  • The kittypets approach the Clan cats and Sharpclaw gives the order to fight.
  • Ravenpaw's belly gets badly wounded, but SkyClan win the battle.
  • Back at camp, Leafstar asks Bella and Riley to be SkyClan apprentices, and the young cats gladly agree.
  • Barley leads Ravenpaw to Echosong's den, but the medicine cat tells him that it is too late.
  • Ravenpaw dies between Barley's paws, and as he dies, Leafstar is heard saying that they will keep a vigil for him. Ravenpaw is sad to leave Barley, but believes that he will see his friend again one day.
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