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Ravenpaw, as an apprentice, was a shy, tedious and a nervous young tom.[1] However, after being saved from Tigerclaw by Fireheart and Graystripe, Ravenpaw lives in Barley’s barn and becomes much more calm and happy. He is content with staying in the barn with Barley until he dies. He was also willing to defend his friend, and his barn even if it costed his life.[2]


Firestar and Graystripe

Firestar and Graystripe were Ravenpaw’s closest friends in ThunderClan. They are the ones who figure out what Tigerclaw is planning to do with Ravenpaw, so they bring Ravenpaw to Barley’s barn and, in doing so, save his life.[1] Ravenpaw often thinks of Firestar and Graystripe’s kindness while living at the barn, and he shelters ThunderClan patrols all the time.[3] Firestar also helps out Ravenpaw when his barn is taken over by former BloodClan cats.[2]

Sandstorm & Dustpelt

As apprentices, Sandstorm and Dustpelt often tease Ravenpaw for his nervous and somewhat cowardly nature.[1]


Ravenpaw was terrified of his mentor. He saw Tigerclaw kill Redtail, and after that, he was jumpy and nervous around Tigerclaw, fearful of being killed as well. Firestar and Graystripe realize what will happen to Ravenpaw if he remains in ThunderClan with his murderous mentor, so they shelter him from Tigerclaw by taking him to Barley’s barn. Ravenpaw is immensely relieved, and happy that he doesn’t need to live his life in fear anymore.[1]


"[Ravenpaw] let the shadows fill his mind. Around him, the trees shimmered with starlight, and his legs felt young and strong again. The pain in his belly had gone. Ravenpaw stood up and looked down at Barley. I will always watch over you, he vowed. Then he turned and walked into the woods. His heart cried out to stay with his friend, but he knew he had to keep walking. The shadows closed around him, but somewhere ahead there was warm sunshine creeping through the trees, and the scent of prey. Farewell, Barley. I will see you again one day.'"
—Ravenpaw dying Ravenpaw's Farewell, page 69
During the time Ravenpaw spends with Barley in his barn, they become the closest of friends. They enjoy each other’s company, and will defend each other and their home to their last breath. The two toms care for each other until Ravenpaw’s bittersweet end, and Barley grieves for his friend after his death.[2]

SkyClan and Rileypool and Bellaleaf

When Barley and Ravenpaw discover that Violet has given birth to kits, they go to visit them. Two of them, Riley and Bella, seem very interested in warrior life, and beg Ravenpaw to let them become warriors. Ravenpaw is especially fond of the kits, and decides to take the kits to SkyClan with Barley. At first, Leafstar rejects them, but after they help the Clan with a kittypet problem, Leafstar lets Riley and Bella become apprentices. Ravenpaw, having fulfilled StarClan’s and the kits’ wishes, dies from a painful lump in his belly in Barley’s paws shortly afterward, and is buried on SkyClan territory.[4]

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