"No. Clear Sky is a good leader. You're lucky to have him. If you think he's bad, then you've never met a cat like Slash. I can't believe you'd think I'd betray him!"
— Red when Nettle tests his loyalties to Clear Sky in Path of Stars, page 238

Red Claw is a large,[6] glossy,[3] reddish-brown tom.[7]


In the Dawn of the Clans arc

Path of Stars

Clear Sky: "Taking a new name is a great idea! Will you change yours?"
Red: "Call me Red Claw from now on."
Clear Sky: "A good name for a fine hunter."
—Clear Sky and Red when the former rogues are official made a part of their Clans Path of Stars, page 263
Red hunts with Raven, Violet, and Juniper. Violet suggests hunting near the Twolegplace but Red worries about the dogs there. Violet reassures him that they could run faster than the dogs, so it won't be a problem.
Later, Red rushes from the pines with three dogs chasing him. He races for camp, leading the excited dogs to his campmates and endangering them, bursting into camp with the dogs in suit. After the dog attack, Fern remembers Red and asks where he is and Splinter states he ran away. Beetle calls the auburn tom a mouse-heart but Slash says he is a mouse-brain, since he led the dogs into his own camp. Splinter suggests that Red did it on purpose, and Beetle agrees he has been complaining a lot. The rogue suggests that Red planned to lure the dogs over in hope they'd kill Slash and destroy their group. Fern defends Red, saying he would never hurt anyone but Willow points out he did lead the dogs right to the heart of their camp. Splinter says he would have lead the dogs away instead of leading them to camp, and Slash declares that the damage from the dogs is all Red's fault.
After Slash leaves, Juniper, Raven, and Violet enter camp, with Juniper asking if anyone has seen Red as he was hunting with them in the Twolegplace and wanted to explore and alley, but never turned up. Willow snarls that he led the dogs to the camp, and Juniper looks around for him and asks if he was hurt. Fern quietly says Red ran away, and Willow hisses he is a mouse-heart.
A quarter moon later, Clear Sky notes at a Gathering that he has taken in a loner named Red who turned up at the border, seemingly frightened and ruffled. Red had claimed he was attacked by dogs in the Twolegplace and Clear Sky only assumed he meant the same cats that attacked Slash's Camp. The leader was about to send Red back when Star Flower convinced him to let the loner rest in camp. Although cats argued due to their distrust of rogues, the rest of the group voted to let Red stay due to his condition. Red was obviously starving and had missing lumps of fur where the dogs attacked him.
Slash's group disperses to live among the early settler groups, except Clear Sky's as he refused to take in any. Blossom brags about new new campmate Red, during the meeting about Slash's former cats. She says that he is a good hunter, catches more than he eats and she trusts him more than any other cat. Thunder asks if she said Red and Clear Sky confirms that is their new campmates name, asking why they are shocked. Gray Wing reveals that Red is indeed a former member of Slash's group. Clear Sky asks Blossom if she knew and she shakes her head, insisting Red only said he was chased by dogs and needed somewhere safe to shelter. She just assumed he was from the Twolegplace. Wind Runner claims that Red lied but Clear Sky defends his Clanmate, saying he never said he was from Twolegplace just that dogs chased him from there. They only assumed he was from the Twolegplace. Wind Runner states that Red didn't correct them and asks if he trusts him now. Clear Sky feels that he understands why Red didn't tell everything as if he confessed to his past with Slash, he would have been rejected. Since he didn't tell everything, Clear Sky finds he cannot trust Red now after all.
Clear Sky says with confidence living that in a group will change these rogues but immediately thinks of Red and how he left him at his camp with his kits. The SkyClan leader tries to reassure himself but panics about if Red is like One Eye, he will turn against Clear Sky's camp, drive Clear Sky out, or hurt his kits. Clear Sky tries yet again to defend the rogues but imagines Red watching his kits and wonders if a rogue with a past like his can ever be trusted. He tries reassuring himself, thinking if he trusts Red, Red will learn to trust him. After the meeting, Thunder warns Clear Sky that Red lead the dogs to Slash's Camp and Clear Sky asks if it was on purpose. Thunder replies it wasn't but it was a fatal mistake.
Days later, Clear Sky notes that Red added a pigeon to the fresh-kill pile the previous day. He climbed up a tree to get it and promised his campmates to show them techniques on hunting in the trees. Clear Sky has confronted Red about Slash and Red was shameful, hanging his head and insisting that he didn't tell because he thought he would never be allowed into the group otherwise. Clear Sky wants to trust the tom but he misled him. Clear Sky notes that leading the dogs into his own camp was a very stupid mistake and wonders if Red would do it again. Red pads into camp with Nettle, paws flecked with frost and holding a mouse in his jaws. Clear Sky's kits are refused to go outside camp again and Red says they can go when they can fight a rogue. Tiny Branch begs to practice on Red as he is a former rogue before hitting his paws on the tom. Red pretends to stagger and collapse so Dew Petal climbs onto his flank and Flower Foot attacks his tail. Tiny Branch flings himself onto Red and the tom purrs, rolling over as the swarm all over him. Clear Sky again wonders whether he can trust Red as Red begs for mercy. He notes that Red can shake the tiny kits off easily any time he liked.
Gorse Fur arrives at Clear Sky's camp, bringing news about Bee's betrayal. Clear Sky glances at Red and the WindClan tom asks the leader if he trusts him. Clear Sky replies that Red has done nothing wrong and Gorse Fur asks if he does camp duties. Clear Sky agrees, noting he volunteers first for morning patrol and catches lots more prey than he takes. Clear Sky stops the kits play with Red, and they stop scrambling over the former rogue in confusion. Red jumps up, shakes his fur and heads to the fresh-kill pile while Clear Sky tells Nettle about what Gorse Fur reported. Nettle glances at Red, asking if he will betray them too. The tom asks how the former rogue can be trusted, and Clear Sky states he has a plan.
Clear Sky sends Nettle and Red out together for an all-night hunting expedition. Red asks why he is going, and Clear Sky replies that it is to test his skills and courage. He explains to Red that Nettle will go and they are not allowed to eat, as everything they catch is for their campmates. Red seems uncertain about it, but nods and agrees to go. Early the next morning, Clear Sky tracks down the two cats, seeing Red's pelt fluffed out against the cold. Nettle insists that they eat something and that Clear Sky will never know. Red points out he promised to bring everything back to camp, saying Nettle can eat but he won't. Nettle calls Red a mouse-brain, chewing a mouse and asking again if he wants some. Clear Sky notes that Red has to be cold and starving but Red pads away from his campmate, still insisting he promised Clear Sky and will not break it. Clear Sky wonders if Red is intelligent enough to figure out that he is being tested for more than just hunting skills and decides to push harder.
Clear Sky walks forward and Red scans the forest for more prey. Acting angry, Clear Sky tells Red he told him to not eat what he caught. Red swings to Clear Sky, clearly frightened. He gives a guilty glance to the remains of the mouse, then to Nettle. Nettle calmly says he told him he wasn't supposed to eat and Red starts to protest. He then stops, apologizing to Clear Sky and saying that they were hungry and thought one mouse wouldn't be missed. Clear Sky is surprised he is taking the blame and states he has to know he can be trusted. Red promises it won't happen again as he uncovers prey he caught before. He explains they caught a lot so no one will be hungry. Red promises that even if there isn't enough, he will not eat. The gray tom thinks Red is too good to be true, wondering if he is truly this honorable. Clear Sky snaps it isn't enough and orders him to catch more before stalking away.
Nettle asks Red why he took the blame and the tom shrugs, saying it was the right thing to do. Nettle replies that Clear Sky would never take the blame for him and Red blinks in surprise, asking if he really wouldn't. Nettle reveals Clear Sky has been spying on them all night as he doesn't trust them. Nettle talks about how Clear Sky killed cats and his campmates only follow him because they fear him. Red points out he is great with his kits and mate but Nettle says that's because they are his. He explains that the leader wasn't nice to his first kit and their mother ran away. Red guesses he means Thunder and asks what happened to his siblings. Nettle mumbles no one knows and Red queries why he is being told this. Nettle says he was a rogue once like a lot of the group and states he understands. Red asks what he means and Nettle explains that they don't like Clear Sky. When they heard about what happened to Red and Slash they started hoping he'd drive out Clear Sky. Red refuses to, insisting Clear Sky is a good leader and Nettle doesn't know since he never had Slash commanding him. The auburn tom thrusts his muzzle at Nettle, snarling he cannot believe he would betray Clear Sky. Nettle suggests that Red could be leader and Red retaliates by attacking him. Nettle insists it was just an idea and says to forget about it, but Red calls him a traitor and leaps at him.
Clear Sky grabs Red's scruff and pulls him off Nettle. Red asks why he stopped him as Nettle is a traitor. Clear Sky says that he told Nettle to do this and Red is immediately confused. He guesses that Clear Sky wanted to test him, and is clearly disappointed in his leader. Clear Sky explains about how Bee had gone back to Slash, and attacked Fern before she left. The leader states he had to be sure Red wasn't like her, and would be loyal to the group. Red blinks at Clear Sky and the leader waits for his reaction, wondering if he pushed too far and if the former rogue will leave. Red states that Clear Sky saw him playing with his kits and had to know if he can be trusted. Red seems to be understanding and relaxes, promising he would defend those kits with his life. Clear Sky senses his honesty and believes him, declaring it's time to make him a full member of his group.
The Early Settlers have a meeting to declare the former rogues members of their groups officially. Clear Sky narrows his eyes at Red and the tom looks nervous, shifting his paw uneasily. Willow glares at him, still blaming him for the dog attack which killed her friend. Red and the other former rogues swear their loyalty before deciding to extend their names. Clear Sky asks Red if he wants to change his name and Red agrees, asking to be called Red Claw from now on. Clear Sky dips his head, commenting it is a good name for a great hunter. Slash suddenly appears at the meeting, wanting to take back his former campmates. Red Claw's eyes are glazed with fear but he pads forward to stand beside Clear Sky, declaring he is part of his group and is loyal to his leader.

In the Super Editions

Moth Flight's Vision

"Let's at least fight like cats, not crows! On the ground where cats are meant to be!"
―Red Claw Moth Flight's Vision, page 248
Slate's kits go missing, and a WindClan patrol sets out to find them. They find the kits, and retrieve them. On their way back to camp they find Red Claw lying on the grass in WindClan territory. Moth Flight remembers Red Claw from Gatherings and thinks that Willow Tail has to know him well as they were both rogues together. When he comes into view, Spotted Fur shrugs, but Willow Tail angrily snarls at Red Claw for being on WindClan territory. The auburn tom lifts his head to the she-cat and blinks lazily. He explains he came to enjoy the sun because the forest has too much shade this time of day. Black Ear exclaims that this is WindClan's territory, and Red Claw blinks at the kit with an amused expression. He says he's not hunting so there's no harm, but Spotted Fur questions how they could know if he had hunted or not. Willow Tail snarls they don't, and growls she doesn't want Red Claw on WindClan land as he will bring trouble, claiming he always does.
Moth Flight pricks her ears and draws Slate's kits closer to her, and wonders if Willow Tail knows something about Red Claw that the rest of the Clan didn't. Red Claw pushes himself to his paws and faces Willow Tail, his eyes glittering. He adamantly retorts that she is not WindClan nor SkyClan's leader so she cannot tell him what to do. A fight almost breaks out and Spotted Fur stops it, asking if he really wants to take this to Wind Runner. Moth Flight shifts her paws and ponders that Wind Runner would think of the situation, since her mother did seem especially edgy whenever Clear Sky, or SkyClan was concerned. Red Claw eyes Spotted Fur with annoyance, and notes that he's just a tired cat enjoying a rest in a sunny clearing that just happens to be a few tail-lengths across the border. He asks the WindClan cats if their leader would care, and Spotted Fur replies that he could go ask Wind Runner, if the tom wanted. Spotted Fur says that he doesn't want any trouble, and notes that Red Claw had chosen to join SkyClan, so there must be a sunny clearing in his own territory. The red tom flicks his tail angrily, and stalks out of sight though the heather.
As he leaves, Silver Stripe asks who he is, and Moth Flight replies that he was just a SkyClan cat. Black Ear pounces on the patch of grass Red Claw had flattened, and queries if SkyClan cats were bad. Moth Flight feels a prickle of irritation, and replies that they are just the same as them. The cats begin to head back to camp since the kits are getting cold. At first, Willow Tail protests because she wants to see if Red Claw had gotten off their land. Spotted Fur reassures her that the tom will leave, because even SkyClan cats know not to wrangle with Wind Runner.
When the cats return to camp, Willow Tail growls that she's going to follow Red Claw's scent to make sure he crossed the border. Wind Runner narrows her eyes and asks if Red Claw was on their land today. Moth Flight lifts her head sharply and says he wasn't hunting, but only lying in the sun. Wind Runner irritably says the have the sun in SkyClan, and orders Willow Tail to make sure he's left the territory.
Later, when Moth Flight and Dust Muzzle are hunting together, Dust Muzzle wonders if Willow Tail had ever caught up to Red Claw. Moth Flight hopes not, and notes that she had seemed very angry earlier and could get hurt starting a fight. Dust Muzzle says she wouldn't attack him on her own, but Moth Flight recalls how angry the she-cat was with Red Claw and thinks she wanted to pick a fight with him. Her brother meows that they do have sunny clearing on SkyClan territory, and suggests that he may be up to something. Moth Flight ponders if she is crazy to trust Red Claw, because of the tension between the cats even though they had been rogues together.
At the next Gathering, Willow Tail accuses Red Claw of prey-stealing, and glares at the auburn tom who sits behind Clear Sky. Red Claw rises to his paws, and bares his teeth at Willow Tail. He asks her why a SkyClan cat would want to steal moor prey, when they have rabbits fatter than WindClan's scrawny ones. Willow Tail hisses at him that the only scrawny vermin on WindClan territory lately was him. Red Claw flattens his ears defensively, but before a fight can start, Wind Runner pushes her way between the angry cats.
Wind Runner asks Clear Sky to keep his cats under control, and notes that Willow Tail saw Red Claw on their territory a few days ago. Clear Sky's tail twitches irritably and he asks Red Claw if she's telling the truth. The tom replies that he was there, but wasn't causing any harm or even hunting. He questions if they can even set paw on other Clans' territory now, and Willow Tail growls that they can't when he's a fox-hearted traitor. Red Claw's eyes flash ominously and Willow Tail lets out a low, warning growl.
Moth Flight crouches in the bushes at the edge of the clearing with her friend she met on the journey, Micah. They saw StarClan at the Moonstone and have a message from the spirit cats to share. Moth Flight leaps into the clearing, thinking that they mustn't fight because she had something to tell everyone. This distracts all of the cats watching Red Claw and Willow Tail, and Moth Flight explains her vision from the spirit-cats. The auburn tom scoffs at her and concludes she was just trying to distract him and Willow Tail, because no cat accuses him of stealing. Wind Runner hisses that no cat steals from WindClan, and frustration surges through Moth Flight so she interrupts them and meows that they have to listen to her. Red Claw flashes her a look, and questions if Wind Runner had put her up to this. He growls and queries if the WindClan leader was scared that her Clan would look like a bunch of liars. Red Claw denies there being rabbit bones on the border, saying Slate might have been lying about finding them. Wind Runner adamantly hisses to him that she isn't a liar.
Later, on Moth Flight's way to get catmint for Rocky, she hopes they don't encounter a SkyClan cat. She fears that someone will challenge the just as Willow Tail had threatened Red Claw about his trespassing on WindClan land. Moth Flight also thinks about him when she is about ready to pay a friendly visit to RiverClan. Willow Tail says nothing good ever comes of crossing another Clan's borders, but Moth Flight dismisses this as her making a point because of Red Claw.
When Moth Flight and Micah are in ThunderClan to learn from Cloud Spots, Spotted Fur comes and says Rocky is sick so they need Moth Flight to come home. Micah goes with her to WindClan, insisting two medicine cats are better than one. Moth Flight arrives in SkyClan territory to get bark for Rocky, but Clear Sky stops her. Red Claw arrives and the white she-cat hopes that perhaps he could talk some sense into his leader. He asks if WindClan is trying to start another fight, and Moth Flight's hope at his arrival dims. Moth Flight says they can do what they like to her, but she isn't leaving. Red Claw glances at his leader uneasily, and notes she's little more than a kit. Clear Sky lifts his gaze to Micah and meows that there's no need to hurt her. The SkyClan leader orders Red Claw to stop Micah from getting the bark, and adds that Moth Flight may return to her camp empty-pawed. Red Claw nods and races for the tree. He leaps and pulls himself onto the first branch, but Moth Flight yowls a warning to Micah who is still in the tree. Red Claw steadily scales the branches, but Micah keeps climbing higher and higher near the top of the tree.
Willow Tail arrives, wanting to check that Moth Flight is okay. Moth Flight says she's okay, but Micah's in trouble because Red Claw is trying to stop him from getting the curing bark for Rocky. She nods over to the tree, and Red Claw is dangling from a branch mere tail-lengths behind Micah. Willow Tail's eyes blaze with anger and she growls that she might have known since he was trouble when they were rogues together and trouble now. Her pelt bushes as she scrambles up the tree in pursuit of the auburn tom.
Micah successfully gets the bark from the tree, to Clear Sky's disdain. The leaves explode above them around the two fighting cats. Willow Tail calls Red Claw a murderer, and Red Claw yowls that she's a thief. Micah worriedly thinks that they'll kill each other, and orders Moth Flight to leave as he leaps into the tree. Micah swarms upward, toward the trembling branches where Red Claw and Willow Tail fought. Brown fur crashes through the leaves for a moment, and Moth Flight sees the SkyClan tom swing from the branch before scrambling back on. Willow Tail balances further along, dealing out blow after blow with her forepaws. Red Claw backs away from her, the end of the branch only a tail-length behind him. It dips perilously as he retreats from Willow Tail's punishing swipes.
Micah intervenes, and tells both cats to stop fighting. Willow Tail briefly glances at him, but keeps her eyes on Red Claw as she tells Micah to stay out of this because it isn't his battle. Red Claw stops near the end of the branch, and says they should fight like cats, not crows. He adds that the ground is where cats are meant to be as his tail thrashes wildly in an effort to keep his balance. Willow Tail narrows her eyes and meows that he was always a mouse-heart, while slowly advancing. Fear flares through Moth Flight as she realizes that the leaves around Red Claw are withered and brown, which means that the branch was dying. Moments later, the branch gives way and the auburn tom flails for a paw-hold. He grabs onto a branch and swings hard, forepaws clinging for dear life. Once he's safely on the ground, Red Claw trembles while hauling himself to his paws. Micah's spine was broken by the tree, and he dies after saying a good-bye to Moth Flight.
At Micah's burial, he is seen hanging back behind Clear Sky with his gaze fixed on his paws. Moth Flight feels anger towards him and Willow Tail, thinking that he killed her mate with a stupid fight. She glares at him and snarls at Red Claw that Micah would still be alive if they hadn't fought. Clear Sky solemnly says that he died a noble death, but Moth Flight counters that Micah only died because the SkyClan leader sent Red Claw after him. Star Flower steps forward and notes that she is angry, but shouldn't blame others. She questions what the point is in blaming Red Claw, Willow Tail, or Clear Sky, because it was all an accident. Moth Flight still insists that she blames them all, and the tree for having a rotten branch.
Later, Wind Runner tells Moth Flight that Willow Tail reported Red Claw carrying a rabbit over the border yesterday, The white she-cat is skeptical, and wonders how her mother could be so naive because every cat know she hated the SkyClan tom. Her mother says that Fern Leaf has caught Red Claw's scent over the border too, and Slate had found more rabbit bones. At the next Gathering, Moth Flight also mentions to Pebble Heart that Willow Tail insists on Red Claw stealing prey with no proof.
Later when Moth Flight races to SkyClan to help Tiny Branch, Moth Flight asks if Acorn Fur has an herb store. Red Claw steps forward and says the medicine cat has been gathering herbs for a while now. The SkyClan tom leads the way up a slope to an oak that dipped down into the ground. Dappled Pelt and Red Claw go into the store, and bring back every herb Acorn Fur had gathered. The next day, Moth Flight is in SkyClan's territory trying to get more healing bark. Clear Sky stops her, and Red Claw and Alder surround her. The SkyClan leader says that Moth Flight will be their guest until Wind Runner comes to fetch her. She asks why, and Clear Sky replies that she needs to admit her mistake of taking the word of a rogue over a mountain cat. He adds that he's been talking to Red Claw, who told him that he and Willow Tail go back a long way. Clear Sky meows that Willow Tail has been spreading half-truths and stirring up trouble to settle a score that has nothing to do with the Clans. When Moth Flight tries to leave, the SkyClan leader snarls that she will stay here until Wind Runner admits her mistake with Willow Tail.
A little while later, Wind Runner comes to rescue Spotted Fur and Moth Flight from SkyClan. Red Claw is seen fighting Gorse Fur with strong forepaw swipes. Moth Flight sees the injuries that cats are getting in the battle, and squeezes between Blossom and Red Claw out of camp. She treats Fern Leaf for a belly wound, then scans the clearing for more injuries. Moth Flight sees Red Claw wrestling with Gorse Fur across the clearing, but is suddenly jerked backwards by Red Claw. The SkyClan tom snarls that if she doesn't want to fight, then she should get out of the battle. Moth Flight thrashes in his grasp, telling him to get off because she needs to help. Red Claw lets go and Moth Flight turns to him and wails that this won't solve anything so they need to stop fighting. He sneers at her and grabs Holly from Quick Water's back, slamming the black she-cat to the ground.
After Clear Sky blinds Willow Tail, the SkyClan leader says to Red Claw that he may do what he likes with her. Red Claw unhooks his claws from Swift Minnow's pelt and pads slowly toward the blinded cat. He stops beside her, and wearily asks why she had to lie. She replies that he should know, and Red Claw's eyes brim with grief. He mews that the Clans didn't need to be involved, since it was never their argument. Willow Tail's pelt ripples and she hisses that it was the only way she could punish him for killing her friend. Red Claw bristles, saying he didn't kill her, the dogs did. Willow Tail counters, meowing that he brought the dogs into camp, and Red Claw asks her if she thought he did it on purpose. Willow Tail replies that of course he did, since he lured them there.
Red Claw's mew cracks as he explains that the dogs were chasing him, and since he was young and dumb, he ran to the one place he felt safe. He thought that if he got there, nothing could hurt him. Red Claw notes it was only when the dogs attacked that he had realized what he'd done. Willow Tail accuses him of running away, and claims that he left them all there to die. The SkyClan tom's shoulders droop and he whispers that there was nothing else he could do. He adds that's he's very ashamed, and has been trying to pretend it never happened. Willow Tail replies that it did happen, and he had no right to forget it. Red Claw's mew is thick and he sighs that he's sorry and would do anything to change it. Moments later, to Red Claw's horror, Willow Tail dies.
Red Claw is later mentioned at the medicine cat half-moon meeting by Acorn Fur. She notes that the auburn tom had asked her not to treat the scratch on his muzzle, because he was proud of it. Acorn Fur says she told him not to be silly, because it could get infected. She purrs with her eyes glistening with affection, and meows that she didn't realize he was such a kind cat. Acorn Fur thinks that making peace with Willow Tail has softened him. When Dappled Pelt teases that the SkyClan cat is in love, Acorn Fur admits they've talked about sharing a nest. Moth Flight yowls that it can never happen, and Acorn Fur presses if she's worried she'll lose him like she lost Micah. She says not all relationships end like that, and Red Claw will probably be around for awhile. Moth Flight tells Acorn Fur that she mustn't share a nest with Red Claw, or have his kits. The WindClan medicine cat presses that all medicine cats must live only for their Clan, because that's the only way to stay strong.
In StarClan, the other medicine cats vow to never taking a mate or kits. Acorn Fur insists that she can be loyal to StarClan, and a mate and kits. Quiet Rain hisses at her that she doesn't know what being a mother is like, and questions if she would be able to treat an injured Clanmate when she heard their cries. Finally, Acorn Fur chooses to never take a mate or have kits.

In the Novellas

Shadowstar's Life

Red Claw and Blossom are on a hunting patrol when they run into Shadowstar, Raven Pelt, Pebble Heart, and Mud Paws. Red Claw has successfully hunted a mouse, it dangling from his jaws when they greet the ShadowClan cats. Red Claw nods to Shadowstar when she insists on speaking to Skystar, and he and Blossom lead the ShadowClan cats to SkyClan's camp.

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  • Despite appearing in Path of Stars, Red Claw is not listed in the allegiances.[9]
  • He has mistakenly been described as auburn,[3] dark red,[10] and red.[11]


Violet: "Let's hunt near the Twolegplace."
Red: "What about the dogs?"
Violet: "We can run faster than dogs."
—Violet and Red before they go hunting in the Twolegplace Path of Stars, page 157

"I belong to Clear Sky's group now! I am loyal to him."
―Red Claw to Slash when he comes to the Clans' Gathering Path of Stars, page 268

Willow Tail: "Listen, I don't want you on WindClan land. You'll bring trouble. You always do!"
Red Claw: "You're not WindClan's leader. Or SkyClan's. You can't tell me what to do."
—Willow Tail and Red Claw Moth Flight's Vision, page 22

Clear Sky: "Are you accusing SkyClan of prey-stealing?"
Willow Tail: "Just one of you."
Red Claw: "Why would a forest cat want to steal moor prey? We've got rabbit of our own—fatter than your scrawny vermin."
Willow Tail: "The only scrawny vermin on our land lately is you!"
—Red Claw and Willow Tail at the Gathering Moth Flight's Vision, page 121

Red Claw: "Why did you have to lie?"
Willow Tail: "Don't you know?"
Red Claw: "But why did you have to drag the Clans into it? It was never their argument."
Willow Tail: "It was the only way I could punish you! You killed my friend!"
Red Claw: "I didn't kill her! The dogs killed her."
Willow Tail: "And who led the dogs into our camp?"
Red Claw: "Do you think I did that on purpose?"
Willow Tail: "Of course you did! You lured them there."
Red Claw: "They were chasing me. I was young and dumb. I ran into a pack of dogs and, when they started chasing me, I ran back to the one place I'd always felt safe. I thought if I got there, nothing could hurt me. It wasn't until the dogs attacked that I realized what I'd done!"
Willow Tail: "You ran away! You left us to die."
Red Claw: "There was nothing else I could do. I am so ashamed. I've been trying to pretend it never happened."
Willow Tail: "But it did happen!"
Red Claw: "I'm sorry, Willow Tail. If there was anything I could have done to change it, I would have."
—Red Claw and Willow Tail Moth Flight's Vision, pages 396-397

"Red Claw's the same! He asked me not to treat the scratch on his muzzle. I told him not to be silly. What if it got infected? I didn't realize Red Claw was such a kind cat. He's changed since the battle. I think making peace with Willow Tail has softened him."
―Acorn Fur about Red Claw Moth Flight's Vision, page 456

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