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In The Prophecies Begin arc

Into the Wild

"ThunderClan will honor your courage, Tigerclaw, but we cannot afford to lose any more of our warriors. Bluestar would never expect her warriors to fight against these impossible odds."
—Redtail to Tigerclaw Into the Wild, page 3
Redtail signals for the ThunderClan patrol to retreat from Sunningrocks after a second RiverClan patrol arrives to reinforce the already battling cats. Redtail's decision is met by Tigerclaw's opposition that ThunderClan should remain to defend their territory. However, Redtail honors the warrior for his courage and states that ThunderClan cannot afford to lose warriors to impossible odds. With a final call for retreat, Redtail leads his patrol back to ThunderClan camp.
In the days following, Redtail leads a second patrol consisting of himself, Tigerclaw, and Ravenpaw back to Sunningrocks to remark the border. However, this is met with complications. Ravenpaw, injured, returns to ThunderClan camp, telling the gathered cats that Redtail had been killed, while Tigerclaw carries the deputy's body into camp for vigil. Tigerclaw tells ThunderClan that Oakheart, RiverClan's deputy, had killed Redtail. The tabby reveals he, in turn, killed Oakheart to avenge the tortoiseshell tom. Redtail is remembered by his Clanmates has a brave and noble deputy as they all sit vigil with his body. In his death, Bluestar names Lionheart as his successor as ThunderClan's new deputy with his blessing.
Ravenpaw later confesses to Firepaw and Graypaw that Redtail wasn't killed by Oakheart, and was instead killed by Tigerclaw. The news comes as a shock to the two apprentices, and as Tigerclaw becomes suspicious, they help him flee to Barley's farm for safety.

Fire and Ice

"What you are saying has implication for Redtail's honor."
—Graystripe to Fireheart Fire and Ice, page 12
Fireheart and Graystripe keep the secret of Redtail's murder a secret, however, Fireheart believes Bluestar needs to be warned of Tigerclaw's true nature. Graystripe doubts Ravenpaw's story, noting that if it were true, Redtail would be Oakheart's killer which Graystripe states that that would be out of character for the former deputy and be against the code. Ultimately, Graystripe decides to step away from the situation, leaving Fireheart to be the one to tell Bluestar the truth.
The tom approaches the leader with what Ravenpaw had told him. Bluestar initially questions the claim made against both Redtail and Tigerclaw, before stating that it is possible Ravenpaw's vivid imagination filled in the gaps of his recollection of the battle. Fireheart dwells on Bluestar's point and wonders if it holds any truth to the claim.
Later on, Fireheart and Graystripe show their apprentices, Cinderpaw and Brackenpaw Sunningrocks on their tour around the territory. Brackenpaw asks if the rocks were where Redtail had died, leaving Fireheart to answer cautiously as Cinderpaw also brings up Tigerclaw's killing of Oakheart to avenge the fallen ThunderClan deputy.

Forest of Secrets

"Cats of ThunderClan, do you remember when Redtail died? Tigerclaw told you that Oakheart killed him, but he was lying. It was Tigerclaw who killed Redtail!"
—Fireheart to ThunderClan Forest of Secrets, page 284
Fireheart continues to investigate Tigerclaw's crime, accumulating more details of Redtail's murder. The ginger tom remains determined as he begins questioning both ThunderClan cats and RiverClan cats, such as Mistyfoot, to bring justice to the fallen deputy. As he continues his investigation, Fireheart learns that Oakheart was killed by a rockfall and not Redtail or Tigerclaw, giving him hope that Bluestar might believe his new evidence that Redtail wasn't also a murderer.
The truth of Redtail's death is revealed to ThunderClan after a failed attempt on Bluestar's life by Tigerclaw. Fireheart reveals the truth to all of ThunderClan, which is met with a mix of emotions as the cats come to terms with the implications. As a result, Bluestar exiles Tigerclaw following the revelation.

Rising Storm

Fireheart briefly mentions Redtail and his death when he and Bluestar are on patrol near Sunningrocks. He also later recalls the former deputy when Ravenpaw shows up in ThunderClan territory after the arrival of a strange cat near the barn raises his concerns.

A Dangerous Path

At a Gathering, it is revealed that Tigerclaw has become the leader of ShadowClan. Sandstorm questions the notion as Fireheart recalls the brown tabby's involvement in the death of Redtail. Fireheart later tells his new apprentice, Bramblepaw, and Tawnypaw, about their father, Tigerstar, he mentions that the tabby used a battle to cover his murder of Redtail.

The Darkest Hour

"You revealed the truth when no other cat could."
—Redtail to Fireheart The Darkest Hour, page 48
In StarClan, Redtail gives Fireheart one of his nine lives, giving the tom the gift of justice. The tortoiseshell tom thanks Fireheart for revealing the truth of his death. With a bow of his head, Redtail moves to sit with Lionheart and cheers Firestar's new name alongside the other cats at the end of the ceremony.
Ravenpaw and Barley arrive in ThunderClan territory and Firestar notes that as an apprentice, Ravenpaw had been the only cat aware of the true nature of Redtail's death. At Fourtrees, when LionClan and TigerClan gather, as well as BloodClan, Firestar reveals Tigerstar's treachery to them all and mentions Redtail's murder as he lists Tigerstar's crimes.
During the battle against BloodClan, Firestar sees a flash of dark fur belonging to Redtail, as he faces off against Scourge. As he sees the cats that had gifted him his nine lives, Firestar realises that he has the upper hand over BloodClan's leader due to his faith in StarClan and manages to defeat the small black tom and win the fight.

In the Power of Three arc


Longtail tells the story of Tigerstar's treachery to Foxkit and Icekit, mentioning that Redtail was murdered by the dark tabby in cold blood in hopes of him earning the position of deputy.

In the Omen of the Stars arc

The Last Hope

Following Firestar's death, Redtail appears once named by Jayfeather, as the medicine cat lists the cats who gave Firestar his nine lives.

In the Super Editions

Moth Flight's Vision

Moth Flight, unable to speak with them, witnesses Redtail, among other cats present, giving Firestar one of his nine lives.

Bluestar's Prophecy

Redkit is born alongside his littermates, Spottedkit and Willowkit, to Swiftbreeze and Adderfang. Their older siblings are Patchpelt and Leopardfoot. Redkit and his sisters are seen with their mother just before the Clan meeting.
He is made an apprentice, and receives Sparrowpelt as his mentor. Later while training, Thistleclaw chastises him for not swiping high enough, much to Bluefur's dismay. When Bluefur takes her kits to[RiverClan, Stonekit brags that Redpaw has already shown him how to do the hunting crouch.
Redtail later becomes a warrior and then deputy of ThunderClan. He is seen sitting with Bluestar, watching his apprentice, Dustpaw, and the other apprentices, Sandpaw, Ravenpaw, Graypaw in the clearing of ThunderClan's camp.

In the Novellas

Spottedleaf's Heart

Redkit is playing a warrior with Spottedkit, and attacks Brindlekit, who is pretending to be one of the rogues. Spottedkit yells at him because she had not signalled for him to attack yet and tells him he can no longer play as the deputy. Redkit says he doesn't want to play with Spottedkit because she is too bossy. Redkit jumps at Thistleclaw and winds him, causing Whitepaw to fetch Featherwhisker. He then announces that they hurt Thistleclaw very badly. 
Redpaw is apprenticed to Sparrowpelt, along with Spottedpaw and Willowpaw. During the apprentices' ceremony, Tigerpaw is seen glaring at the newly appointed apprentices. Redpaw tells Spottedpaw not to worry about it. He is taken to see the territory with Halftail, Thistleclaw, Tigerpaw, Thrushpelt, Spottedpaw, and Willowpaw join them. 
Redpaw notices Spottedpaw is out of the medicine cat den and goes over to talk to her. 
The tortoiseshell tom is seen dragging a squirrel that Willowpaw had caught through the gorse tunnel with her. When asked whether Willowpaw caught it he says it nearly flew off with her. 
He wakes Spottedpaw up after her visit to the Dark Forest, and asks where she was the night before.

Redtail's Debt

Redpaw frets over what comes with being a warrior, particularly battling. When tensions rise between ThunderClan and RiverClan, Tigerclaw convinces Sunstar to bring the apprentices, including Redpaw and Willowpaw, on a mission to mark the Sunningrocks. On the way there, their patrol is stalked by a hawk; Redpaw falls behind and is attacked, but his life is saved by Tigerclaw. However, because of the trouble, the patrol cannot reach Sunningrocks before the first patrol retreats from battle. Redpaw gratefully exclaims to Tigerclaw that he will always be in his debt, to which Tigerclaw responds to him that he owes him his life. Furthermore, Redpaw feels guilty for the loss of the battle, to which Tigerclaw affirms that the loss was indeed his fault.
Redtail becomes a warrior along with Willowpelt, and is invited on a hunting patrol by Tigerclaw. Redtail, hoping to repay his debt to Tigerclaw, eagerly accepts the offer. However, near Fourtrees the two encounter a young WindClan apprentice, Sorrelpaw, who chases a rabbit onto ThunderClan territory. Tigerclaw confronts her, and insists to Redtail that the young she-cat must be taught a lesson, so Redtail begrudgingly fights her, but stops when Tigerclaw tells him to 'tear her apart.' Soon, Sorrelpaw's mentor, Stagleap, appears, and berates the ThunderClan warriors for injuring such a young apprentice.
Tigerclaw reports the incident to Sunstar, twisting the details to make it appear as if he was in the right. Redtail wishes to tell the truth, but begins to doubt himself. At a Gathering, he promises Stagleap that he will talk with Sunstar to lower the tensions between WindClan and ThunderClan; however, he is unable to, and Tigerclaw convinces Sunstar to launch an attack on the WindClan camp. Redtail calls for retreat after Bluefur is seriously injured, and Tigerclaw calls him a coward. Redtail realizes that he owes no debt to Tigerclaw, only ThunderClan.
As ThunderClan's deputy, Redtail is cautious in battle, much to Tigerclaw's displeasure, especially after Redtail calls for retreat after a battle with RiverClan over Sunningrocks. Tigerclaw insists to Bluestar that RiverClan must be attacked immediately, to which Bluestar accepts instead a patrol to mark Sunningrocks. Redtail offers to join this patrol, surprising Tigerclaw, although Redtail's motives are due to suspicion of Tigerclaw. Tigerclaw's apprentice, Ravenpaw, joins the too, despite Redtail's disapproval. They encounter Oakheart and many RiverClan warriors, and when they are attacked, Redtail orders Ravenpaw to flee. After the battle concludes, Tigerclaw pounces on Redtail, killing him, claiming that ThunderClan needs a 'real deputy'. Redtail wakes in StarClan, and is told of the prophecy, "Fire alone can save our Clan."

Ravenpaw's Farewell

Barley reminds Ravenpaw of the reason he left ThunderClan was that Tigerclaw knew Ravenpaw saw him kill Redtail, and was planning his demise for witnessing it.

Tigerclaw's Fury

When Tigerclaw invites Dustpelt to follow him into exile, the latter refuses, because Tigerclaw killed his mentor, Redtail. Tigerclaw instantly remembers Redtail, thinking he deserved to die because he was too much like Bluestar, always seeking peace. The dark brown tabby is jerked from the memories of the red slash opening in Redtail's throat when Bluestar begins talking.

In the Field Guides

Code of the Clans

Redtail briefly appears in one of the short stories, inflicted with greencough. Longtail overhears the deputy speaking with Bluestar about hunting patrols. He orders Longtail and Darkstripe to hunt for their ill Clanmate's, being healthy enough themselves.

Battles of the Clans

In "Dustpaw Speaks: Shadows in the Forest", Dustpaw mentions that Redtail was stuck in camp with a bellyache after eating a rotten blackbird, so he went out training with Tigerclaw instead. Tigerclaw asked if Redtail ever taught Dustpaw how to catch prey in trees, whilst teaching him how to swing from branches. His name is mentioned when Tigerclaw, Dustpaw, Darkstripe and Longtail confuse the attacking ShadowClan patrol with multiple Lightning Strikes. Dustpaw then calls out to Redtail, fooling the ShadowClan patrol into thinking that there are more cats in ThunderClan's patrol then there really was.

The Ultimate Guide

It is mentioned on Tigerstar's page that in a clash over the Sunningrocks, Tigerclaw saw his chance to become deputy of ThunderClan in killing Redtail. As his alibi, Tigerclaw blames it on their rivals. Though not immediately, Tigerclaw is eventually made deputy.
Redtail is also mentioned on Ravenpaw and Barley's page. Ravenpaw witnessed the slaughter, thus put in terrible danger of his own mentor.
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