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Tigerclaw: "Nice move."
Redtail: "What do you mean?"
Tigerclaw: "Trying to make it look like you're worried about Bluefur. You're just a coward. You always had been-ever since you were a 'paw and I had to save you on that bridge. So much for loyalty. So much for the life you owe me."
Redtail: "I am worried about Bluefur. Your stupid grudge almost got her killed. And I don't owe you anything anymore."
—Tigerclaw and Redtail arguing after Redtail called a retreat Redtail's Debt, page chapter six
Redtail and Tigerclaw had differing opinions.[1] When the two travel to Fourtrees Tigerclaw orders Redtail to attack a young Sorrelpaw, who is defenseless. Redtail doesn’t want to, but reluctantly does out of loyalty to Tigerclaw for saving him as an apprentice. Afterwards, Tigerclaw lies to Sunstar that WindClan had deliberately trespassed, and thus convinces Sunstar to attack the WindClan camp. The resulting battle left Bluefur badly wounded, forcing Redtail to call for a retreat.[1] Ultimately, Tigerclaw's greed for power and fury at all of Redtail's orders to retreat, led him to murder the deputy in cold blood.[2]


"Thank you. You revealed the truth when no other cat could."
—Redtail thanking Fireheart for revealing Tigerstar's actions The Darkest Hour, page page 48
Although they never met while Redtail was alive, he was overjoyed by Fireheart's discovery of Tigerclaw's treachery, and gave him a life for justice.[3]


""I looked up to you. I wanted to be like you. But Redtail was my mentor. I owe him more than any cat. And you killed him. You killed him and betrayed the Clan. [...]""
——Dustpelt to Tigerclaw Forest of Secrets, page 288
Dustpaw and Redtail were mentor and apprentice.[1][2]

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Redtail had been Bluestar's deputy for many many moons.[2] They had a nice understanding with each other, as seen when Redtail called a retreat due to Bluestar not wanting any warriors to be further injured.[4]

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