"I'm loyal to my new Clan! Your time is over, you're nothing but an elder growing old over and over. Why don't you just give up and die?"
— Redwillow threatening Blackstar in The Last Hope, page 280

Redwillow is a mottled brown-and-ginger tom,[4] with a wide head,[7] and a small nick in his ear.[8]

Redwillow is a Dark Forest warrior, formerly of ShadowClan under Blackstar's leadership in the lake territories, who was recruited by the Place of No Stars as trainee in preparation for the Great Battle. In ShadowClan, Redpaw trained under Whitewater, but after receiving his warrior name, Redwillow became disillusioned with Clan doctrine and was eager to prove his loyalty to the Dark Forest. He fought against the Clans during the Great Battle, and was killed for his treachery by Blackstar.


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Omen of the Stars

"At last I can fight properly. You're right about the Clans being weak and lazy. This is easy. They're so obsessed with being honorable and sticking to the warrior code, I can pick them off like mice!"
—Redwillow to Shredtail during the Great Battle The Last Hope, page 280
Having completed his training under Whitewater, Redwillow fights as a new warrior against ThunderClan in the battle of the border, and later plays on the frozen lake before Flametail drowns. Moons later, Ivypool sees him training in the Dark Forest alongside his Clanmates: Tigerheart, Ratscar, and Applefur. Ivypool is later assigned as his Dark Forest mentor, and he defends the ThunderClan she-cat when Dawnpelt accosts her on a border patrol. His friendliness causes Hollyleaf to suspect that, rather than training in the Dark Forest, the two are seeing each other. Ivypool questions his loyalty to the Clans, and during the Great Battle, Redwillow attacks his fellow ShadowClan cat, Dawnpelt. Having betrayed ShadowClan, Blackstar resolves to kill him, easily defeating the young tom.



  • He has been mistakenly described as dappled ginger[5] and having a tawny head.[7]

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"No! I'm loyal to my own Clan. And he should be loyal to his!"
—Ivypool in her thoughts about Redwillow and Clan loyalty The Forgotten Warrior, page 276

Redwillow: "I feel like I’m training with kittypets when I’m with my Clanmates."
Hollowflight: "Here, only the strongest survive."
Redwillow: "It should be like that in the Clans."
Ivypool: "Would you let your Clanmates die if they were weak?"
Redwillow: "O-of course not. We were just saying that we’ve got a lot to learn from the Dark Forest warriors, that’s all. So we can be true warriors."
—Redwillow discussing the Clans The Last Hope, pages 111-112

"Murderers deserve to be punished!"
—Redwillow when Jayfeather is accused of killing Flametail The Last Hope, page 146

"I am still leader of this Clan. And you have betrayed us all."
—Blackstar angrily telling Redwillow he's a traitor The Last Hope, page 280

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