"Maybe the frost has delayed them?"
— Reedstar trying to guess why ShadowClan is late at a Gathering in Code of the Clans, page 95

Reedstar is a tom.[1]


In the Field Guides

Code of the Clans

Hawkstar: "Something's wrong. My pelt's been itching all day."
Reedstar: "Fleas."
—Reedstar and Hawkstar Code of the Clans, page 95
Reedstar is an ancient RiverClan leader. During a Gathering, he is sitting quietly along with the other leaders on the Great Rock. He tries to stay as far away as possible from the SkyClan leader, Hawkstar, as he can without falling off, since they had fought over a strip of shoreline for three recent seasons. It is noted that because of this, the former SkyClan leader, Dewstar, died in the battle, causing the two Clans to be quite cruel to one another. Reedstar then shifts, sending his shadow flickering over the edge of the stone, crisp in the moon's light, suggesting that the frost possibly has delayed ShadowClan.
While awaiting ShadowClan's arrival, Hawkstar murmurs that his pelt has been itching all day. Reedstar replies by saying that fleas are the cause, and Finchstar, the ThunderClan leader, glares at him. Moments later, ShadowClan comes charging out of the bushes and attacks. Reedstar plunges into battle. However, StarClan sends a sign that they are angry with ShadowClan for starting the fight by sending clouds to cover the moon, and the fighting stops.


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