"We heard Darktail say that he was going to punish Needletail for what Violetpaw had done. When they'd left, we'd decided it was time to act. We knew we had to do something to stop Darktail's evil."
— Reedwhisker to Bramblestar in Shattered Sky, 226

Reedwhisker is a slender[13] black tom[5] with small, neat ears[13] and dark gray eyes.[14]

Reedwhisker is the current deputy of RiverClan in the lake territories. He was born to Blackclaw and Mistyfoot along with his siblings, Perchkit, Pikepaw and Primrosepaw. When he was a young kit, a flood swept through RiverClan territory, and he was saved by Graystripe and Fireheart. He later became an apprentice with the name of Reedpaw, and after nearly drowning in the river, he was saved by Leafpaw. He earned his warrior name of Reedwhisker, and gained his first apprentice, Rippletail, and later, Pouncetail.

He became a senior warrior and was given his third apprentice of Hollowflight, and named Mistystar's deputy. He and Mistystar shared a close bond due to Reedwhisker being Mistystar's sole surviving kit. He then was given his fourth apprentice, Lizardtail. When the Kin attacked RiverClan, they lost the battle and Reedwhisker was taken prisoner along with the other injured. Reedwhisker showed open defiance and hatred of Darktail, and managed to escape with the help of the other Clans and drive out the Kin. He aided Mistystar to rebuild RiverClan and recover from the devastation caused by the Kin and later the fire.


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The Prophecies Begin

"Keep still, both of you. We're going to find your mother."
―Graystripe to the two half-drowned kits Forest of Secrets, page 126
He is one of Mistyfoot's kits that is swept away in a flood. Fireheart and Graystripe rescue them and bring them back to RiverClan's camp, where they are greeted by Leopardfur, Stonefur and Blackclaw. Leopardfur and Blackclaw accuse them of stealing the kits when their camp flooded, but Stonefur recognizes the kits as his sister's. While Mistyfoot is grateful for them saving her kits, Blackclaw still refuses to believe their story.

The New Prophecy

"I'm Reedwhisker. You saved me when I nearly drowned, back in our old home."
―Reedwhisker greeting Leafpool Twilight, page 156
Reedpaw is now a young apprentice. He accidentally falls into the river and is rescued by Mistyfoot. However, he is unconscious and bleeding, and Hawkfrost and Mistyfoot urge Mothwing to help him, but her nerves get the best of her. Leafpaw, with the aid of Spottedleaf, removes the water from his lungs and patches his wound. Reedpaw thanks Leafpaw and suddenly realizes she is a ThunderClan cat. Mothwing frets how she failed to help Reedpaw, but Leafpaw reassures her.
He makes the journey to their new home and is given his warrior name of Reedwhisker, and later an apprentice, Ripplepaw. He meets Leafpool again when she visits RiverClan to help them with a sickness. She's glad to see him again, and asks him to collect some yarrow and juniper berries with Ripplepaw.

Power of Three

"No, you don't! You have to explain what you're doing here!"
―Reedwhisker to Hollypaw when she tries to go home Dark River, pages 200-201
Reedwhisker has another apprentice, Pouncepaw. Willowpaw and Hollypaw spy on Reedwhisker, Voletooth, Blackclaw, Minnowpaw and Pouncepaw barricading their camp with stones and gorse from the Twoleg kits, but they are caught when a dog chases them onto WindClan territory. Ashfoot and Tornear accuses them of trespassing, and the RiverClan patrol takes Hollypaw back to the island. He reports Hollypaw to Leopardstar, who lets her stay until it is safe to return.
He participates in the battle between the four Clans, fighting with WindClan and against ShadowClan and ThunderClan with his Clan and WindClan. When Graystripe orders Jaypaw to alert Firestar that RiverClan had joined the fight, he detects Reedwhisker and Mosspelt arguing as they head for Firestar's battle patrol.

Omen of the Stars

"Huh! Twolegs couldn’t catch a fish if it leaped out of the water and begged them."
―Reedwhisker at a Gathering The Forgotten Warrior, page 283
He is mentoring his third apprentice, Hollowpaw. During the drought, Leopardstar claims the fish in the lake as RiverClan's and orders her warriors to guard the remaining lake water. Reedwhisker, Graymist, Otterheart and Sneezepaw watch over the water when a ThunderClan patrol comes to collect water. Reedwhisker sharply reminds them to not take any fish. When Dovepaw uses her powers to spy on RiverClan, Reedwhisker hopes that Firestar's plan to send cats to free the water works.
After Leopardstar dies, his mother, Mistyfoot, succeeds her as leader. She appoints Reedwhisker as her deputy. At a Gathering when Mistystar reports the increased presence of Twolegs have not threatened their fresh-kill, Reedwhisker remarks the Twolegs are incapable of catching fish.

A Vision of Shadows

"My paws will take me anywhere if it means I can help get rid of that mange-pelt Darktail!"
―Reedwhisker about joining the other deputies to go to WindClan Shattered Sky, page 247
When Darktail and his Kin invade RiverClan territory, Reedwhisker fights one-on-one with Darktail when the tyrant attacks Mistystar, preventing him from killing her. However, Darktail easily subdues Reedwhisker and demands to take all of the wounded prisoners. Mistystar does not want to abandon her son, but Reedwhisker insists she must, and Darktail takes him, along with Brackenpelt, Mintfur and Icewing. The four are tortured, starving and their wounds untreated until all four reluctantly swear an oath of loyalty to the Kin. Reedwhisker at first tries to defy Darktail but gives in due to hunger. Violetpaw sneaks them food, and forms a plan to break them out. The prisoners fight back, and the rest of the Clans rescue them.
He later journeys with Squirrelflight, Hawkwing, Tigerheart, Violetpaw and Twigpaw to confront Onestar about Darktail, insisting he was fit for the journey. At the next Gathering, Reedwhisker stands by Mistystar when she closes RiverClan's borders. When a lightning strike causes a fire in RiverClan's camp, Reedwhisker helps the medicine cats evacuate the sick ones, but he becomes separated from his Clan. He explains to Hawkwing what happened, and is reunited with his Clanmates.

The Broken Code

"Are you sure you weren’t dreaming? I’ve seen what lightning strikes can do. It wasn’t long ago that lightning almost destroyed our camp. If you had really been struck, you wouldn’t be here to tell the tale."
―Reedwhisker to Shadowpaw Lost Stars, page 112
He voices doubt that Shadowsight would be able to connect with StarClan, asking the young cat if he was sure he wasn't dreaming about it. He later is present with the other Clan deputies and leaders as they try to break the ice on the Moonpool, but their efforts are in vain as the ice is too thick. He also appears concerned when Shadowpaw announces his plan to try and cure Bramblestar, asking Squirrelflight what would happen if Bramblestar died for good.


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Mossypaw: "I bet she only chose him because he's her son!"
Minnowtail: "Hush, Mossypaw! Reedwhisker is a loyal and brave warrior, and will make a great deputy."
Mothwing: "A brave choice, but the right one, I think."
—The Clan after Mistyfoot announces Reedwhisker her deputy Mistystar's Omen, page chapter 2
In Mistystar's Omen, Reedwhisker is one of the first cats to honor Mistyfoot as their new leader. She names Reedwhisker her deputy, though Mossypaw believes her choice to be biased since Reedwhisker was Mistystar's son. He greets her when she returns from her leadership ceremony and offers to bring the news to Blackstar. He alerts Mistystar that Hollowpaw and Rushpaw are trapped by dogs, and he and Mallownose rescue them. However, one of the dogs attacks and he is severely wounded. Mistystar forbids Mothwing from treating her son because of her lack of faith in StarClan, but Stonefur gives her an omen to trust in Mothwing's instincts. She allows Mothwing to heal him, and Reedwhisker survives.

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Reedwhisker's deputy ceremony
Mistystar: It is time for me to name my deputy. Reedwhisker, I invite you to walk beside me and help me to lead this Clan. May StarClan hear and approve my choice.
Reedwhisker: I am honored to be chosen. And I will lay down my life to protect you and my Clanmates.
Everyone: Reedwhisker! Congratulations!
Reference: Mistystar's Omen, chapter 2


Reedwhisker is loyal and brave RiverClan warrior,[14] willing to put himself in harm's way to protect those he loves[15] and his Clan.[16] He is strong-willed and somewhat stubborn, as when he was a prisoner of the Kin, he refused to take Darktail's oath even though he was starved and wounded for many days, though eventually gave in.[15]


Reedwhisker's parents are Blackclaw and Mistystar. His siblings are Primrosepaw, Pikepaw, and Perchkit. For more of Reedwhisker's family, click here!



Interesting facts

  • He has ThunderClan blood through Bluestar.[17]
  • Despite being an older kit in Forest of Secrets,[3] he does not become an apprentice until at least Moonrise,[4] while gaining his warrior name some time between Starlight and Twilight.[5]

Author statements

  • Kate Cary has said that she wishes that three of Mistystar's four kits could have been Graymist, Rippletail, and Reedwhisker. However, Reedwhisker is confirmed by Vicky later in the same chat, making Rippletail too young to be from the same litter.[17]
    • Later it is revealed that Graymist and Rippletail were not Reedwhisker's littermates and that the litter Fireheart saved from the river consisted of Reedwhisker and either Pikepaw, Perchkit, or Primrosepaw.[18]
  • Kate Cary has mentioned that she would like Reedwhisker to be Duskfur's mate and even wrote it into her Allegiance list, but it isn't confirmed as canon.[blog 1]


  • He has been mistakenly called Reedfeather twice.[19][20]
  • He's described as a newly made apprentice in Twilight,[4] despite Forest of Secrets stating he was almost six moons old.[21]
  • Due to timeline inconsistencies, he is shown younger than he actually is, when he is actually at the very least the same age as Bramblestar and Tawnypelt.[1]


The following information is from sources considered non-canon or retconned.


"Fireheart's story makes sense. We had to abandon the camp and shelter in these bushes when the water started to rise again. When we came to move Mistyfoot's kits, we could find only two of them. The other two were missing. The whole nursery floor had been washed away. They must have been swept away along the river to where you found them."
―Silverstream defending Fireheart and Graystripe Forest of Secrets, page 133

"Thanks...You have ThunderClan scent!"
―Reedpaw after Leafpaw saved his life Moonrise, page 207

Mosspelt: "Could you make any more noise, Reedwhisker?"
Reedwhisker: "Shut up, Mosspelt! You're the one that yelped like a kit when you fell down that rabbit hole!"
—Mosspelt and Reedwhisker bickering as they sneak through ThunderClan territory Eclipse, page 209

"Have you forgotten what Leopardstar told you at the Gathering last night? The fish in the lake belong to RiverClan."
―Reedwhisker to a ThunderClan patrol seeking water The Fourth Apprentice, pages 19-20

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"Stop! What are—Oh, it's you! We thought you were rogues."
―Reedwhisker to a ThunderClan patrol Bramblestar's Storm, page 162

"At first the RiverClan warriors had held out—but as the days passed, first one and then another had given in, until Reedwhisker was the only one left who wouldn't repeat the pledge of loyalty to Darktail, proudly refusing to betray his Clan in spite of his hunger and the many wounds he had taken in the battle."
―Narrator about the prisoners Shattered Sky, page 126

Violetpaw: "I won't tell him anything. I think he's cruel, too."
Reedwhisker: "So why do you follow him?"
Needletail: "She doesn't follow him, mousebrain. Would she bring you prey if she agreed with what Darktail is doing?"
Violetpaw: "I made a mistake at first. I'm trying to think of a way to help you, and in the meantime I will continue bringing you food when I can."
—Reedwhisker, Needletail, and Violetpaw Shattered Sky, pages 158-159

"Lightning struck a tree. It caught on fire and fell on our camp. And I don't know where Mistystar is."
―Reedwhisker to Hawkwing River of Fire, page 184

"Shall I finish him? Or do you want to have that pleasure, Pouncetail?"
―Reedwhisker offering to kill Spiderfoot during a battle against ShadowClan and ThunderClan Battles of the Clans, page 105

"I don't like this silence. I can smell ShadowClan nearby."
―Reedwhisker telling his patrol he can smell ShadowClan Battles of the Clans, page 102

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  1. The RiverClan cats were held prisoner, but forced to swear an oath to the Kin.[2]
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