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In the Super Editions

Hawkwing's Journey

When Echosong shares with her prophecy to SkyClan about finding ThunderClan, she wonders if they can seek out Barley and ask him if he knows the other Clans' locations. Bellapaw agrees, and Rileypaw adds that Barley would be glad to help, but Hawkwing thinks that they are the farm cat's kin, and know him better then every cat.
After the return of the second unsuccessful patrol to find ThunderClan, SkyClan is attacked by raccoons again. The next morning, when Sharpclaw calls a Clan meeting to discuss the attack, Hawkwing follows Rileypaw and Stormheart down the trail to where his father waits at the foot of the Rockpile.
During the battle against the rogues, Pebblepaw, Parsleypaw, Bellapaw, and Rileypaw bundle out of the apprentices' den, to fight. Hawkwing snaps that the fight is no place for apprentices, but the four young cats fall in behind Hawkwing, who is impressed by their bravery. Later in the battle, after Hawkwing and Pebblepaw relieve the nursery of attackers, the former spots Rileypaw and Bellapaw struggling with two much bigger rogues. One has Rileypaw pinned down, and is about to sink his claws into the young tom's throat. Hawkwing hurtles himself onto the rogue's shoulders, thrusting him away from his Clanmate, and as soon as he is freed, Rileypaw leaps up to help Bellapaw. Hawkwing scares the rogue off, then turns to see the two littermates driving off the second attacker. Rileypaw thanks Hawkwing, and gasps that he thought he was dead for sure. The warrior asks the littermates if they are okay, and although they have scratches, both simply nod. Hawkwing instructs them to then go help the elders, Clovertail, and Fallowfern, and the young cats bound off.
After SkyClan is forced to retreat from battle and give up the gorge, most members of the Clan come to Ebonyclaw's garden, and it is noted that Rileypaw had seen Stormheart struck down at the foot of the Rockpile at the very start.
When a Clan meeting is held to decide SkyClan's next move, Echosong shares her dream of a territory with a lake. Leafstar declares that SkyClan will leave to find ThunderClan, and to start, Bellapaw and Rileypaw would lead them back to where they used to live.
The next day, Leafstar calls another Clan meeting, and beckons with her tail to Bellapaw, Rileypaw, Pebblepaw, and Parsleypaw. The four young cats step out of the crowd, exchanging glances that are half excited, and half bewildered. Leafstar announces that they Clan needs every one of their warriors, and she tells them to come closer. The four apprentices walk pad up to their leader, and Leafstar asks each of their mentors in turn if they think their apprentice is ready. After the first three mentors, Nettlesplash notes, without waiting to be asked, that Rileypaw has earned his warrior name. Leafstar continues with the warrior ceremony, and Rileypaw is given his warrior name of Rileypool, along with Bellaleaf, Parsleyseed, and Pebbleshine.
The next day, SkyClan heads out on their journey, but soon after starting Macgyver, a daylight warrior, finds the Clan and decides to leave his Twolegs to travel with them. She asks where they are going, and Leafstar answers that Rileypool and Bellaleaf will lead the Clan back to where they came from, as Barley might be able to show them ThunderClan’s direction.
About a quarter moon after, while hunting, Blossomheart asks Hawkwing if he thinks they will ever find Barley. She notes that they have been traveling for days, but didn't think it took Barley that long to get to the gorge when he and Ravenpaw brought Bellaleaf and Rileypool to SkyClan. Hawkwing agrees, and comments that since Rileypool and Bellaleaf were very young when they made the journey, they might not actually remember the way. Blossomheart mews that they followed the river but assumes that Barley doesn't live on the river bank, and she guesses that the littermates might not remember when to leave the river. Leafstar calls to SkyClan, interrupting their conversation, and the Clan leader announces that Bellaleaf thinks she recognized a landmark. The Clan sets of again, Bellaleaf and Rileypool walking with Leafstar from the front of the Clan, and as the cats continue on, Bellaleaf points to a large Twoleg den in the distance and exclaims that it is Barley's barn.
She and Rileypool purr in excitement, and Rileypool mews that he knew they would find it. The Clan draws closer to the barn, and eventually Rileypool and Bellaleaf break away from the rest of the Clan and bound up to the barn door. They yowl the name of their kin with excitement, and Barley peers out through a gap at the bottom of the door. The black-and-white tom asks Rileypaw and Bellapaw what they are doing, before Rileypool proudly corrects him that they are now Rileypool and Bellaleaf. Barley congratulates the littermates, then upon seeing how many cats are standing in front of him, questions what they are all doing here. The SkyClan cats explain the story and spend the night in the barn, then leave the next morning.
About a month later, when the SkyClan cats take a break near a small Twolegplace, Bellaleaf bounds up to the elder Clovertail and Plumwillow, who would kit soon. Rileypool is at her shoulder, and she offers to hunt for them.
Approximately another moon later, after SkyClan discovers a territory by a lake, Blossomheart, Hawkwing, Curlypaw, and Bellaleaf are on a hunting patrol, and they discuss the Twoleg dens on the far side of the lake. Bellaleaf mentions that Rileypool was part of a patrol that went there yesterday, and he told her that all of the Twoleg dens are abandoned. A moon after coming to the lake, Rileypool is seen playing with Curlypaw and Fidgetpaw in camp. The gray warrior is pretending to be a badger, and the apprentices squeal in joyful terror. After living by the lake for another moon, Echosong leaves SkyClan to find ThunderClan, accompanied by Harrybrook and Rileypool’s sister, Bellaleaf.
Later, when Curlypaw tells Hawkwing that she wants to talk to him in private, the gray warrior remembers that his apprentice had been gazing mistily at Rileypool for the past few days, and he guesses that she will ask his advice about toms. Their conversation is delayed by getting chased from dogs, but when Curlypaw finally does get to talk to Hawkwing, she tells him that she has decided to become a kittypet. Hawkwing is shocked, having thought that it was going to be about Rileypool.
The next day, Leafstar calls a Clan meeting to announce that they would be leaving the lake area to continue searching for ThunderClan. When Sagenose points out the dangers, Rileypool agrees that SkyClan has lived through plenty of threats, but if any cats stay by the lake, they wouldn't be part of the Clan anymore. The younger warrior questions Sagenose on if he wants to be a kittypet, and the latter only irately lashes his tail in response. Waspwhisker tells Leafstar that the whole Clan will come with her, and a murmur of agreement rises from the cats. Some of them, like Rileypool and Tinycloud, look excited at the thought of seeking out the other Clans.
The next morning, Rileypool wakes Hawkwing and urgently mews for him to quickly come out, as there are Twolegs in the forest. The dark tom answers that he should come in the den and hide, like they usually do when Twolegs get too close; but Rileypool tensely tells him that it is different, with many Twolegs. However, he is cutoff by a yowl from outside. Hawkwing peers out of the den and sees five Twolegs in the camp, and the Twolegs start capturing some of the SkyClan cats. Leafstar orders all of the cats to meet by the long grass by the lake, and by the time Hawkwing, Plumwillow, and her kits have come to the meeting place, Rileypool and Sagenose have already arrived, their fur bristling and eyes wild. Rileypool exclaims in disbelief that the Twolegs took Rileypool, and he asks what the Twolegs will do with him. Once the Twolegs have left with a number of the SkyClan cats, Leafstar meows that they must leave the lake, and that their captured Clanmates won’t be able to come back. Rileypool lets out a wail and questions if they will lose all of their Clanmates. That day, SkyClan leaves the lake and starts looking for ThunderClan again.
A moon and a half later, Macgyver suddenly falls ill, and two sunrises later, Blossomheart and Rileypool have also succumbed to the same mysterious illness. All three cats lay together in a nest of moss and dead grass, curled up and seemingly unaware of anything that goes on around them. Their pelts are noted to give off a dry heat, though they still shiver with cold, even huddle together for warmth. Hawkwing and Firefern discuss what the sickness may be, and while the latter goes to fetch more borage, the Clan deputy gazes down at the three sick cats. Although Macgyver had gotten sick first, Rileypool seems to be the weakest, as he is most often unconscious and finds it difficult to eat even when his food has been chewed for him by another cat.
Two sunrises later, the sick cats are no better, and more cats have fallen ill, but Rileypool's condition is especially bad. The gray tabby's breaths are hard to see, and he can't eat anymore, or even lap at soaked moss for a drink. That day, Leafstar calls a Clan meeting to announce that she would stay with the ill cats, while the rest of the Clan should go on without her to look for Echosong. However, just as she says that, the medicine cat, along with Bellaleaf and Harrybrook, find the Clan. The medicine cat immediately goes to where the sick cats are, followed by Harrybrook and Bellaleaf, and Bellaleaf lets out a wail when she sees Rileypool curled up motionless among the moss and leaves. She cries that he is dead, but Echosong holds her paw close to Rileypool's nose, and the faint ruffle of the medicine cat's fur reveals that the gray tom is still breathing. Echosong says that he is still alive, but barely, and Bellaleaf thanks StarClan, then begs Echosong to help him.
Echosong checks on the other sick cats and finds the correct herbs. Bellaleaf, who had been crouched beside her brother ever since she returned, asks if they will get better. Echosong is unsure, and when Bellaleaf wishes she could help, Hawkwing tells her to lead a hunting patrol. The ginger warrior glances at Rileypool, clearly reluctant to leave him, then she rises to her paws and agrees. Once Bellaleaf has gone, Echosong admits to Hawkwing that she isn’t very hopeful for Rileypool or Firefern, as both are very ill.
While the last starts fade in the sky the next morning, the cats of SkyClan crouch around the bodies of their dead Clanmates. Hawkwing is comforted that some of the sick cats have started to recover, but he is saddened once more when he looks at the bodies of Rileypool and Firefern, who passed away from the illness. The Clan deputy thinks that neither cat will ever hunt again, mentor an apprentice, or take a mate or have kits. As the sky starts to brighten, Echosong takes a few steps forward to stand beside her dead Clanmates, and she hopes that StarClan lights the paths of Firefern and Rileypool; that they will find good hunting, swift running, and shelter when they sleep.
The medicine cat's words end the vigil, and the SkyClan cats begin to rise. Leafstar rises and stands beside Echosong, and she states that they have lost two valuable Clanmates, but must continue believing in the Clan. The Clan leader meows that Rileypool and Firefern believed that StarClan would guide them to a brighter future. Sparrowpelt, Sagenose, Bellaleaf, and Rabbitleap are chosen to bury the bodies, and Hawkwing directs them to carry Firefern and Rileypool out of camp and bury them. The four cats carefully lift the bodies of their Clanmates and bear them away.

In the Novellas

Ravenpaw's Farewell

After Violet saves Ravenpaw and Barley from hostile kittypets, she brings them to her Twoleg nest to show them her kits. The kits swarm around Barley, mewling, purring, and tugging at his fur with their teeth. Violet introduces her kits to the two barn cats. A gray tabby tom, Riley, clutches Ravenpaw's tail tip with his paws and grapples with it. Ravenpaw flicks his tail and the tom rolls away, almost falling off the platform. Violet leaps up to prevent this, and begs her son to be less clumsy, but Ravenpaw states that it was his fault, and compliments Riley on his fighting. The tom-kit stumbles back to attack Ravenpaw's tail again, reminding Ravenpaw of Graystripe as a kit. Barley decides that they should return to the barn, and when Ravenpaw explains to the curious kits that it is a place with sheep and cow and lots of field, Riley screws up his face, asking what a sheep and cow and field is. Violet touches her tail-tip to his ear and promises to visit them one day, but says that they now must nap. As Ravenpaw and Barley start to leave, Barley tells his littermate that she is a great mother, and Violet looks at her kits who squirm among the pelts, and says that they are important to her.
Many moons later, at the beginning of newleaf, Ravenpaw and Barley walk outside when two kittypets call their name, and Ravenpaw recognizes them as Riley and Bella. The loner asks why they are there, and Violet steps out from behind, explaining that her kits insisted on seeing them. She adds that her other two kits had gone to a new home, but that she, Riley, and Bella sometimes see them. Ravenpaw notes that Riley is shorter than his sister and still has traces of kit fluff, but has broad shoulders and sturdy legs. Bella begs to have something to eat, and Riley agrees that he is extremely hungry. Barley heads the cats toward the barn, with Riley and Bella racing ahead, halting at the sight of anything new. They are particularly surprised when they see their first cow, and as he gazes at the creature, Riley quietly asks if they are friendly. Ravenpaw and Barley joke to the kits that a cow once tried to bite Ravenpaw's tail, and Bella begs to know if he used his warrior moves to fight the cow, causing Violet to explain how her kits have been obsessed with stories of the Clans ever since a kittypet named Smudge told them about it. Riley announces that he wants to join ThunderClan, and exclaims that he is brave, good at fighting, and stalks so quietly that Bella doesn't know he is there, although Bella protests that she does hear him, and he is very loud. Ravenpaw leads them come inside the barn, and the young cats are silenced as they enter the den, and they stare wide-eyed. Ravenpaw offers to let the kits watch him hunt, and they enthusiastically agree.
Ravenpaw leads Riley and Bella to the back of the barn, and the two kittypets try to tread quietly. Riley does better than Ravenpaw expects, considering his wider frame. Ravenpaw falls into a hunting crouch and tells the kits to be quiet, and he catches a mouse. When he thanks StarClan for sending the prey, Riley asks what he said, and strains to see if Ravenpaw caught the mouse. Ravenpaw meows that it was nothing, and offers to let the kits carry it back, to which Riley and Bella enthusiastically do. Violet is amazed that they caught it themselves, but Bella pants that Ravenpaw caught it, and Riley declares that the black tom hunts like a real warrior. Ravenpaw is amused, thinking that the kit has probably never seen a warrior hunt. After Bella vows to be a warrior, she is informed by Ravenpaw that he is not one, but Riley still asks Ravenpaw to train them, and promises to work really hard. Ravenpaw realizes that Smudge has told them a lot about the Clans, and Riley agrees that the kittypet had said that they could be warriors like Firestar. Violet interrupts that ThunderClan is gone, and she discourages her kits' warrior fantasies. Violet tells her kits that they will go to home at dawn, but Riley mutters that it is her home, not theirs, and adds that they want to be warriors.
The next day, Ravenpaw and Barley accompany Violet and her kits to as far as the Thunderpath, but Bella and Riley are sullen and insist on examining everything they see. Violet tells them that if they don't hurry she will leave them behind, but Riley mutters that he wishes that she would. Ravenpaw chides that she is his mother and loves him, but Riley gazes at Ravenpaw, and protests that he and Bella were born to be warriors. He begs the loner to help them, but Ravenpaw objects that he is not a warrior. Bella pleads that he could train them, but Violet leads her kits away, and Bella begs Ravenpaw one last time before disappearing. Barley asks what they had been talking about, and Ravenpaw explains that they have a crazy idea to become warriors, and Barley huffs that they are kits. Barley suggests hunting, but Ravenpaw is distracted, and wonders if it is really that crazy for him to train Riley and Bella to be warriors.
That night, Ravenpaw has troubles sleeping, and he is distracted by the thoughts of Riley and Bella. Ravenpaw thinks that any Clan would be lucky to have such brave, quick, and enthusiastic cats like them, and wishes that he could send them to ThunderClan. Silverstream visits Ravenpaw in his dream, and tells him that she can see that Riley and Bella would make good warriors, but that they need his help. Ravenpaw is doubtful, but the tabby she-cat confirms that he is the best cat to help Riley and Bella follow their hearts. She tells Ravenpaw that he should take the kits to SkyClan, but Ravenpaw protests that he is not a warrior. The next morning, Ravenpaw fidgets with the thoughts of his dream, and Riley and Bella. Ravenpaw announces to Barley that he wants to take to kits to SkyClan, and when Barley is dubious, Ravenpaw explains that SkyClan have daylight-warriors, and thus might be more welcoming to Riley and Bella. Barley thinks that it is a crazy idea, but Ravenpaw replies that he must do it for the kits. Barley argues that Violet would never agree, but Ravenpaw replies that it isn't her decision, and Barley grunts that the young cats are kittypets, and he mustn't be encouraged, as they know nothing about surviving outside. Ravenpaw tells Barley that the kits want to choose their own path, and hopes that his friend will come, but Barley says that Ravenpaw is a fool for listening to some foolish kits' dreams, and he leaves walks away from Ravenpaw.
Ravenpaw goes to Violet's home, and when Ravenpaw tells the kits that they will be warriors, Riley bounces on his paws and purrs loudly. Violet is horrified and had thought that all the Clans had gone, but Ravenpaw explains that SkyClan is a different Clan, and will decide whether or not to train Riley and Bella as warriors. He adds that if SkyClan won't take them in, he will bring the kits home again, and Ravenpaw is prepared to convince Violet to do what is best for her kits. He reminds her that she and Barley once lived in the wild, and her kits should know how to shelter themselves too, but Violet protests that she wants to keep them safe. Bella interrupts that she and Riley will never be happy as kittypets, and Riley agrees. Violet realizes that her kits must have the same choice as she did, and allows her kits to go. She tells Riley and Bella that she will think of them every day, and she asks them to be great warriors and remember her if they ever pass by that way. Violet begs Ravenpaw to keep her kits safe, and he promises to do so, then beckons the kits down. Riley pauses and looks at his mother, and meows that he would think of her every day, and Violet sadly replies that she will think of him. Ravenpaw and the kits trot across the grass, and when he smells monsters, trees, and distant hills, Ravenpaw briefly doubts his decision, but Riley races ahead, exclaiming that they will be warriors, and his sister runs after him. Ravenpaw follows and thinks that the young cats have chosen their destiny.
The next morning, in the barn, before Riley and Bella wake up, Ravenpaw asks Barley again on if he will come, and he explains that he will come straight back to the barn as soon as taking Riley and Bella to SkyClan. Barley hisses at Ravenpaw that Ravenpaw isn't doing it for Riley and Bella, but just wants to be in a Clan again. However, their quarrel is interrupted by the kits, and Riley announces that they are awake as he bounces down the hay and lands beside Ravenpaw, offering to hunt first. Barley shows them the prey that he caught the previous night, and when Ravenpaw thanks him, Barley says that he did it for the kits, and he tells his young cats to make their mother proud before he leaves the barn. Ravenpaw tells the kits to eat as much as they want, and when they finish eating, they push the rest of the prey back under the hay. Ravenpaw gazes at the young cats, and yet again sees their resemblance to Firestar and Graystripe, but he reminds himself that they know nothing about the wild, and that he would have to teach them everything. The kits stare back at him brightly, and Ravenpaw realizes that they have decided on their choice, and think that nothing will go wrong. He tells the kits that they will go to find SkyClan, and leads them through the fields until they arrive at a river.
Riley's and Bella's eyes open wide at the sight of the body of water, and they pad along the path running beside it. The kits stop to sniff every small thing they see, and they even pounce and shred leaves. Riley, leaf scraps clinging to his muzzle, asks how his pounce is, and Ravenpaw instructs him to keep his weight on his hind legs until springing. Riley crouches down again to practice, but Ravenpaw tells him that he will wear himself if he doesn't walk for a while. Bella spots a frog, and Ravenpaw explains that only ShadowClan eats frogs, but Riley exclaims that they have heard of ShadowClan, and begs to hear a story. As not to scare the young cats Ravenpaw makes up a story that ShadowClan queens teach their kits to jump like frogs, and it keeps Riley and Bella distracted. By sunhigh, when they have traveled a good deal, Ravenpaw calls it as a time for rest, and as Ravenpaw settles down, Riley tries to catch a sparrow, but is unsuccessful. Ravenpaw tells him that the sparrow escaped because he was so loud, and adds that Bella caught prey anyways. Riley stretches to rubs his muzzle on his sister's head, and he mews that she is practically a warrior already.
However, they hear dogs barking, but Riley claims that he and Bella are used to dogs. He explains that there was a fluffy white canine that lived in the garden next to theirs, who he and Bella would scratch whenever it looked under the fence. The dog approaches, but Riley's eyes grow wide, and he exclaims that it hadn't been as big as this dog, and he leaps into the hedge. Ravenpaw and Bella follow, and they look down at the creature. When a Twoleg bellows close by, the cats all jump, and when the dog leaves, Ravenpaw and Riley slide down to the ground, though Bella stays where she is. When Bella insists on staying in the tree despite Ravenpaw's protests, Riley crumples a dead leaf under his paw, and he muses that it might not have been a good idea. Ravenpaw briefly agrees, before remembering how Silverstream had told them that this was Riley and Bella's only chance of choosing their own path, and he tells them that all warriors get scared, but both kits did well, and must move on before the dog returns. Bella finally comes down, and Ravenpaw trots on the path, Riley and Bella following. As they continue, Riley stays close to Bella and gives her encouraging licks. At nighttime, Ravenpaw finds a gray stone den, and he leads the kits inside, waiting for them to lie down. He notes that they look exhausted and he tells them to stay there and clean themselves. Ravenpaw goes outside to bring eggs to the kits, which Riley eats enthusiastically, claiming that he is extremely hungry. Ravenpaw makes a nest from moss, and Riley and Bella curl up together, drifting off at once, and Ravenpaw lies down beside them.
The next day, the kits are still more quiet, and when Bella refuses to eat a thrush Ravenpaw had caught, he lets Riley finish it, then leads the kits back to the riverbank. Since the kits aren't as interested in stopping to sniff each new scent, the cats travel faster than they did earlier. They eventually reach a small copse of trees on the bank, and Ravenpaw announces that they will stop there. Riley bounds into the trees, tail waving, and Ravenpaw also leaves to hunt. Ravenpaw soon comes back to find Bella eating Twoleg food and she drags her away, and Riley, shocked, asks what is going on when he comes through the bushes. Ravenpaw says that to be a warrior, they can't take Twoleg food or trust Twolegs, but Riley flicks his tail and says that she didn't do anything wrong, as she didn’t know that she wasn't supposed to take his food. Ravenpaw argues that if they don't listen to him, they can just turn back, but the siblings stare at him in alarm, and Ravenpaw leads them out of the trees and along the riverbank. Riley and Bella bristle as they trot behind Ravenpaw, but Ravenpaw thinks that they need to respect their mentor, or SkyClan won’t accept them. He realizes that he must start teaching the kits the warrior code, but then he doubts if Bella and Riley might really have a chance of becoming warriors.
After another night's sleep, Ravenpaw wakes and catches a young pigeon, which Riley and Bella eat. Ravenpaw feels compassion as he watches the kits eat, and thinks that they are brave to come so far from home, considering their young age. Ravenpaw offers to teach the kits few battle moves, and both young cats are excited at this. Riley asks if they will learn real warrior moves and when Ravenpaw nods, he purrs. Ravenpaw begins by showing the hunting crouch, but Riley tells him that they already know about that, as it is what they do when they are going to pounce on something. Ravenpaw tells him that it works well for pouncing on enemies too, and demonstrates on Bella. Riley purrs, impressed, and Ravenpaw lets them try. When the young cats try, Riley doesn’t cover as much distance, but has a decent start. Ravenpaw brings a stick and tells them to pretend that it is their enemy, but Riley stumbles when he takes off, and breaks his stick in too, and Ravenpaw notes that he at least wounded his enemy. Ravenpaw next shows the kits the front-paw blow, and he beckons to Riley, showing how to do it. Bella practices on Riley, but Ravenpaw tells her that he would have known what she was doing. He tells Riley that he can use the duck-and-twist move to get out of Bella's reach, and he explains how it is done. When Riley demonstrates it correctly, Ravenpaw congratulates the young tom. The young cats practice the font-paw blow and duck-and-twist, and Ravenpaw notes that Riley’s broad shoulders give him more power, and he is fast. Ravenpaw praises the young cats on their good work and Riley, flanks heaving, says that it was fun. The cats start moving again.
Farther along the river, they reach an abandoned Twoleg den and Ravenpaw offers exploring it, which Riley eagerly agrees to. Inside the den, Riley draws attention to himself as he springs onto a Twoleg relic, then bounds onto the wooden slope. From there he leaps down onto the floor and gasps that it was fun, and Bella says that she will chase him, then she bounds toward her brother. The young tom skids around and sprints past Ravenpaw. As the kits play, Ravenpaw finds Barley in the Twoleg den, and Riley's paw steps thud overhead, then he rushes down to join them. The tabby asks if Barley will come with them to SkyClan, and the black-and-white tom nods. When Bella explains to the farm cat about the dog they hid in the hedge from, Riley assures an alarmed-looking Barley that they were quiet until the dog went away. After Bella explains that they have been learning battle moves too, Barley asks if they will make a camp there or continue, but Riley yowls that they should keep going, and he races out the door, his sister right behind him. Ravenpaw tells Barley that he knows how to motivate them, and Barley tells Ravenpaw that, as he had said earlier, the kits deserve to choose the life they lead. The older cats leave, with the Riley and Bella in the lead, calling back at every new scent or movement. Barley comments that they are observant. When, at dusk, the cats rest by a low waterfall, Riley and Bella play at the edge of the water. Riley is too close to the edge, and he splashes into the pool, but emerges right after, a fish in his jaws. He scrambles out and triumphantly announces what he caught. Barley teases that the fish landed in his mouth when he fell, but Ravenpaw still praises Riley, and the young tom shakes his fur, spattering Bella with water. The young cats tuck into the fish, and Barley notes that they are settling into living wild well. Ravenpaw responds that they are brave and he is proud of them, and Barley agrees that he should be.
That night, the cats sleep beside the waterfall, and when Barley catches a squirrel the next morning, Bella and Riley eat it eagerly. As they travel, the river grows narrower, and as they travel, Riley and Bella talk happily, and compete to spot minnows beneath the surface of the water. Barley asks to rest, and Ravenpaw can't see any spot to rest, but Riley squeezes past him and offers to take a look. The young tom races a short distance along the bank to some gorse bushes, and pauses to sniff them before vanishing from sight.
The other cats catch up to find Riley peeking smugly from a small cave that is just big enough for the four cats to lie down. The cats settle down to rest, and Ravenpaw is woken when Bella tells him that she heard another cat. Ravenpaw explains that it must have been SkyClan, and Riley licks his chest, wondering if they won't like them. They pad along the stream but encounter no cats. At dusk, Ravenpaw decides to spend the night by the stream, and Barley makes a nest out of dry leaves, and Riley and Bella settle down obediently. Ravenpaw notes that they are more quiet than usual, as if aware that the real adventure will soon begin. After Ravenpaw scouts the area for SkyClan cats, he comes to find Riley and Bella still awake, although Barley is fast asleep. Riley begs Ravenpaw to tell them more about the warrior code and Ravenpaw agrees, and asks which rules they remember. Riley begins that they must be ready to die for their Clan, and not be friends with cats from other Clans. After Bella offers more rules, Riley meows that elders and kits must eat first, and a cat must only kill something to eat it. Ravenpaw tells them more of the code, but stops when he notices that Riley and Bella are quiet, their flanks rising and falling steadily. Ravenpaw realizes that they have already fallen asleep and he curls up beside Barley, thinking that the young cats are trying so hard to learn the ways of a warrior, and hoping that SkyClan will give them a chance to try. Later that night, hostile kittypets threaten the traveling cats, and after they leave, the cats settle down again, and Ravenpaw thinks about how on the upcoming day, Riley and Bella would see their new home for the first time, if SkyClan will accept them.
The next morning when Ravenpaw wakes up, Barley gives him a squirrel to eat, and Riley and Bella appear. Riley boasts that they climbed a tree and chased it down to Barley, and Ravenpaw is impressed. He remembers that SkyClan are talented at hunting above ground, and wonders if Riley and Bella might fit in even better than he had thought. The cats share the squirrel and after Riley finds the way back to the stream, they carry on. However, a SkyClan patrol comes up to them and tells them to leave. Riley protests that they have come a long way home, but the ginger she-cat snarls that they will have a long walk home. Ravenpaw asks to talk to Leafstar, and while Cloudpaw goes to fetch the SkyClan leader, Barley introduces himself, Riley, and Bella to the patrol.
When the sound of paw steps is heard, Riley and Bella begin to fidget. Leafstar appears and introduces herself, and Ravenpaw explains that he and Barley have come to SkyClan with Barley's kin, Riley and Bella. Leafstar asks if they still live near the Clans, but when Ravenpaw hesitates too long, Barley blurts out that his sister's kits want to become warriors. He asks if they could join SkyClan, and adds that they have already started their training and are really good. Firefern growls that they don't take in strays, but Riley puffs that he's not a stray. Leafstar turns down their offer and says that SkyClan don't need new warriors, and Ravenpaw is disappointed, thinking that Leafstar didn't even give Riley and Bella a chance, and he had hoped that he would be able to persuade Leafstar when she saw how determined the young cats were, and how much they learned. Bella asks if it was because they used to be kittypets, and says that unlike the daylight-warriors they would be warrior full-time, but Leafstar says that the daylight warriors have trained with SkyClan for many seasons. Riley argues that they could train too, but Barley hushes him by sweeping his tail across the young cat's muzzle. Leafstar tells Ravenpaw that they are enthusiastic, but asks why Firestar couldn't take Riley and Bella to ThunderClan. Ravenpaw explains that the Clan had to leave the forest, but Leafstar, though sympathizing for Firestar and Sandstorm, still apologizes to the loners that they cannot accept unknown cats to train as warriors.
As the SkyClan cats leave, Riley mutters that he and Bella weren't even given a chance to show their battle moves. Barley suggests going to the cave in the gorge, and tells the young cats that he is proud of them and says that they learned lots on the journey and are brave, strong, and smart. He tells Ravenpaw that they would be great warriors, and Ravenpaw agrees, though he is disappointed. The four cats come to the cave and Riley and Bella slump down beside Ravenpaw with their chins on their paws.
Ravenpaw is woken when he is prodded in his side, and he sees Riley and Bella standing over him with their eyes huge. Faint yowls and shrieks echo along the banks of the gorge, and Riley wonders if SkyClan is being attacked. Ravenpaw goes to see what is going on, but Barley and the young cats insist on coming with him. Ravenpaw allows them, but says that they must be quiet, and Riley promises to be as quiet as mice. Bella objects that mice are actually noisy, and Riley hisses back that they will be quieter than dead mice. The cats travel along to stream until they are inside SkyClan territory. They come to the edge of the cliff and Ravenpaw looks down. Barley, Riley, and Bella creep up beside him and stare in horror and the sight of cats fighting in the gorge. Ravenpaw recognizes the kittypets from the previous night, but the intruders leave after SkyClan charge at them. As the cats begin to walk back to the stream, Riley mews his confusion at why SkyClan let the kittypets go into the camp. He exclaims that SkyClan are warriors and should be able to defend themselves, and Ravenpaw explains that the kittypets were probably just there to cause trouble. They reach the cave and Barley tells the young cats to get some sleep, and he shoos Riley and Bella inside and curls around them.
The next morning, after Ravenpaw has his dream from the SkyClan ancestors, Barley wakes Riley, Bella, and Ravenpaw up. Bella asks if they will go home, and Riley yawns beside her, but Ravenpaw tells her that they will not go home, but go back to SkyClan. Barley is confused, but Ravenpaw explains that he had a dream the previous night and Riley gets up and runs to the mouth of the cave, eager to leave, and exclaims that the kittypets need to respect SkyClan. Ravenpaw is proud of Riley's loyalty to a Clan that was hostile toward him, and Bella agrees that they must go back. The cats go up the stream once more, and they pause among the trees to hunt. Riley and Bella are successful in catching a pigeon, and they continue after eating.
As they enter the forest, a SkyClan patrol encounters them and tells them to leave, but Echosong objects to Bouncefire and Plumwillow that the cats mean no harm. Ravenpaw says that he needs to talk with Leafstar, and Echosong leads the cats into the gorge. Once in the camp, Barley, Riley, and Bella sit beside Hawkpaw while Ravenpaw goes to Leafstar’ den. After Ravenpaw explains the battle strategy from his dream to her, and announces it to the whole Clan, Sharpclaw guesses that Riley and Bella want to help with the new patrols too, and the young cats nod so hard that their ears flap. Shaprclaw tells Riley to go with Cherrytail, Waspwhisker, and Duskpaw to pile up stones for the new markers, and the young tom races over to join the patrol. Ravenpaw and Echosong go up to the Skyrock, where Ravenpaw can see Riley rolling a stone with his paws farther along the cliff.
When Ravenpaw heads back into the gorge with Echosong, Riley and Bella bound up to him as he approaches. Riley announces that he had a great day, and was told by Cherrytail that he was the best at pushing stones. When a brown tom calls to them, Riley explains that it is Rabbitleap, who they are on patrol with that night. The young tom tells Ravenpaw that he will see him later, and races off with his sister. Barley comes up to Ravenpaw and observes that the kits have already made friends.
As the cats go to fight the kittypets, Ravenpaw loses sight of Riley and Bella farther along the line, and hopes that the young cats will remember everything he taught them. Ravenpaw begs StarClan to keep them safe. After the battle, back at camp, Riley and Bella appear among the throng, and both have ruffled pelts, but are quivering with excitement. Riley exclaims that it was amazing, and Bella tells Ravenpaw that they did everything he taught them. Ravenpaw tells the kits that he is so proud of them, and Barley adds that they both are. Leafstar calls to the young cats from the Skyrock, and says that she must ask them something important. Riley and Bella push their way the front of the cats and Leafstar tells them to join her. The two young cats scramble up the border and stand at the top, and Leafstar tells them that they fought well, and bravely, and tells them that they have proven that they belong there. Leafstar asks Riley and Bella if they will join SkyClan, and asks Tinycloud and Nettlesplash to be their mentors. Leafstar welcomes Rileypaw and Bellapaw to SkyClan as apprentices, and she begins the ceremony. As Ravenpaw goes to Echosong's den for not feeling well, he can hear the SkyClan cats cheering Rileypaw and Bellapaw’s new name behind him. Ravenpaw rests beneath the trees, and before he passes away, he feels glad that Rileypaw and Bellapaw will live as warriors now.
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