"It's coming this way. We must keep going to the river. We'll only be safe if we cross to the other side. The fire won't reach us there."
Fireheart to ThunderClan at Sunningrocks in Rising Storm, page 256
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Chapter Number: 24 (of 30)
Page Numbers: 253-259

Chapter description

Fireheart yowls Yellowfang’s name, but can hear nothing but crackling flames in reply. Bramblekit crouches at the deputy’s paws, and presses his body to the older cat. Fireheart grabs him and races back up the slope where Patchpelt is. He sees that the elder is unconscious and tells Bramblekit to follow him. Fireheart takes the trail of the other cats, and his mind is filled with images of the burning camp. They meet with the rest of ThunderClan at Sunningrocks, where Bramblekit races straight to his mother, Goldenflower. She looks at Fireheart in thanks, but he can’t meet her gaze. The tom thinks that Yellowfang may have died because he stopped to save Tigerclaw's kit.
Fireheart shakes away his thoughts and surveys the horror-struck cats around him. He wonders why they didn’t keep going to the river, as it isn’t safe here. The tom begins looking for Sandstorm, but is interrupted by Patchpelt’s coughing fit. Cinderpelt limps over, and after a few moments, she announces that the elder is dead. Fireheart is shocked, and the Clan breaks into shocked whispers. Cinderpelt asks where Yellowfang is, The deputy admits he doesn’t know, and had lost her in the smoke back at camp. Her eyes cloud with pain, but she shakes herself, and leaves to help Bramblekit’s cough.
Fireheart glances around, and sees that the fire is still burning. He yowls to ThunderClan that they must cross the river, but every cat looks at him with a startled expression. Without warning, the skies open up with several cracks of lightning. The ginger deputy urges that while a storm is coming, they must still cross to outrun the flames. Several warriors, led by Brackenfur’s first move, begin to stand and mill around. Fireheart orders them to go one way, using a tail signal as the lightning drowns out his voice. Every cat breaks into a run, and the ginger deputy carries Speckletail’s kit to safety. As they turn toward the river, a wall of flames encroaches upon them. Fireheart hurtles across the RiverClan border, and is filled with dread at the thought of crossing the swift-flowing river.





Important events


  • Patchpelt dies of smoke inhalation.[6]

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