"A twinge of guilt shot through Fireheart as he watched Mousefur's apprentice padding obediently after [Runningwind]. Why couldn't he inspire that kind of behavior in [Cloudpaw]?
Fireheart comparing Thornpaw to Cloudpaw in Rising Storm, page 40
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Chapter Number: 3 (of 30)
Page Numbers: 36-45

Chapter description

As Fireheart runs through the fern tunnel, he asks Thornpaw if Cloudpaw is back from hunting yet. When he replies that Cloudpaw hadn't come back, Fireheart tells him to feed the elders and walks away, irritated at Cloudpaw. He pushes into Bluestar's den and tells her his decision for Dustpelt and Darkstripe as mentors. She turns and flatly agrees. When he asks if she wants to see them after they come back from patrol, she questions why all the warriors were out of camp. Fireheart attempts to reassure her, but she snaps that she isn't a frightened kit. Bluestar then orders that three warriors must be in camp at all times. Fireheart reluctantly agrees and tells her he will send Dustpelt and Darkstripe to see her when they come back from patrol.
Fireheart licks his tail fur, seated outside of Bluestar's den and debates whether to go after Cloudpaw or not, but is interrupted by a patrol coming back to camp. They tell him there was no signs of the other Clans, but they did smell Cloudpaw near the Twolegplace. He sends Darkstripe and Dustpelt to Bluestar's den and is about to go after Cloudpaw when he sees Runningwind taking Thornpaw out hunting. He regretfully settles down and waits for the other patrols to come back. When they all return, the sun is sinking below the trees, but there is still no sign of Cloudpaw.
Bluestar yowls from Highrock, calling the Clan together to name the two new apprentices. Fireheart takes his place below Highrock, and Darkstripe and Dustpelt sit at the front of the crowd. She summons Fernkit and Ashkit and gives them Darkstripe and Dustpelt as mentors. The Clan congratulates the new apprentices and Fireheart is about to join them when he spots Cloudpaw slipping into camp. He runs over to his apprentice and asks where he had been. Cloudpaw drops a vole and says he had been hunting. When Fireheart notes that his pigeon was still out in the woods, he tells Cloudpaw he won't eat that night as punishment.
Whitestorm comes up behind Fireheart and comforts him, saying Cloudpaw will learn. He then changes the subject to the next day's patrols, which Fireheart had forgotten about. Fireheart decides to lead the patrol the next morning and sends Whitestorm to tell Longtail and Mousefur. As he watches Whitestorm pad toward the fresh-kill pile and thinks about following him, he sees Cloudpaw pick a mouse out of the pile, only to bump into Whitestorm and be scolded. Embarrassed, Fireheart turns away to see Bluestar picking at a thrush. She leaves it half-eaten and walks to her den.






  • Thornpaw is mistakenly described as ginger.[1]

Important events


Ashkit's Apprentice Ceremony
Bluestar: Dustpelt, you will mentor Ashpaw...Dustpelt, this will be your first apprentice. Share your courage and determination with him. I know you will train him well, but don't be afraid to turn to senior warriors for advice.
Everyone: Ashpaw, Fernpaw! Ashpaw, Fernpaw!
Reference: Rising Storm, pages 41-42

Fernkit's Apprentice Ceremony
Bluestar: Darkstripe, you will mentor Fernpaw...Darkstripe, you are intelligent and bold. Pass on all you can to this young apprentice.
Darkstripe: Certainly.
Everyone: Ashpaw, Fernpaw! Ashpaw, Fernpaw!
Reference: Rising Storm, page 42

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