"Framed by the cold light of the moon, Fireheart saw the powerful shoulders and broad head of the cat who has had leaped onto the rock beside Tallstar [...] And with a cold shiver of dread, Fireheart realized that the new leader of ShadowClan was Tigerclaw."
— Narrator on Fireheart's reactions in Rising Storm, page 315
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Chapter Number: 30 (of 30)
Page Numbers: 309-315

Chapter description

The air in the clearing is heavy with WindClan and RiverClan scents, and Fireheart feels anxious. He notices there is no sign of ShadowClan, and wonders if the sickness is so bad they can't attend. Onewhisker greets Fireheart, and the deputy is surprised by his friendly greeting. The ThunderClan cat meows to the warrior that he’d better not let Mudclaw see them talking. Onewhisker shifts his paws and replies the other tom takes pride in defending his territory. Fireheart still disagrees with the Clan's treatment of Bluestar, but decides to let it go. Onewhisker says that Morningflower's kit has become an apprentice, and they both look at a small WindClan tom.
Tallstar approaches them, remarking to Fireheart that they've seen a lot of him lately. He continues, saying he can't just wander around WindClan territory for no reason. Fireheart acknowledges this, but states that his Clan's needs come first. Tallstar's eyes glitter back at him, but the leader nods. The black-and-white tom meows he wasn't surprised when Bluestar chose him to be deputy, and didn't doubt his abilities. The ginger tom is taken aback and meows his thanks. Tallstar asks where the ThunderClan leader is, and Fireheart replies she isn't well enough to travel yet. The black-and-white cat continues to question if Bluestar was injured in the fire, but the deputy answers that she'll recover.
Three ShadowClan cats charge into the clearing with Runningnose leading them. The medicine cat announces that their Clan is free of sickness, and the new leader is on the way. Tallstar asks why Nightstar] is late, but Runningnose bluntly answers he is dead. Murmurs start around the clearing, and Whitestorm questions if Cinderfur is coming instead. Runningnose says no, and promises every cat that they'll know shortly. Fireheart steps forward the medicine cat and leads him away from the others. The ThunderClan deputy tells Runningnose of Yellowfang's death, and the gray-and-white cat grieves.
The cats in the clearing grow restless and tired of waiting, so they call for the Gathering to start. Tallstar leaps on the Great Rock, and Crookedstar follows. Sandstorm wishes Fireheart good luck, and the deputy gently nuzzles her. He starts toward the other leaders, but ShadowClan's new leader arrives. To every cat's shock, Tigerclaw is revealed to be the Clan's new head.





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