"You gave up your right's to StarClan's protection when you took Brokentail into the Clan!"
Mudclaw to Bluestar in Rising Storm, page 64
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Chapter Number: 5 (of 30)
Page Numbers: 56-65

Chapter description

As Fireheart runs up the ravine to catch up with Bluestar, he notices that she seems more relaxed than she did in camp. As she noses her way towards the RiverClan border, Fireheart wonders why she isn't taking the quicker route to Fourtrees. He is too excited that he might see Graystripe to wonder for long. As they walk next to the border, Fireheart begins to look around nervously, searching for signs of RiverClan. Bluestar suddenly stops and crouches behind a clump of nettles.
Fireheart scents a RiverClan patrol and soon hears them loudly trotting through the undergrowth. For a moment, he wonders if Bluestar wants to spot Graystripe as well, but he realizes she is looking for Stonefur and Mistyfoot. As Fireheart searches the undergrowth, he spots Leopardfur and ducks down. Leopardfur comes closer and Fireheart begins to panic until Bluestar starts creeping back into ThunderClan territory.
As soon as they are deeper into the woods of ThunderClan, Bluestar comments on how Leopardfur is a good warrior, but loud and easily distracted. She then compliments Fireheart on all the evil he had saved ThunderClan from, as well as reminding him of his apprentice days. When Fireheart tries to tell her that all the warriors would protect the Clan with their lives, she argues that it was only he who saved her from Tigerclaw. Fireheart realizes that she no longer has faith in any of her warriors except for him and possibly Whitestorm.
As the two of them bound up the slope from Fourtrees, Bluestar slows down and Fireheart worries that she might not be completely healed from the battle. After she catches her breath, they cross into WindClan territory, and Fireheart worries what might happen if a patrol finds them, as WindClan is still angry that they had sheltered Brokentail. Bluestar ignores his worries and forges ahead. Suddenly, an angry yowl is sounded from behind them.
Fireheart whips around to face three WindClan cats. Fireheart bristles and tells them that he and Bluestar are traveling to the Moonstone. Mudclaw retorts that they gave up that right when they took in Brokentail. Fireheart tells them that the old ShadowClan leader is dead, and Mudclaw accuses them of being murderers. Bluestar fires back that ThunderClan cats are not murderers and that the patrol has to let them pass.





Important events


Bluestar and Fireheart travel towards Highstones, but are stopped by a WindClan patrol.[6]

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