"Very well, we'll go home. But we will return. You cannot cut us off from StarClan forever!"
Bluestar to Mudclaw in Rising Storm, page 66
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Chapter Number: 6 (of 30)
Page Numbers: 66-72

Chapter description

The WindClan patrol that Fireheart and Bluestar face insist that the two cannot pass to Highstones. Fireheart does not think a battle is worth it and tells Bluestar they should leave. She reluctantly agrees and tells Mudclaw that WindClan could not keep them from StarClan forever. Fireheart worries for his old leader as they return to camp, and she tells him that StarClan was keeping her from Moonstone, and that they didn't want to speak with her. Fireheart attempts to reassure her, but he begins to wonder if StarClan really was angry with ThunderClan because of his broken deputy ceremony.
When they return to camp, Bluestar pads uneasily to her den, and Fireheart worries about his old leader. While heading for some shade, he spots Dustpelt and Ashpaw coming through the gorse tunnel. Dustpelt comments that they were back early, and Fireheart snaps that WindClan wouldn't let them pass. Darkstripe and Fernpaw come up behind Dustpelt and Darkstripe asks what Fireheart was doing back. Dustpelt tells him the story before Runningwind calls out to Fireheart. The others back away as Runningwind trots up to his deputy.
He asks Fireheart if he had seen Cloudpaw, and Fireheart tells him he had thought his apprentice was going hunting with Runningwind. Runningwind tells him that as he was washing, Cloudpaw went out by himself. Fireheart apologizes and suddenly sees Cloudpaw scamper into the camp. He quickly tells Runningwind he'll sort it out and the warrior nods and walks away. Fireheart watches Cloudpaw put his squirrel in the fresh-kill pile and wander to the apprentice den. Fireheart worriedly wonders if he ate while out hunting. He calls out to Cloudpaw, who slowly pads forward.
Fireheart asks his apprentice if he ate while out hunting, and Cloudpaw replies indifferently that he did. Fireheart informs him that it was against the warrior code, and when asked if he retrieved his pigeon, Cloudpaw tells Fireheart it was gone. Fireheart continues questioning his apprentice, asking why he didn't go hunting with Runningwind. Cloudpaw complains that he would rather go alone, and that Runningwind had been taking too long. Fireheart angrily tells him that of he went on like this, Ashpaw and Fernpaw would receive their warrior names before he did, and that he certainly wouldn't be going to the next Gathering. Cloudpaw protests, but Fireheart fiercely sends him away. He is beyond caring about his opinions of the Clan, as his fear of Cloudpaw never becoming a warrior grows.





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