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These notes are brief, noting major events and minor events in River (book) that will be of consequence later. They are intended to be used as a reference for those looking for specific events for re-reading and the book discussions.


  • A black-and-white tom is at a Gathering, and a white she-cat with brown splotches arrives.
    • The tom thinks back about how his and the she-cat's relationship started and wonders what would happen if the Clans found out, even with the possible new changes to the warrior code. He also thinks back to the Ashfur era, and how though it had been horrible for all the Clans, it had been wonderful for him and Fringewhisker.
    • He hopes that he and the white she-cat will not be able to be labeled as codebreakers due to the upcoming changes to the warrior code.
    • The tom observes the frail condition of Mistystar.
    • He hopes that whatever happens, he and the she-cat will stay together.

  • Flamepaw is sharing a mouse with Baypaw, his foster littermate.
    • They discuss their upcoming assessment as Baypaw shares his excitement, while Flamepaw nurtures his nervousness.
    • They hear a group of senior warriors talking nearby.
      • Birchfall says he doesn't like the idea of the changes to the code, while Ivypool argues that the changes to the code are a good idea.
      • Birchfall argues that the situation with Ashfur will never happen again.
      • Thornclaw steps into the discussion, agreeing with Ivypool.
      • Birchfall argues that the rule about deposing a leader who was approved by StarClan could go wrong.
      • Ivypool argues that StarClan will give lives to cats, even if they have bad intentions, such as the first Tigerstar.
      • Flamepaw remembers that two of Mousewhisker's siblings, Berrynose and Rosepetal, because of Ashfur's corruption as the gray-and-white tom states that they should try to kill a leader if they are as vile as Ashfur was.
      • Bumblestripe joins in and firmly states his opinion about Mousewhisker's statement, and how that is against the rule about deposing a leader, and that it would get anyone a ticket to the Dark Forest.
      • Thornclaw dismisses him, saying the younger tom doesn't know the Dark Forest like he and Ivypool do.
      • Thornclaw describes the time with Brokenstar, who got driven out, and Nightstar, who never actually got his nine lives from StarClan.
      • Lionblaze joins in, arguing that it was a different time back in the forest territories, and that StarClan might now agree to take away an unfit leader's lives.
      • Thornclaw wishes that Graystripe were there, and that he could explain things better.
        • Lionblaze comments that a lot of cats wish that, but they have to have faith in their leaders.
    • Baypaw asks Flamepaw what he thinks.
      • Flamepaw states his opinion about switching leaders regularly, but the senior warriors don't hear him.
  • Flamepaw thinks about his ancestry and worries that he won't be able to bear the weight of his ancestors, primarily Firestar.
    • Sparkpelt wishes him and Baypaw luck on their assessments.
      • Flamepaw thinks about how awkward he feels around his mother.
      • Later, his mother and sister were exiled, leaving him behind, and also leaving him feeling like his mother abandoned him.
        • In conclusion, both Flamepaw and his mother ended up feeling awkward around each other, not being very close.
      • Flamepaw sees Sorrelstripe encouraging her kits, Myrtlepaw and Baypaw.
        • Flamepaw wishes Sorrelstripe were his mother.
      • Flamepaw goes over to Lilyheart, who is waiting by the camp entrance. Myrtlepaw, Baypaw, Finchpaw, and their mentors follow.
        • Flamepaw and Baypaw give each other some final "good-luck"s.
      • Lilyheart gives Flamepaw instructions, saying that she'll be there but he won't see her.
      • Flamepaw starts his assessment.
        • At first he sniffs a mouse, but wanting to show off, he decides against catching it.
        • He then sees a squirrel and tries to catch it in a majestic way, but ends up crashing into a tree instead.
          • He tells himself no more showing off.
        • He then sees a magpie, and tries to catch it, but fails yet again.
        • He starts to panic, as he hasn't caught a single bit of prey.
          • He once again sniffs a mouse, and even though it was skinny, he decides it's better than nothing.
        • He feels guilty about not catching the squirrel and magpie because of his own dumb choices.
        • Lilyheart comes and is disappointed in him as she fails him.

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  • Sunbeam observes that there is some pain in her back, but her foreleg is completely healed.
  • Shadowsight informs her that he and Puddleshine will check up on her tomorrow, and she will be eligible for warriors duties after her check-up.
  • The almost-healed she-cat asks about Lightleap, so the ShadowClan medicine cat responds that she will get in trouble like she deserves.
  • Blazefire enters the medicine cat den with a mouse in his jaws. He humorously adds that he went through fire to catch it for Sunbeam.
  • Before anything else occurs, Lightleap rushes into the den, angrily confronting Sunbeam about why she had told Tigerstar about how she had truly gotten injured.
    • The angry she-cat adds that Tigerstar and Dovewing really got onto her about taking such risks.
  • Shadowsight interrupts the conversation, stating that he was the one who told their parents. The medicine cat tries to give Lightleap advice on how she does not need to make rash decisions to prove her worth as she is already a worthy, ShadowClan warrior.
  • Lightleap ignores her brother, stating that his insights are invalid as he was the one who set Ashfur free, and how she does not need his advice to succeed.
  • Shadowsight follows his sister out of the den, while Blazefire promises Sunbeam that he will talk to Lightleap about the situation.
  • Upon re-entering the den, the ShadowClan medicine cat states that Lightleap figured out that Sunbeam had told him what actually happened.
    • He adds that Tigerstar wants a word with her after she returns to her warrior duties.

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