The River Alba is the river that runs through RiverClan territory, leading to the lake.[1] To the Clan cats, it is known only as "The River". To Twolegs, listed in the map, it is known as the River Alba.[2]


The River Alba is a flowing river running through RiverClan territory, with tinier streams branching off of the main flow[3] and tucking the camp in a triangle of land.[4] Two streams from the River collide by the lake and secludes the camp as well.[5] It is shallower at one section of the river, and deep enough to swim and fish in at another part.[6]


The River Alba flows through the middle of RiverClan's lake territory and passes by the RiverClan camp, also having a stream that branches off of it. It originates from the Lake and flows towards the sun-drown-place.[7] Nearby the destination of the River Alba, the Lake, is the Littlepine Sailing Center and the Halfbridge.[8] It also flows underneath Whitchurch Road.[9]

Book mentions

In The New Prophecy arc


The River Alba, known as the river, is the place where Mistyfoot decides RiverClan should make its camp, despite objections by Hawkfrost, who was trying to convince the Clan to live on the Island, which was declared the place for Gatherings later on. Mistyfoot describes that two streams collide not far from the lake, and the camp was nestled in between those two streams. Also, dense trees could be a proper shelter. She also adds that it was unlikely Twolegs would invade, even in Greenleaf.[5]


As the StarClan warrior, Feathertail, lead Leafpool, the ThunderClan medicine cat, to the RiverClan camp, they had to cross the stream. It is noted that Feathertail passes the Horseplace to get there, and crosses one of the streams of the River Alba.[10] The medicine cat's den is also said to be by one of the streams.[11]

In the Power of Three arc

Dark River

RiverClan has said to be having trouble with Twoleg kits disturbing and intruding them in their camp on the river, so they are forced to move out and live on the Island that is held for Gatherings while they try to force the kits away from their original camp. The Clan cats pile rocks in the river to make a dam to force the water level to rise and to prevent the Twoleg kits from getting to their camp.[12]

In the Omen of the Stars arc

The Fourth Apprentice

When Rainstorm leads the ThunderClan patrol while they take him back to his Clan, it is described that the RiverClan camp was nestled in between the two streams that branch off from the river. It was said that normally the river waters were very high, but the land had run completely dry. The lushness of plants that lived on the side of the stream was wilted and shriveled.[13]
Rainstorm leads the patrol over the streambed, which was dried up due to the drought as well. The Clan then encounters Mistyfoot, in which they proceed to give Rainstorm back to his home Clan.[14]

In the Field Guides

Secrets of the Clans

Mistyfoot shows the reader her camp and starts out by introducing the territory around the camp, which includes the river. She notes that the streams are full of fish[4] and that it's harder to catch prey in the Lake than it is in the river. She notes that the streams branching off the river seclude the camp triangularly. Mistyfoot asks the reader if they can swim like a RiverClan cat or will splash around in the shallow water, noting that the river both has shallow and deeper parts. She also mentions that there are "pebble islands" to walk across in the stream.[6]

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