The River Chell is the Twoleg name for the River that runs through RiverClan territory in the old forest.[3] It runs from a gorge that comes to a waterfall and feeds into the SkyClan gorge, further upstream away from the forest territories.[4]


The river serves as a boundary between ThunderClan and RiverClan territories, and between RiverClan and WindClan territories in the forest. On the RiverClan and WindClan border, the river flows from a gorge that comes to a waterfall.[3] Further upstream, the river feeds into the SkyClan gorge,[4] which is regarded as the main source of the water.[5] Past Highstones and WindClan territory, the river continues to flow onto Twoleg territory, where it evidently comes to an end.[6]
The river is said to be huge, similar in size to the ThunderClan forest camp.[7] The banks are lined with bulrush heads and reed forests,[2] providing protection to the RiverClan cats as their camp is set up close by.[8] Near where the forest gives way to the reed banks, there a stepping stones that can be used to cross the river.[9] A Twoleg bridge stretches over the river,[10] which when the river is full is used by the Clan cats to safely cross without endangering themselves.[11] In greenleaf, Twolegs are said to bring their boats, and their kits to the river. This makes it difficult for RiverClan cats to feed themselves as the fish are frightened away.[12]

Known deaths

This is a list of deaths, ordered chronologically, that took place at River Chell.

Book mentions

In the Dawn of the Clans arc

The Sun Trail

When the travelling cats leave the mountains, they encounter the river. Gray Wing notes the water gurgling over stones and that it was shallower at the banks and a deep channel ran through the middle with a strong current behind it. Shaded Moss is the first to suggest that they have to cross the water, and Hawk Swoop finds stepping stones that the cats can cross to the other bank. The travelling cats safely make it across and continue on their way and the narrator describes the river flowing away through flat stretches of grass and dispersed trees. The cats stay close to the river and follow it as they continue onwards.
As the mountain cats make it to the new hunting grounds, the cats take in the sight of their new territory. They note the winding river continuing into the territory and Falling Feather takes a particular interest in it, pointing out to Dappled Pelt that she could catch fish there. After they settle and start exploring, Clear Sky reports that his group went as far as the river and note that there is a massive waterfall that breaks into a gorge.
Cloud Spots, Dappled Pelt, and Gray Wing later look for herbs, looking where the river emerges from the gorge. They find tansy at the edge, and whilst there Dappled Pelt decides to try and swim. She jumps into the water, disappearing for a second before finding her way and starts swimming to the amusement of her Clanmates.
Gray Wing follows his brother to the river's gorge and they talk and he asks his brother if he came there because it reminded him of their home in the mountains. Clear Sky, not knowing his brother was there, slips and falls into the water, but, Gray Wing saves him. The two toms talk about Bright Stream's death and then Gray Wing suggests that they explore the gorge more. The two toms head downriver and find it covered in undergrowth and that river has a tall outcrop of rocks jutting out of its surface. They encounter a black she-cat who tells them they are trespassing, but, she soon leaves.
Later on, Gray Wing and Storm adventure through the forest, they come to a stream that chatters over stones, its surface glittering in the sunlight. They cross using a dead branch and Gray Wing asks if its the stream that joins the river near the big rocks and Storm answers that it is. Gray Wing mentions he went there exploring with his brother earlier. The two cats travel using the river as a guide and boundary line.
Petal and Fox escape the pursuit of a group of strangers and emerge from the forest at the bank of the river. To continue their escape, the two cats cross the river, however, as they continue the situation becomes dangerous and they head back to the bank. Petal gets caught in the river's current and is saved by Clear Sky and Falling Feather. The two cats help her and Fox recover and soon recruit them to join their group.

Thunder Rising

Gray Wing watches as Cloud Spots and Dappled Pelt return from the direction of the river with bunches of herbs clamped in their jaws.
Later on, the tom gives Turtle Tail a tour with Rainswept Flower, and the three cats head towards the river from the moorlands. They encounter Wind and Gorse who join on their group, leading the other cats towards river following a tiny stream. The cats hunt near the river and soon meet a tom named River Ripple who watched them hunt from the river's bank. The stranger bids Gray Wing and his cats farewell after sharing prey with them and disappears into the undergrowth on the opposite bank of the river.
Following this encounter, the group of cats are chased by two dogs and lead them back to their camp. However, the dogs soon leave and head towards the river, Dappled Pelt and Cloud Spots confirming that to their groupmates.
When a fire sweeps through the forest the cats head to the river and seek shelter. They meet up with River Ripple again and he helps the group. He instructs Jackdaw's Cry and Thunder to soak themselves to remove the fire's sparks from their fur. River Ripple helps the moor cats return to their hollow, teaching them how to use the stepping stones to safely cross the river.
Cloud Spots and Dappled Pelt head to the river to bring back bundles of herbs from the water's edge following the events of the fire.
When Thunder later joins Clear Sky's camp he follows his father away from the river following a failed hunt with Leaf.
River Ripple is shown during the bonus scene to have been named Ripple, after the movement of the river water. He is shown how to hunt by Arc in the water. Later on, when Twolegs come and catch of the Cats of the Park, Ripple and Arc head towards the river and dive in to save themselves. Ripple is swept away by the river's current and is taken by the current past Twoleg dens and into a place where Twoleg rubbish had collected. The tom manages to hurl himself onto a log and continue drifting with the current. He tries to hunt, however, is attacked by unknown creatures, opting to sleep instead.
However, Ripple, afraid of drowning, gets no sleep and the river soon brings him to the waterfall in the gorge. The tom manages to swim from his log to safety, with the help of the river. He lingers in the bare, open rocks for a moment after fishing and recovering his strength, however, the tom asks the river once more for its help and he plunges himself back in. He is taken further upstream to a bank resting underneath a willow tree.
Ripple encounters a black-and-white she-cat who teaches him about the land and how wild cats who hunt alone. She introduces herself as Night and invites him to hunt with her and her brother. She asks him his name and the tom introduces himself as River Ripple.

The First Battle

When Tom steals his and Turtle Tail's kits, he takes them back to Twolegplace via the river. Thunder and Lightning Tail track him, with the help of Swift, a she-cat who had seen Tom pass through with the kits. The two toms also have the aide of River Ripple when Lightning Tail slips and falls into the river, trying to use the stepping stones to cross safely.
Back at the moor cat's camp, Shattered Ice and Hawk Swoop tell a recovering Gray Wing that Tom had taken the kits and that they had tracked him as far as the river. Gray Wing imagines Owl Eyes strutting around and telling everyone how he had crossed a river.
Upon rescuing Turtle Tail's kits, Thunder, Lightning Tail and River Ripple return to the river and the two moor cats and the kits part their ways with the silver rogue.
In the bonus scene, Wind is shown to be watching a group of cats that fish in the river with hungry eyes. Her companion, Branch makes a remark about her not trusting him to find them enough food. Wind recalls that the group of cats near the river said that they had hunted fish before the river froze.
She later meets Gorse, who tells her that he was raised among the reed beds near the river.

The Blazing Star

River Ripple finds a dead vole by the river with the unnamed sickness that is spreading through the territory.
Later on, when Gray Wing hunts with River Ripple, he crosses the river using the stepping stones. Gray Wing shows the other tom a hunting trick and manages to catch a few voles by the riverbank.
Star Flower leads Thunder to the river to show him a place she calls the secret garden. The two cats head towards the river, but, Star Flower leads Thunder through a copse of trees and ferns to a stream running off from the river.
When Gray Wing plans his attack on One Eye he mentions the river when showing his idea to Clear Sky and the other cats. He uses the river as a landmark as he points to an empty space to ambush the rogue tom. Lightning Tail and Thunder head towards the river to enlist the help of River Ripple and his cats to carry out Gray Wing's plan. They cross the river using the stepping stones to get to River Ripple's island camp.
As the two toms return to the hollow, Star Flower appears. She tells Thunder about a patch of Blazing Star growing near the river. The she-cat leads Thunder away to the patch, only to discover that it wasn't truly the same herb.
When the battle against One Eye begins, Jagged Peak and Dappled Pelt take messages to River Ripple and Wind Runner. River Ripple tells them that he would watch the riverbank in case anything happened. As the battle gets underway, River Ripply and his cats charge across the moorland from the direction of the river. When things turn south, the silver tom leads the moor cats toward the river and its bank.
Following One Eye's defeat, the cats return to their respective homes. River Ripple takes his cats back across the river to their island home.

A Forest Divided

Clear Sky mentions the river when recalling One Eye's death, mentioning that the cats from the moor, forest, and river united to defeat the rogue.
When Clear Sky is injured and brought to the moor cats, Jagged Peak mentions that Mud Paws and Mouse Ear were able to shelter from the cold near the river or the forest. He tells Thunder that the two cats were able to seek out the shelter when they were strays and not a part of the moor cats.
The moor and forest cats cast stones to decide where they should live, to spread and grow as the spirit cats told them to. Dappled Pelt asks about the river and Lightning Tail responds that it is River Ripple's territory. Gray Wing adds that he should be a part of the plans as he also shares dreams with the spirit cats. Dappled Pelt and Shattered Ice chose to live at River Ripple's camp near the river.
The two cats leave to live by the river, and their tracks are seen by Gray Wing as he accompanies the departing cats. Later on, Reed tells Gray Wing whilst healing him that he collects marigold near the river during greenleaf.
Clear Sky organises patrols for his borders to make sure cats from the moor, pine forest, or the river are encroaching on his territory. Thunder and Lightning Tail later follow Clear Sky's scent trail to the river in an attempt to find out what the tom is up to. The two cats follow him downstream of the river to a cluster of large boulders. They end up seeing him meet with Star Flower, which upsets Thunder. The two toms leave the river, Thunder going ahead to clear his thoughts.
Sometime after, Thunder reflects upon his thoughts and heads to the river for a drink. He takes note of sluggish water near River Ripple's marshland. Thunder hunts nearby the river and deposits his catch before running into a group of mountain cats. He later shows the cats to Clear Sky's territory, Quiet Rain and Sun Shadow around, leading them to the river and the forest. The cats venture more towards the river as Quiet Rain tells Thunder about the mountains.
Slash threatens Clear Sky, he tells the tom that there are many rogues from beyond the pines and the river. He says he wants to meet the other leaders and that they were to meet on the sunning rocks near the river.

Path of Stars

Clear Sky and his cats discuss amongst one another about Slash's threat. Sparrow Fur suggests asking River Ripple for help, stating that the river is always full of fish, meaning he might be open to sharing some prey.
The group leaders all meet with Slash to come to a decision. River Ripple asks Slash what his purpose was, stating that the tom had no care for the territories when he had the choice to leave for better hunting grounds. Slash retorts that he didn't need to while he had cats that would hunt for him and his rogues.
Following this meeting, the five leaders reunite to put an end to Slash's torment after saving Star Flower from him. River Ripple offers fish to the other cats when they complain of rogues stealing their prey. Wind Runner asks him what happens if the river freezes over due to the coming leaf-bare, however, Thunder interjects that this was everyone's problem and that they all needed one solution.
Thunder worries about the river cats when they take in Dawn, Moss, and their kits. He thinks that there would be enough prey to keep all the cats fed, due to the nature of the river. He is more worried about the new cats betraying them like others had done. Thunder and Violet reach the river camp and see the new additions thriving, even swimming in the river. River Ripple tells the pair that the family are natural river cats.
When Slash takes Black Ear, one of Gray Wing's kits, Thunder organises patrols to find him. He sends Reed Tail and Dust Muzzle toward the river to search.

In The Prophecies Begin arc

Into the Wild

There is a battle for Sunningrocks, in which the deputies of the Clans, RiverClan and ThunderClan, both die in the battle. The deputies are Oakheart and Redtail, and Oakheart is believed to have killed Redtail, and Tigerclaw, avenging the death of Redtail, says that he killed Oakheart.
At the battle at Sunningrocks, RiverClan warriors swim across the river to attack the fighting ThunderClan warriors. Brokenstar claims ShadowClan needs RiverClan's fish in the river during the Gathering, because they have so many cats to feed.

Fire and Ice

Nightpelt, the new leader of ShadowClan now that Brokenstar has been driven out of ShadowClan, still believes that ShadowClan needs the fish in the river, but Crookedstar says that his offer does not stand any longer.
When Deadfoot and Onewhisker bring Firestar and Graystripe back home, they run into a RiverClan patrol. It turns into a fight, where the ThunderClan and WindClan cats are greatly outnumbered. A ThunderClan patrol ends up finding them and outnumbering the RiverClan cats. During the battle, Fireheart notices Graystripe and Whiteclaw tussling too close to the gorge. Whiteclaw slips at the edge of the gorge, and falls to his death in the river; Graystripe's attempts to save him fail. An angry Leopardfur tells the ThunderClan and WindClan cats that the battle would be settled another day.
Later, Graystripe falls into the river while chasing a water vole. He is rescued by Silverstream of RiverClan. She remarks that RiverClan "doesn't like having their river poisoned by dead cats". The two begin to start to have feelings for each other after that.

Forest of Secrets

On a patrol to find a way to get to the Gathering, Fireheart attempts to cross the flooding river on a flimsy branch. Tigerclaw yowls for him to watch out, but a wave sweeps Fireheart into the river. It is then apparent that the river is unsafe to cross.
Later, Fireheart has to cross the river to meet with Mistyfoot and Graypool. He and Graystripe end up saving Mistyfoot's young kits in the flood. They would have been lost if the warriors had not braved the waters to rescue them.

Rising Storm

When Bramblekit is clinging to a tree branch, Fireheart saves him, and the flaming tree rolls down the hill and into the ravine.
Fireheart tells the rest of the ThunderClan cats the must cross the river to escape the fire that was chasing them from in the ThunderClan camp. Sandstorm is the first cat to venture into the freezing river, and at first it taken under, by losing her footing. She soon regains her balance and her head bobs up to the surface. Dustpelt and Cloudpaw go next, though hesitating before wading into the ravine. Smallear is the next to cautiously reach the water's edge, hesitating for a long time, as if he is unsure whether he will make it across or not, being an elder. Fireheart pulls him into the river, and he wails. Leopardfur is standing on the bank of the river, and grabs Smallear from Fireheart. The rest of the ThunderClan cats cross safely.
When Leopardfur sees Patchpelt lying dead on the ThunderClan side of the river, she swims confidently across, and brings the elder to the RiverClan side of the river for a burial.

A Dangerous Path

Graypool runs into Tigerstar near the Twoleg Bridge across the river, and accidentally falls off when she becomes frightened, hitting her head on a rock and dying.
When threatened by the dog pack, ThunderClan lays a trail to the gorge where the last cat on the trail would lure the pack into the gorge to drown. Fireheart was the last cat in line and was almost to the cliff when he was attacked by Tigerstar. The ShadowClan leader escaped after the dogs caught up, and Fireheart was caught. Fireheart would have died, but Bluestar appeared and hurled herself at the lead dog, who went over the edge. The dog dragged Bluestar in with him. Fireheart leaps into the gorge to rescue his drowning leader, almost drowning as well, but Mistyfoot and Stonefur came to their aid. The RiverClan cats pull Bluestar and Fireheart out of the river onto the shore to safety, and stay by the river as Bluestar dies. Goosefeather's prophecy becomes true as she is destroyed by water.

The Darkest Hour

Firestar, Graystripe, and Ravenpaw all cross the river into RiverClan territory to rescue the half-Clan cats that are being held prisoner by TigerClan. A ThunderClan patrol fights the TigerClan patrol on the stepping stones in the middle of the river.

In The New Prophecy arc


Tallstar reports at a Gathering that there was no rain in his territory at all, and a unknown cat calls out that the river borders their territory. He says that the river runs through a deep sheer-sided gorge, and Onewhisker fell in. He was said to be okay though. Leopardstar allows WindClan to drink from, but not fish in, the river, though she says the river is low, and barely supports her own Clan. Hawkfrost and Blackclaw are noted to be hostile to WindClan and their new privilege.
When a ThunderClan patrol smells WindClan, they go down to Fourtrees to investigate. Dustpelt reminds them that WindClan are aloud to drink from the river. When they see WindClan cats, they all fall silent and can hear the river water slapping on the banks, which in nearby. They remind the WindClan patrol that their only aloud to drink from the river, and not steal prey, so the WindClan patrol leaves ThunderClan territory.


Mudclaw, Tornear, and an unknown tabby tom are chasing Leafpaw and Sorreltail so that they purposely cross onto RiverClan territory, in an attempt to get back to ThunderClan territory. Mothwing scares the WindClan cats away and treats their wounds near the water.
Reedpaw later falls into the river, where he hits his head and receives a gash on his shoulder. Leafpaw saves him with the help of Spottedleaf. The river is also mentioned when Mothwing is teaching Leafpaw how to fish. However, Hawkfrost appears and Leafpaw runs away to avoid a conflict.


As the cats begin the journey, the river is said to almost empty due to the Twoleg activities in the forest.

In the Super Editions

Moth Flight's Vision

When Slate's kits go missing, Moth Flight begins to panic and asks Rocky where he last saw them and tells the she-cat that he saw them playing near the RiverClan border. Moth Flight describes the area as dangerous, deep ravine with water churning at the bottom, reiterating that it was a terrible place for kits. Moth Flight and her group consisting of Spotted Fur and Willow Tail soon rescue the kits from the area.
Half Moon appears in Moth Flight's dreams naming her as the first medicine cat. She tells the younger cat that she will learn to use plants from the moors, forest, and the river to heal her Clanmates.
River Ripple at a Gathering notes that the river was swollen from snowmelt and that fishing was plentiful.
Moth Flight later meets Micah in RiverClan territory and finds him on one of the stepping stones across the river. She describes that behind the tom, the river spits and creates an island where RiverClan had set up camp. From where they are, the she-cat notes that the river was sheltered from the wind by the forest and by the cliffs from the other side. While at the camp, Moth Flight watches as Dawn Mist leaves to fetch more prey. The RiverClan she-cat exits the camp's clearing through a gap in the reeds and enters the water before submerging herself completely, disappearing from view.
After Drizzle almost drowns, River Ripple mentions that any RiverClan kit should know how to swim from the moment they're born, like fish. Dappled Pelt resuscitates the kit and mentions to Moth Flight that she had learnt the method from River Ripple himself, affirming that the tom had grown up around the river his entire life.
When Wind Runner falls ill with a fever, Moth Flight makes the trek to RiverClan to see if Dappled Pelt has any herbs that might help WindClan's leader. She crosses the river at the stepping stones, noting the scent of fox. Moth Flight discovers that her children had followed her, seeing Honey Pelt, Bubbling Stream and Blue Whisker behind on a stepping stone. Her son, Spider Paw falls into the river and Moth Flight attempts to save her son. She manages to, but, he comes out of the water not breathing. She remembers what Dappled Pelt had done to save Drizzle's life and does the same to her son. Saving him with the help of Micah, she takes him and the rest of her kits back to WindClan and returns to RiverClan territory herself to continue her original mission.

Tallstar's Revenge

When Hopkit becomes very sick due to an infection in his blood, Barkface mentions sweet sedge, which RiverClan has. Talltail accompanies him to the RiverClan camp, and soon both cats arrive at the riverbank. Talltail asks if they'll have to cross the river, and Barkface responds that they could signal for a patrol. They wait, but a patrol doesn't arrive. The two cats conclude that they must cross the river themselves. They appear fine while their paws touch the bottom, but the water becomes deep, and Barkface disappears beneath the surface. Talltail clumsily attempts to go after him, but the brown tom resurfaces, now swimming strongly. They finally make it out of the river soon after. After they receive their medicine, Hailstar orders Rippleclaw and Ottersplash to escort Talltail and Barkface back across the river. Hailstar warns them of heavy currents as they depart. As Talltail crosses the river, a current almost drowns him, but he bobs up to the surface with Ottersplash's help. 

Crookedstar's Promise

The river becomes flooded from heavy rain that occurs during a storm. It floods the camp, forcing RiverClan to move to higher shelter. This alters the camp so much that they are forced to rebuild. Duskwater is swept away in the flood, and it is highly assumed that she drowned. After the floods, leaf-bare frosts grip the river every night. Stormkit falls in the river, and it is revealed that the flood had killed so many fish that river prey was now scarce.
To complete Volekit's dare, Stormkit walks along a slippery branch over the river. A magpie arrives, knocks him off balance, and he falls in. Meanwhile, leaf-bare frosts grip the river every night. Hailstar comments that the flood had battered the fish on rocks or left them stranded on the land, and now river prey was scarce. When deciding whether to fight ThunderClan, Brambleberry adds that the flood took away all her herbs, and her store will stay empty until newleaf. Rippleclaw is mad, and says that RiverClan might as well give up the rest of their territory. Echomist says that ThunderClan would never try to cross the river. ThunderClan takes control over Sunningrocks, which angers Stormkit. When he and Oakkit venture out of camp, they see Goosefeather on the other side of the river. When he frightens them, Stormkit falls off the stepping stones and into the water, causing his life-altering injury.
Crookedkit crosses the stepping-stones to go visit the Moonstone, and passes by the cliffs. Petalpaw tells Graypaw that the river gets frozen in leaf-bare, and it is possible for a cat to walk on the ice if a warrior has tested it first. When Crookedpaw and Willowpaw are fishing in the river together, ThunderClan warriors arrive, and say that they should enjoy the river while it's still theirs, threatening to take that, too. However, they never execute this threat.
When RiverClan tries to take back Sunningrocks from ThunderClan, they cross into ThunderClan territory over the river. After Snowpaw and Bluepaw send Crookedpaw over the ice in his defeat, the rest of RiverClan retreat over the ice too. To stop the ThunderClan battle patrols from crossing over the frozen river, a few warriors stay behind and smash the ice with their hindpaws.
RiverClan are seen many times swimming in the river, catching prey, and relaxing in the waters. The river is noted to be fairly abundant in fish.

Bluestar's Prophecy

On Bluepaw's and Snowpaw's first day as apprentices, Sparrowpelt promises to take Snowpaw to the river. Bluepaw can't imagine what it would look like, as the only water she had seen was from puddles and moss. She only knows that the river is wide and flows through the wind like trees. On the day of the battle between ThunderClan and WindClan, they follow the river near the and to the camp. Bluepaw notes that it is as big as the ThunderClan camp itself, and stretches endlessly in both directions. They soon get to the gorge, and Stonepelt explains to her that it is where the river falls down from the moorland and cuts between two cliffs of rock. Along it is the path to WindClan territory.
When RiverClan tries to take control of Sunningrocks, ThunderClan refuses and battles them. They drive them back against the icy river and defeat them. RiverClan cats crush the ice with their hindpaws so ThunderClan warriors can't follow them.
There is a battle between RiverClan and ThunderClan at Sunningrocks. When Bluefur takes Snowfur out of the nursery, they play fight, and Snowfur tumbles into some berries that stain her fur. Bluefur offers to take her down by the river to wash it off, as she wants to make sure Oakheart hadn't come back. Snowfur consents, as she could use a drink. Once they get there, Snowfur presses Bluefur to tell her about her chasing off a RiverClan warrior, and she quickly finds out that Bluefur likes him, running away from Bluefur.
Sunstar leads a patrol to RiverClan to tell them Sunningrocks is theirs, and he leads a patrol across the river. Bluefur is scared of the water, and as she jumps on the stepping stones, she remembers the prophecy that water will destroy her. As Thrushpelt lands near her, he comments that that wasn't so bad, and he doesn't know why RiverClan cats bother with swimming. Later, when Bluefur is expecting kits, she looks into RiverClan territory to see if she can see Oakheart, and notes that the far bank of the River had been stripped by leaf-bare frosts. After Bluefur gives birth, she gives her kits names that remind her of the River. Later, Bluefur meets Oakheart near the river and turns over two of her three kits: Mistykit, and Stonekit. However, Mosskit dies in the snow on the way to the river.

Firestar's Quest

Firestar and Sandstorm sit watching the river whisper past, dappled with starlight. Firestar happily looks at the rocks, then seeing that there were cats in the river, desperately swimming, being washed away by the swirling current. He blinks, and the vision is then gone.
At a later Gathering, Leopardstar reports that Twolegs bring boats onto the river, and their kits scare off all the fish. However, the river is low this season, and not many Twolegs are there.
Firestar gets a vision of SkyClan following the river, and the familiar tang tells him that this river is the same as the one in the territories. As he watches, one of the kits falls in and gets swept away by the current.
When Firestar and Sandstorm wake up from the start of their journey to rebuild SkyClan, three male Twolegs start walking up the river bank towards them. The Twolegs bring fishing poles. Firestar and his mate run away from them, still following the river. During their walk beside the riverbank, the air starts to get hotter. Sandstorm manages to catch a water vole in her claws before it can scramble into the river. In the river, beside a crowded Twoleg nest kits are seen shrieking with joy and throwing stones into the river.
When the two journeying cats come out of an abandoned nest, they come out to find the river level had risen fast, and was churning with muddy brown waves that slopped against the top of the river bank. A surge of river water sweeps Firestar clean off a path, and his paws. He is pulled under the cold river, but soon manages to keep his head up. The river's mighty waters separate Firestar and Sandstorm. The water surge carries Firestar away from the bushes, but soon recedes.
After the river stops the cats realize they went too far, and soon turn back to find the river once more. From following the river, the two cats find that at the river's source is where Ancient SkyClan broke apart and where the new SkyClan must live.

SkyClan's Destiny

While Nettlekit, Plumkit, Creekkit, and Rabbitkit play, Nettlekit strays too far and collapses into the river. His father, Waspwhisker, saves him. Plumkit is blamed, but all kits are warned to stay away from the river from then on.
Later on, during a bee attack, all the cats have to jump into the river to avoid getting stung. Tangle refuses to go under, but Lichenfur dunks him anyways.

Hawkwing's Journey

Leafstar calls a Clan meeting to the Rockpile, Pebblepaw and Parsleypaw poke their out of the apprentice's den and bound down to the clearing to sit near the river.
Hawkwing joins his father, Sharpclaw, on a patrol. The deputy leads his group downstream, where the gorge widens and where there is a stretch of shrubbery and trees. Hawkwing continues hunting alongside the river, finding a spot where the bank had crumbled away into a sandy patch of land in the river's current.
When rogues attack SkyClan camp, fights break out alongside the river's banks. Sharpclaw shoves a mottled rogue into the river, the cat disappearing under the torrent with a shriek. Following the fight, bodies of SkyClan cats and rogues were strewn between the cliffs and the river. As rain pours down, the river rages, sweeping twigs and derbis with it onto the banks. Birdwing's kits, Snipkit, Curlykit, and Fidgetkit try and cross the swollen river using stepping stones. Hawkwing calls out to warn them of the danger, and can't see their mother or their father.
Snipkit falls into the river and Hawkwing attempts to rescue her, however, the kit drowns. The warrior blames Darktail and his rogues for making the kits attempt crossing the river during a rainstorm. Later on, Tinycloud finds the kit's body washed up on the river's bank and the Clan hold a burial for the young cat.
The remaining SkyClan cats travel upstream and past a Twolegplace where they had previously fought a tom known as Dodge. The river is wider than what it was in the SkyClan gorge and is edged with reeds. The Clan recovers from their fight with Dodge nearby and several days later they start travelling away from the river.

In the Novellas

Thunderstar's Echo

Thunderstar leads a hunting patrol to towards the river that marks the boundary between his Clan and RiverClan. As the patrol leaves the treeline and makes their way onto the riverbank, Thunderstar takes in the sights around him. He notes the sunlight sparkling from the river and scents the strong, rich smells of prey around them. On the other side of the river, Moss Tail appears and educates the ThunderClan cats in RiverClan's talent for swimming. Following, the tom returns back to his territory and Thunderstar watches with contentment.
Later on, Lightning Tail recalls Apple Blossom how he and Thunderstar went to Twolegplace to rescue Owl Eyes, Pebble Heart and Sparrow Fur, and tells her that before they even made it there that he fell in the river. He tells her that that was how the cats met Riverstar for the first time.

Shadowstar's Life

Shadowstar reflects upon her lost lives, noting that she had lost one due to being swept away by the river whilst saving a kit.
Skystar demands more territory for SkyClan at a gathering, after telling them about Twolegs encroaching on SkyClan territory. Each of the four other leaders voice their grievances and opinions to him. Riverstar stating that he and his Clan wouldn't have to worry as a river separated their territory from the others.
Shadowstar and Raven Pelt leave ShadowClan territory and head towards the river, sticking to the bank as they head towards SkyClan territory.

Mapleshade's Vengeance

Mapleshade recalls a fight between ThunderClan and RiverClan over Sunningrocks and how Birchface and Flowerpaw had both drowned in the river.
Later, Mapleshade takes her kits Petalkit, Larchkit, and Patchkit, out of camp they go to the river. Petalkit remarks that it was the most beautiful thing she had seen and Larchkit asks his mother where it comes from. Mapleshade tells her son that she doesn't really know, only knowing that it runs further upstream near WindClan territory. Petalkit asks if they could go there, but her mother tells her that it was too far to walk that day. The kits go for a swim in the river, Mapleshade remarking that they are half RiverClan. A patrol consisting of Spiketail, Milkfur, and Appledusk appear and reprimand Mapleshade and her kits. Spiketail tells her that the river belongs to RiverClan even if ThunderClan has Sunningrocks.
Ravenwing figures out that Mapleshade's kits were fathered by the RiverClan tom, Appledusk following an omen consisting of a tiny stream and three pieces of water reed. He believes that the meaning of it relates to Mapleshade's kits, stating that he believed it meant that the river had washed three cats that didn't belong in ThunderClan there.
Following her exile from ThunderClan, Mapleshade leads her kits to the river in hopes of taking refuge in RiverClan. She and her kits attempt to cross the river during a flood. Whilst attempting this, Mapleshade's kits are washed away and despite trying to rescue them, they drown in the river. She is saved by Appledusk and a RiverClan patrol who take her back to RiverClan camp.
Mapleshade returns to the river, noting that it was much slower and shallower than it had been when she attempted crossing it with her kits. She also notes that sounds carry easier on the RiverClan side of the river after her belly rumbles.

Pinestar's Choice

Pinepaw is shown ThunderClan's territory by his mentor, Mistpelt, and he is shown the river. The tom remarks that it was like a watery Thunderpath and that he felt disappointed as the Clan elders had described it to be a terrible place, waiting to suck cats under its surface.
During Pinestar's leadership, ThunderClan and RiverClan fight over Sunningrocks. ThunderClan wins the fight, and Sunfall confirms to Pinestar that he and his warriors had chased the invading Clan back as far as the river.

Spottedleaf's Heart

Spottedpaw is led by her mentor, Adderfang to hunt near the river. Later on, the apprentice notes the river as she heads to Snakerocks to avoid Featherwhisker, noting that the tom would likely have gone the other way as marigold grew near the river.
Wishing to distance herself from Thistleclaw's scorn and disappointment, Spottedpaw runs to the edge of the forest, Sunningrocks looming over her. She notes that the rocks echo with the sound of the river just beyond. She scrambles on top of one of the warm stones, noting the clear view upriver to WindClan's moors.
Thistleclaw mentions the River during his metaphor for pairs to Spottedpaw, pointing out two stones to the younger cat. Later whilst the pair are training with Whitepaw, Spottedpaw runs away after Thistleclaw encourages her to fight using battle moves from the Place of No Stars, she runs out and stops at the river's bank. She stares at her reflection in the water and washes her paws to rid herself of the scent of the Dark Forest.
Thrushpelt later discusses Spottedpaw's future as a warrior with her whilst sunning themselves on Sunningrocks. Spottedpaw notes the soothing sound of the river around them as the warrior talks with her. She later changes to Medicine cat training and follows Bluefur to the River when she gives up her kits to Oakheart.

Redtail's Debt

Redpaw is on a hunting patrol with his mentor, Sparrowpelt and the apprentice notes that Sunningrocks had been deemed too dangerous by Sunstar for apprentices. Sparrowpelt tells his apprentice about the history of the rocks and ThunderClan's fights with RiverClan over them. He tells the young tom that some cats believed that Sunningrocks were once in the river and that was why RiverClan claimed them as their own.
Later, when ThunderClan on confronting RiverClan to reclaim Sunningrocks, Tawnyspots suggests that ThunderClan splits their forces up to keep the apprentices safe in the event of a battle. He suggests that most of ThunderClan's warriors could approach RiverClan across the river, and that another group could come from the twoleg bridge and attack RiverClan from behind.
In the following moons, Redtail leads a patrol consisting of himself, Tigerclaw and Ravenpaw to Sunningrocks. The deputy notes the strong scent of RiverClan and tells the other cats to mark the territory and focus closer to the river. The tortoiseshell tom marks over the RiverClan markers and notes the rushing sounds of the river at the edges of the rocks.
Following Oakheart's death, Redtail tries not to think of his death and watches the sun's reflection in the river before he himself is killed by Tigerclaw.

In the Field Guides

Code of the Clans

A patrol of RiverClan cats is patrolling along the gorge area of the river when they see three kits hanging on to the opposite side of the cliff. The three kits fall and drown in the foaming waters. Later, the patrol comes back and fishes the three kits' bodies out of the river to take them back to WindClan. This event brought about the law in the warrior code that states a warrior must never ignore a kit in danger.



The following information is from sources considered non-canon or retconned.

  • In Secrets of the Clans, a 2007 field guide, the river is featured in the legend, "How LeopardClan Won the River" which tells the story of how LeopardClan got control of the river in the forest.[23] On RiverClan's page it is also said that the river made Sunningrocks into an island in ancient times, so that only RiverClan cats could reach it. However, the water level dropped and then Sunningrocks became a source of many territorial battles between RiverClan and ThunderClan.[24]


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