These notes are brief, noting major events and minor events in River of Fire that will be of consequence later. They are intended to be used as a reference for those looking for specific events for re-reading and the book discussions.

  • Dawnpelt sits in StarClan, talking to other deceased ShadowClan cats, including Needletail and Beenose.
  • They mention ShadowClan ending; some blame Darktail, but those who disagree and blame Rowanclaw start to argue.
  • A new cat appears, called Shadowstar, and the cats gasp in astonishment, with Yellowfang dipping her head in respect.
  • ShadowClan's first leader tells the cats that there must be five Clans.
    • She insists that if the fifth Clan is not saved, worse things will come than a storm.

  • Twigpaw and Finpaw are heading to ThunderClan camp.
    • They keep stopping because Finpaw wants to explore.
  • They see Sparkpelt and call out to her, but she doesn't want to talk to them.
  • Sparkpelt is skeptical of their intentions, but Twigpaw insists she wants to return.
    • The warrior brings them both to camp, wary, but allowing them to follow her.
  • Once in camp, Bramblestar calls Twigpaw to his den tells her about Graystripe's past.
    • He decides to allow her back into the Clan, though she'll remain an apprentice..
  • Larksong becomes Finpaw's mentor, Sparkpelt becomes Twigpaw's.

  • Violetshine is gathering bedding for her Clanmates.
    • She's annoyed that it's an apprentice duty, but realizes everyone in the Clan is busy.
  • Violetshine tells Tree to stop sunning himself and start helping, but Leafstar calls him over.
  • Tree decides that to find his place in the Clan, he should try being a medicine cat.
    • Leafstar agrees to the suggestion, and assigns him to go to Frecklewish.
  • Violetshine stands nearby while Frecklewish and Puddleshine argue; Tree steps in and tries to solve the issue.
  • Violetshine goes on a patrol with Rowanclaw, Tawnypelt, and Hawkwing.
    • Rowanclaw and Tawnypelt are talking about if abandoning ShadowClan was right.
  • Hawkwing and his daughter listen to their conversation from afar, and are interested in the topic.
    • Violetshine pleads to go back to camp, worried that Tree will leave.

  • Alderheart goes to the WindClan border to find watermint for the quickly-spreading belly sickness in ThunderClan.
    • He does not find the herb right away, which makes him wonder if Kestrelflight is dealing with the same illness in WindClan.
  • Just before he turns away, Alderheart spots a few stems, and takes the meager collection back to camp.
  • At Alderheart's Briarlight moves from the medicine den to the nursery to prevent her from catching the illness.
  • The medicine cat asks Bramblestar if he can go to RiverClan for watermint, and he agrees.
    • Alderheart goes to RiverClan with Sparkpelt and Twigpaw, and runs into a WindClan patrol.
  • They join with the WindClan patrol and make their way around the lake, avoiding a dog.
    • They make their way to RiverClan before they are caught by a patrol, which insists only Alderheart can see Mistystar.
  • Alderheart arrives at the RiverClan camp, and Mistystar tells him to take the watermint and leave, reminding him that her borders are closed.

  • Twigpaw trains with Sparkpelt, but is frustrated with the basic training.
  • She returns to camp, but there isn't any prey left, she goes hunting with Finpaw.
    • However, during the hunt she falls into the WindClan border stream, and is rescued by a WindClan patrol led by Featherpelt.
  • They escort her back to camp and tell Bramblestar, who chastises the she-cat.
    • She admits her training issues with Sparkpelt, and also her concerns of the prophecy.
  • The next morning, however, Sparkpelt has fallen ill and so Twigpaw trains with Larksong.
    • She later goes back to camp and talks with Lilyheart, who reassures her doubts.
  • Finpaw comes back with his first vole, and he and Twigpaw share it together.

  • Violetshine goes on a border patrol with Sandynose and Tree.
    • They notice movement within the trees, and move to check it out.
  • They discover Yarrowleaf and Sleekwhisker in ShadowClan's old camp.
    • The pair question where ShadowClan is, and are told that the Clan has merged with SkyClan.
  • They are shocked, not believing it to be true.
    • However, the pair express their desire to rejoin a Clan, so Violetshine and Tree bring them to Leafstar.
  • The leader refuses to let them stay as SkyClan cats on the grounds of crimes committed during their time with Darktail.
    • As they're escorted out of camp, many former ShadowClan cats protest, but Tawnypelt silences them.
  • Violetshine feels conflicted about the decision, but Tree comforts that they did the right thing.

  • Alderheart attends the medicine cat half-moon meeting with Leafpool and Jayfeather.
  • The cats there discuss the prophecy, and decide to share with StarClan.
  • Alderheart receives a vision from Needletail.
    • He thinks it means nothing, but the other medicine cats report having similar dreams.
  • They walk back to camp, still talking about what the prophecy might mean.
    • Alderheart thinks he sees something out of the corner of his eye, but brushes it off.

  • Just after the half-moon meeting, Twigpaw sneaks to the Moonpool, even though it's only for medicine cats.
  • She waits until every cat leaves, and then approaches the starry water.
    • Twigpaw feels guilty about being there, and knows she shouldn't be.
  • When she touches her nose to the water, she receives a vision of a camp burning with fire.
    • Yellowfang tells her she shouldn't be here, so the she-cat sprints away.
  • She races back to camp as fast as she can, shaken from the experience.
    • Twigpaw decides against telling any cat what she saw.

  • Leafstar attempts to get Tree to contribute to SkyClan.
    • Violetshine offers to take the tom hunting, and the warrior shows him a hunting crouch.
  • In return, Tree shows her his method of hunting, and she finds it very funny.
    • They see Juniperclaw sneaking around, and follow him to ShadowClan's old camp to find Yarrowleaf and Sleekwhisker there.
  • The queen is scared, but both Tree and Violetshine agree that this needs to be reported back at camp.
    • Yarrowleaf and Sleekwhisker are taken to Leafstar, who is angry that they've returned.
  • The leader implores to know who was in on this scheme, and several of the former ShadowClan cats admit they've been helping.
    • They pledge to be loyal from this point forward, but it doesn't seem to affect the leader.
  • Tree proposes that the pair be allowed to stay until Yarrowleaf's kits are born and weaned.
    • The leader reluctantly agrees, but puts Tree in charge of them.
  • As the two cats are led away to their dens, Violetshine notices many cats are unhappy with the decision.

  • At the next Gathering, Alderheart watches as Leafstar announces that Yarrowleaf and Sleekwhisker are staying with SkyClan temporarily.
    • He is surprised by it, and many cats echo their discontent.
  • Bramblestar soothes their concerns, revealing the vision of approaching shadows received by the medicine cats.
    • Leafstar seems uncomfortable with the mention, but many cats start to whisper about possible interpretations.
    • However, Alderheart feels that Sleekwhisker and Yarrowleaf are not the shadows they're looking for, and that there's a storm coming.

  • Afterward the Gathering, ThunderClan returns to camp.
    • Twigpaw asks the medicine cat about the prophecy, and if they should be doing more.
    • He says no, and she is disappointed.
  • Twigpaw is conflicted, knowing there needs to be a fifth Clan.
    • She sneaks off to meet with Violetshine, and pitches her idea of talking to a ShadowClan cat to be leader.
  • Twigpaw tells her sister about the vision she received, and Tree approaches.
    • The yellow tom agrees with her statements, though Violetshine seems uneasy about leaving Leafstar out at first.
    • However, she then meows that Tawnypelt might make a good leader.

  • Twigpaw suggests they bring the idea to Leafstar, so the trio go back to SkyClan's camp.
    • They meet with the leader and Hawkwing, and Violetshine explain what they want to do.
  • Leafstar gets very angry, saying that she's worked very hard to merge the two Clans only to have them separated again.
    • She starts to leave, but once Tree calms her down, she reluctantly agrees that they can go talk to the ShadowClan cats about getting a leader.
  • However, she insists that the constant shuffling of cats is a waste of resources, so she'll never accept any other cats into SkyClan after this.
  • They leave the den and approach Rowanclaw and Tawnypelt, and the she-cat says she might consider it if Puddleshine and StarClan approve.
    • Sleekwhisker and Yarrowleaf overhear and agree as well, and the queen gives birth to her kits shortly after.

  • A storm begins to rage outside, and so Briarlight is moved to the tunnels as a precaution at Alderheart's suggestion.
  • The nursery roof flies off as the storm gets worse, and Alderheart sees a strike of lightning start a fire.
    • Bramblestar sends two warriors to investigate it, and they bring back to kittypets seeking shelter.
  • Velvet and Fuzzball explain how the fire affected their homes, and the leader agrees that they can stay until it's safe to return.
  • Alderheart brings them to the medicine den and treats their wounds, and assigns Fuzzball to help a sick Jayfeather.
  • Velvet helps the tom with some herbs, and he learns more about where she came from.
    • When they go outside to start helping other cats, however, the storm starts again and they dart back inside.
  • A flash of lightning strikes, and another fire starts in the direction of WindClan and RiverClan.

  • A ThunderClan patrol headed by Bramblestar goes to aid whichever Clan the fire has hit.
  • On their way around the lake, they join some WindClan cats, and can now see that the affected area is RiverClan's camp.
    • While initially hesitant due to the Clan's borders being closed, they decide to assist.
  • The cats work together to make a log bridge, which allows for Mistystar and several of her cats to escape to safety.
    • They thank the rescuers, and the RiverClan leader gathers her surviving cats together.
  • However, Softpaw struggles to cross, so Twigpaw helps her across.
    • The ThunderClan she-cat falls in the stream when trying to rejoin her Clanmates, and is pulled out by some RiverClan cats.

  • In SkyClan's camp, Leafstar orders her cats to bunker down for the storm.
    • The roof of the apprentices' den is blown away, so they're moved to the warriors' den.
  • Tawnypelt challenges the leader, saying that they must help, and goes against orders.
    • Hawkwing agrees as well, noting that he wants to check on Twigpaw.
  • Leafstar gives up the argument, putting her deputy in charge.
  • They recount how much damage has occurred, still in shock from what's happened.
    • The group of cats meet with Mistystar and the rest of their Clanmates, and Hawkwing offers them shelter in ShadowClan's old camp.
  • They travel back to SkyClan, and once Leafstar is informed of the situation, she agrees as well.
  • RiverClan is escorted away to ShadowClan's old camp, and Mistystar says they are thankful and won't abuse their hospitality.
    • The SkyClan leader then turns to Tawnypelt, insisting that she can't keep undermining her authority.
    • The warrior agrees, though many of her ShadowClan Clanmates are unhappy about this.

  • At the next Gathering, RiverClan rejoins the other Clans.
    • Mistystar admits to the awkward timing, and requests help to rebuild.
  • Some cats are wary, wondering if they rejoined to take advantage of the other Clans.
    • Tree insists this is not the case, and that RiverClan would do the same for another Clan.
  • Each Clan leader pledges their assistance in herbs and patrols.
  • Leafstar announces that she has given the role of mediator to Tree.
    • When the suggestion is met with resistance, Bramblestar proposes the yellow tom be given a trial period, which pleases most cats.

  • Alderheart peels the poultice off Velvet's wound to find it healed.
    • He visits the nursery to check on the kits, but finds Briarlight is ill and has her moved back to the medicine den.
  • Even though she is given treatment, Briarlight is very weak from not eating.
    • By morning, she is dying, and Alderheart sends Velvet to retrieve her family.
  • Her family is gathered and she says goodbye before passing away.
    • They sit vigil for her through the night, and bury her the next morning.
  • Afterwards, Velvet pushes a tired Alderheart to sleep, saying she'll care for him.

  • Violetshine enters SkyClan's camp and that Yarrowleaf's kits are missing.
    • She finds that the queen has been drugged with poppy seeds, and both conclude that Sleekwhisker has taken the kits.
  • The two she-cats, along with Rowanclaw and Macgyver, follow the yellow tabby's scent trail through the forest.
    • They meet Jacques, who leads them to where Yarrowleaf's kits and Tawnypelt are.
  • Sleekwhisker holds Rowanclaw responsible for everything bad that happened during Darktail's reign, and announces that she's going to have her revenge by killing Tawnypelt.
    • She says that if anyone tries to stop it, the kits will die.
  • Nettle offers that Rowanclaw can sacrifice himself for his mate, and the former leader agrees, looking pathetic.
    • Moments later, however, he springs up to attack Nettle, screeching to grab the kits. Tawnypelt and Yarrowleaf do so.
  • Violetshine and Macgyver prevent the rest from giving chase.
    • They are driven off, but Rowanclaw dies as a result of his wounds.
  • The former leader tells Tawnypelt that Tigerheart will return as he has seen him in dreams.
    • When asked if she'll lead ShadowClan, Tawnypelt says no, and that this is the end of her Clan.

  • In ThunderClan's camp, Alderheart and Velvet sit in the medicine den.
    • Jayfeather says that it's time for the kittypet to move out of the medicine den.
  • The pair begin to pad over to the apprentices' den, but see Ajax in the clearing.
    • Velvet and Fuzzball greet their kittypet friend, who tells them that they can return to the Twolegplace now.
  • Bramblestar says they may stay here the night, and return in the morning.
    • The cats then disperse to eat, and Alderheart shares a mouse with Velvet.
  • Later that night, he can't sleep, and so he and Jayfeather talk outside the den.
    • Alderheart reassures the blind tom that he's not leaving ThunderClan, and is only wondering how to say goodbye to Velvet.
  • The next morning, he says goodbye to the gray kittypet, knowing that it has to be this way.

  • Twigpaw has her warrior assessment, and catches a large amount of prey in the forest.
    • Her last catch is a rabbit caught with Finpaw's help, which both mentors praise.
  • They head back to camp, and Ivypool and Lilyheart wait to congratulate Twigpaw.
    • She is very happy they came, and is thrilled when she discovers Violetshine and Hawkwing are here as well.
  • Bramblestar holds the warrior ceremonies, naming Twigpaw as Twigbranch, and Finpaw as Finleap.
  • Moments after, Grassheart and Strikestone come into camp and demand that Hawkwing come with them, because Tigerheart has come back.

  • Hawkwing and Violetshine follow two ShadowClan warriors, and Alderheart goes with them.
  • They arrive at Moonpool to see that a group of cats has returned with Tigerheart, some new to the Clans.
    • After a long stretch of time, Puddleshine and a newly named Tigerstar emerge.
  • Leafstar says she won't cross StarClan, but that ShadowClan needs to get off SkyClan's land.
    • The new leader agrees, and leads his cats away.
  • Alderheart asks if Dovewing will come visit ThunderClan one more time, even if she's staying with ShadowClan now.
    • She agrees, after hearing about Ivypool's new kits.

  • Alderheart goes with Dovewing and her kits to ThunderClan's camp, where she is greeted warmly.
  • Dovewing introduces her kits to Ivypool's, whom are much smaller.
    • However, after expressing that she doesn't intend to stay, the excitement fades, and dims even moreso when she says Tigerstar is the father of her kits.
  • The queen seems sad when Bramblestar says she can't come and visit often, but leaves camp without complaint, with her kits following.
  • The next morning, Alderheart wakes and decides to visit Velvet to return her toy. In Twolegplace, he comes across Fuzzball, who takes him to her den.
    • Velvet greets him warmly, and gives him a thyme plant in goodwill.
  • They say their final goodbyes, and Alderheart quickly makes his way to the medicine cat half-moon meeting.
    • Jayfeather and Leafpool question where he's been.
  • He brushes off their concerns, saying he visited Twolegplace.
  • In his Moonpool vision, Cinderpelt appears to him, admitting that she'd loved Firestar, but chose her duty as a medicine cat over it.
    • He murmurs that he understands, but that it's hard.
  • She tells him that ThunderClan needs him for the coming challenges ahead, and that he's a good medicine cat.
    • As the vision fades, he feels content, but wonders what challenge the Clans will have to overcome next.
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