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"Thank you, River, for all you've done for me. If you help me again, one last time, and get me to the bank, I will stay beside you and praise you all my life."
— River Ripple to the river in Thunder Rising: Bonus Scene, page 22

Riverstar, also known as River or River Ripple, is a long-furred silver tom[11] with green eyes.[12]

Riverstar was the first leader of RiverClan in the forest territories. Ripple lived with the Cats of the Park until Twolegs destroyed his home, and Ripple fell into the river. He thanked the river for saving him and renamed himself River Ripple. He encountered the groups from the mountains and befriended them, but remained distant. River Ripple eventually formed his own group next to the river and accepted all visitors. When he spotted Gray Wing numerous times at Fourtrees, he offered the mourning tom sanctuary in his group. His group was renamed RiverClan, and he later gained his nine lives with the name of Riverstar. He appointed his long-time friend, Night, as deputy, and Dappled Pelt became his medicine cat. Riverstar was remembered as a good-natured and wise cat, and his Clan became the first to implement the mentor training program.


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Dawn of the Clans

"They're not buried beneath the earth; they are running with the stars."
―River Ripple talking to Gray Wing The Blazing Star, page 24
As a young cat, Ripple lived with the Cats of the Park, spending his days relaxing and meditating. He is guided by his mentor, Arc, who teaches him how to hunt. When Twolegs invade and capture the cats, Ripple is separated and falls into the river. He is swept away downstream until he reaches the forest. He thanks the river for saving his life, and renames himself River Ripple.
River Ripple lives near the river for many moons, enjoying his independent and care-free lifestyle, until the mountain cats appear. He first meets Gray Wing, Wind, Gorse, and Rainswept Flower. They find the silver tom nice and friendly, but odd. The mountain cats don't think much of River Ripple until he rescues Clear Sky's group from a fire. After the Great Battle, River Ripple appears at the end. Thunder asks why he didn't help them, but River Ripple has no interest in meddling with their affairs. When the spirit cats of the fallen visit the leaders, Clear Sky questions River Ripple's involvement since he is just a loner. Storm refutes this, explaining River Ripple had plenty of experience and lived in the forest before the mountain cats arrived.
He creates his own camp near the river and welcomes any cat who wanted to join. He participates in the fight against One Eye and Slash, though prefers to keep his distance and not get involved if necessary. However, he always welcomes any cat into his camp and is more than willing to offer his wisdom. His group is later renamed RiverClan.

Super Editions

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In Moth Flight's Vision, River Ripple encourages Moth Flight to speak at the Gathering when she arrives with a message from the spirit cats. He accepts Dappled Pelt as RiverClan's medicine cat and allows Moth Flight and Micah to stay and learn. River Ripple teaches them how to save a drowning cat when Drizzle falls into the river. He receives his nine lives to become Riverstar.

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Riverstar, also known as River, is a stocky[13] silver tom[11] with sleek,[14] long,[11] thick fur,[15] and green eyes.[12]

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Riverstar is a laid-back, thoughtful, and friendly cat. He can be a calming presence to those around him, and is very accepting to cats who want to join his group. Although he is seen as odd to some other cats for eating fish and swimming, the cats of RiverClan are proud of their abilities and heritage.[16]



Arc was Ripple’s mentor when they were living in the park, and they shared a bond. When the park started being destroyed around them, they stayed together and escaped. However, Ripple was separated from Arc, and he felt lost without his mentor. But he made a new life for himself when the river carried him to safety, and renamed himself River Ripple in thanks.[17]



Did you know Riverstar was named Ripple for the movement of river water? For more trivia about Riverstar, click here!


"The sun and earth have protected me all my life. Just like the river has taken care of me, over and over again. It gave me a soft landing when I fell from the wall. It carried me away from the danger that was destroying the Park. It saved me from those fierce creatures, it fed me, and now it has brought me to what could be a wonderful new home. Maybe it will help me to get to the bank, if I can just trust it."
―Ripple's thoughts on the river Thunder Rising, page 22 (Bonus Scene)

"I'm not the young Cat of the Park anymore. Not really. I'm something else now, something more - a Cat of the River. And I should honor my protector."
―Ripple about himself Thunder Rising, page 22 (Bonus Scene)

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"I'll do anything I have to. That kittypet has caused nothing but grief. He deserves some grief of his own."
―River Ripple about Tom The First Battle, page 198

"Who would I have helped? This battle was not mine. Why did you leave the mountains? Did you need something to fight over so badly? Before you came, we hunted and slept and lay in the sun. We fought over prey, but no cat ever killed another. You brought death here."
―River Ripple to Clear Sky The First Battle, page 275

"You think of River Ripple as just a rogue. But he is more than that. He has an old soul. He walked this land before the mountain cats arrived. He has seen more of life than you think--and what he hasn't seen, he has the power to imagine."
―Turtle Tail to the cats about River Ripple The First Battle, page 281

"They must see that peace and sharing and honor are good for the group, and that what's good for the group is good for the individual. We find trust in trusting, and learn kindness by being kind."
―River Ripple Path of Stars, page 205

"StarClan brought peace. They see things we cannot. Do you think you know better than they do?"
―River Ripple to Willow Tail Moth Flight's Vision, page 349
"There are younger cats than us in StarClan. Why bring us back from the very beginning?"
―River at a discussion about Sol Long Shadows, page 2

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