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Rock is a vague, doom-mongering, ancient being. He was cursed to know everything and live forever, yet not be able to change anything, and the visions and prophecies he delivers are always bloody and confusing.[1][2]



Rock and Midnight often appear together, and seem to both be ancient beings who are dead, but can appear physically in the living world. They deliver many prophecies and confer together in StarClan about the Three.[1][2] They are also the ones to tell Dovewing, Jayfeather, and Lionblaze why their powers were revoked.[3]


Rock often visits Jayfeather to deliver omens and signs, and Jayfeather communicates with him using the stick. Jayfeather is often frustrated with Rock for being vague, and Rock is easily gets angry with Jayfeather for many different reasons involving the prophecy.[1] Rock stops visiting Jayfeather soon after the battle with the Dark Forest.[2]

The stick

In ancient times, when softpaws would come through the tunnels to become sharpclaws, Rock would mark which ones survived on a special stick.[4] The stick is ancient, and covered in scratches. Rock uses it to communicate with Jayfeather, and send him to the time of the Ancients,[5] until Jayfeather gets so frustrated with Rock that he breaks the stick.[6] However, Rock still visits Jayfeather without the stick.[7]

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