"Sharptooth happened. He nearly had me, too. How do you think I lost my tail?"
— Rock to Crowpaw when asked about the other Tribe cats in Moonrise, page 230

Rock Beneath Still Water, more commonly known as Rock, is a scrawny, black tom[3] with a jagged, stumpy tail.[3]


In The New Prophecy arc


Rock, along with Bird, is introduced to the Clan cats by Talon. He, along with his companions, are three of the Tribe cats that were chosen to confront Sharptooth and kill him. Although there were originally six, Brambleclaw and his group of Clan cats soon learn that Sharptooth was responsible for killing three of those six cats. The scrawny black tom shows contempt when discussing this, as he snarls at Crowpaw when asked what happened to the cats and going on to briefly explain how he lost part of his tail. Talon says that Stoneteller forbade them from returning to their home without the pelt of Sharptooth, and this shocks the Clan cats.
While they lure Sharptooth to the cave in order to kill him, Rock and Bird are shown to be right on Talon's heels, and when the large cat arrives, Rock is the one to call out and alert the other cats of his arrival.


Rock does not formally appear in Dawn, but is listed in the allegiances. After the death of Sharptooth, Rock is no longer considered an outcast from the Tribe of Rushing Water, and he, along with Talon and Bird, have returned to their home.


Interesting facts

  • He was originally called Rock Where Snow Gathers in Moonrise,[2] although this is changed in the following book to Rock Beneath Still Water.[1]


  • He was mistakenly called brown.[1]

Character pixels

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Brambleclaw: "We're not going anywhere. We're all exhausted, and we need to rest."
Talon: "Go, stay, do what you want. It's nothing to do with us. We wouldn't feed you to Sharptooth, whatever Rock might say."
—Talon to Brambleclaw and his patrol Moonrise, page 233

Bird: "Sharptooth!"
Rock: "He's here! He's coming!"
—Rock and Bird sounding the alarm when Sharptooth arrives Moonrise, page 266

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