"My name is Rose. I'm sorry we can't help you find your friend, but you said she was looking for a place with nests that reach the sky. [...] Do you know where that is?"
— Rose to Tigerheart; then asking Fuzzball for help in Tigerheart's Shadow, page 91

Rose is a pale cream she-cat with a fluffy tail.[1]


In the Super Editions

Tigerheart's Shadow

Tigerheart is wandering around the edge of the Twolegplace, looking for Dovewing. A pale cream she-cat calls out to him, perched on a wooden ledge. Tigerheart looks at her from below, watching her fluffy tail twitch. She asks him if he's lost, recognizing that he's not from around the area. The tom looks at her, seeing only softness and concern in the kittypet's eyes. Tigerheart pads toward her, meowing that he's looking for a she-cat named Dovewing. He asks the pale cream she-cat if she's seen her, as she would've passed through here a few days ago looking for a den with spikes on the roof. The kittypet says no, looking around at the low-lying Twoleg nests around her.
Suddenly, an excited Fuzzball rushes toward Tigerheart, looking for a fight. The dark tabby tom is annoyed, waiting for the kittypet to approach before deftly flipping him on his back. Tigerheart lets Fuzzball up after having him promise to back off. The ginger tabby then proceeds to bother him about how he lives life as a warrior, much to his annoyance. The she-cat then cuts in, telling Fuzzball to give Tigerheart a break. He quiets slightly, but after hearing the warrior's name, meows that he wants to be called Tigerheart too. Rose says that Fuzzball suits him better, and then proceeds to introduce herself. She apologizes for not being able to help him find his friend, but asks the ginger tabby if he knows where tall spiky dens might be. Rose wishes Tigerheart good luck as Fuzzball decides to take him to Ajax, who could help because he once lived in a big Twolegplace. Later, Ajax teases Fuzzball that even Rose could beat him in a fight, but the ginger tabby simply responds that one day he'll be the best in the neighborhood.



Rose: "Hi. You're not from around here. Are you lost?"
Tigerheart: "I'm looking for someone. A gray cat called Dovewing. Have you seen her? She might have passed this way a few days ago. She was looking for a den with spikes on the roof like gorse spines."
Rose: "Spikes?"
Tigerheart: "It's in a Twolegplace where the nests reach into the sky."
Rose: "It won't be around here, then."
—Rose and Tigerheart Tigerheart's Shadow, pages 88-89

Fuzzball: "That's a great name. Tigerheart. I want to be called Tigerheart."
Rose: "I think Fuzzball suits you better."
Fuzzball: "Not as much as Tigerheart would!"
—Rose and Fuzzball Tigerheart's Shadow, page 91

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