"All your training isn't a waste if you can use it for the good of your Clan. And maybe one day you'll find the right mate. You're a young cat; there's no rush. Meanwhile, your Clan needs you."
— Rosepetal reassuring Bristlefrost in Lost Stars, page 171

Rosepetal is a lithe,[11] dark cream she-cat[2] with amber eyes.[12]

Rosepetal was a ThunderClan warrior that served under Firestar's, Bramblestar's, and the impostor's leaderships in the lake territories. She was born as Rosekit to Daisy and Spiderleg alongside with her brother, Toadkit; however, Spiderleg felt awkward around his kits and didn't know how to act around them, leaving the kits without much of a father figure. She was given Squirrelflight as her mentor, and after becoming a warrior, Rosepetal mentored Molewhisker and participated in the Great Battle. She later was made a mentor to Fernsong and Larksong. After surviving a sickness, Rosepetal trained Stemleaf and Bristlefrost, having grown wiser with each mentorship. During a major battle between the Clans, Rosepetal was killed and became a ghost, being unable to find to StarClan.


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Power of Three

"I want to see the kits!"
—Rosekit as Millie is kitting Eclipse, page 155
Rosekit, along with her brother Toadkit, are born to Daisy and Spiderleg. Spiderleg is generally awkward around his kits and does not interact with them as much as Daisy would like him to. Rosekit befriends Bumblekit, Blossomkit, and Briarkit when they are born to Graystripe and Millie. She is one of the many cats who caught greencough, and Honeyfern promises Daisy she'll look after Rosekit.

Omen of the Stars

"She's a skilled and swift fighter, and I know she'll pass her training on to you."
—Firestar to Molepaw about Rosepetal The Forgotten Warrior, page 50
Having completed her warrior training under Squirrelflight, Rosepetal is introduced as one of ThunderClan's youngest warriors. When a tree falls on ThunderClan's camp, Firestar orders her to crawl through the tree branches to retrieve Jayfeather's herbs since she is slim like her father. She participates in the battle against ShadowClan and successfully overcomes Snowbird. Dovewing believes Rosepetal likes Foxleap, since she was always backing him up, though nothing becomes of this crush. Later on, she is given her first apprentice, Molepaw, her half-nephew, and defends him from a fox. When Dovewing snaps at Bumblestripe, Rosepetal encourages her to try being nicer to him. She participates in the Great Battle and is sent to help RiverClan with Foxleap and Toadstep.

A Vision of Shadows

"Pay no attention to [Jayfeather]. We’re all really pleased for you, Twigpaw."
—Rosepetal to Twigbranch after hearing she will become a warrior River of Fire, page 233
Rosepetal is revealed to have mentored Fernsong, and her father, Spiderleg, has died due to greencough. She helps fight against Darktail's band of rogues when they attack WindClan. She becomes the mentor to Larksong and questions if Twigkit was really part of the prophecy. After Larksong becomes a warrior, Rosepetal mentors her fourth apprentice, Stempaw. She falls sick to an unnamed sickness that swept through the Clans, but survives and is pleased when Twigpaw announces she will become a warrior.

The Broken Code

"We help cats in trouble, no matter what their Clan."
—Rosepetal to Eaglewing Lost Stars, page 31
Now mentoring Bristlepaw, Rosepetal is shown to be a calm, collected, and wise mentor. When Bristlefrost becomes depressed after Stemleaf rejects her, the former confides in Rosepetal. Rosepetal explains to her former apprentice that she experienced what she was feeling once, but that she is young and should focus on being a warrior, as there's plenty of time in her life. Rosepetal participated against the battle against the rebels and was killed. Rootspring sees the fallen warriors from the battle, with all of them unable to find StarClan.

Super Editions

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"Why should we risk injury to help ShadowClan? What have they ever done for us?"
—Rosepetal Bramblestar's Storm, page 309
In Bramblestar's Storm, Rosepetal's half-sister, Hazeltail, and brother, Toadstep, have died due to greencough. During the flooding, Squirrelflight comforts her as they climb up the cliffs surrounding the camp. She objects to aiding ShadowClan and participates in the battle against the badgers. Rosepetal aids in restoring the camp, and it is also implied she has feelings for Bumblestripe in conversation with Blossomfall. In the manga, Bramblestar gives her Fernpaw as an apprentice.

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"She's a skilled and swift fighter, and I know she'll pass her training on to you."
—Firestar to Molepaw about Rosepetal The Forgotten Warrior, page 50
Even as a kit, Rosepetal showed an exceptional calmness, comforting the younger kits during a battle.[13] She is a very helpful she-cat,[14] and sympathetic in that she wants every cat to be content.[15] She is sensible and patient, and cares for each cat in her Clan.[16] She also gives great advice and is shown to be really wise,[17] even though sometimes she can be a little scornful.[18]



Rosepetal loves and cares deeply for her mother. Daisy is often worrying about her, but knows that her daughter loves being a warrior.[19][5]


When Rosepetal was a kit, her father never played with them or acknowledged them.[20] Soon though, with a little push from Leafpool, he started to play with the kits, making her happy.[20] As a warrior, she came to respect her father and love him as the cat he is, as she often fights beside him.[21]


"I focused on the things I could control. Like being the best warrior I could be. And you can do the same. All of your training isn't a waste if you can use it for the good of your Clan. And maybe one day you'll find the right mate. You're a young cat; there's no rush. Meanwhile, your Clan needs you."
—Rosepetal to Bristlefrost Lost Stars, page 171
Rosepetal is Bristlefrost's mentor.[10] Rosepetal is an encouraging and kind mentor to the she-cat. After Bristlefrost is rejected by Stemleaf, her former mentor helps her stop moping over him.[17]


Toadstep is Rosepetal's brother.[2] They often play with each other as kits, and Rosepetal scolds him when he needs it, like when he called Blossomfall, then Blossomkit, Squealkit.[13][19][22] Unfortunately, Toadstep lost his life to greencough and ascended to StarClan.[23]


Rosepetal's parents are Daisy and Spiderleg. Her brother is Toadstep, and her half-siblings are Berrynose, Mousewhisker, and Hazeltail. For more of Rosepetal's family, click here!



Interesting facts

  • Rosepetal has loner blood through Daisy.[24]
  • Rosepetal and Tawnypelt are tied for mentoring the most cats in the series, with Rosepetal mentoring Molewhisker,[6] Fernsong,[7] Larksong,[8] Stemleaf,[9] and Bristlefrost,[10] respectively.
    • They have both also mentored the daughter of their second apprentice.[10]


  • Rosepetal has been mistakenly shown as light-colored.[25]


"Rosepetal was a good warrior. Still, Dovepaw hoped that she would never be too moony about a tom cat to stop thinking for herself."
—Dovepaw's thoughts about Rosepetal Fading Echoes, page 102

"Yes, but I was hoping you'd have as good a nose for moss as you do for prey."
—Rosepetal to Dovepaw Fading Echoes, page 181

"What could happen here? Even the bees are sleepy!"
—Rosepetal to Lionblaze, Cinderheart, and Toadstep Sign of the Moon, page 163
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"It's obvious he likes you! You don't have to keep biting his head off. He's your Clanmate, not prey!"
—Rosepetal to Dovewing about Bumblestripe The Last Hope, pages 143-144

Squirrelflight: "Rosepetal's nervous. I'll go up with her, if that's okay."
Bramblestar: "Please. I know she'll be safe with you."
Squirrelflight: "Come on. You chase squirrels up trees all the time. This is no different."
Rosepetal: "I'll try."
Squirrelflight: "I'll be right behind you. I won't let you fall."
—Squirrelflight encouraging her former apprentice, Rosepetal, while evacuating the camp Bramblestar's Storm, pages 111-112

Rosepetal: "What's this I hear, that Bumblestripe and Dovewing aren't mates anymore?"
Blossomfall: "That's right. But I never did think Dovewing was right for my brother. She's always been a bit...different, hasn’t she?"
Rosepetal: "I'm sure Bumblestripe will find another mate soon. He's so nice."
Blossomfall: "I'll put in a good word for you, if you like!"
—Rosepetal and Blossomfall after they hear Dovewing and Bumblestripe aren't mates anymore Bramblestar's Storm, page 449

Bristlefrost: "I really like Stemleaf. And I was sure that we were meant to be mates, just as soon as I became a warrior. But he wasn't thinking about that at all. The whole time, he's wanted to be mates with Spotfur. I've been working so hard, and feels like it's all been for nothing."
Rosepetal: "I know exactly how you feel. I've been in that position myself."
Bristlefrost: "You have?"
Rosepetal: "Of course. Every cat has been there at least once. I know how painful it is when something, or some cat, that you’ve set your heart on doesn't work out."
—Rosepetal consoling Bristlefrost Lost Stars, pages 170-171

Rosepetal: "I think Bristlefrost has done a great job organizing the patrols"
Lionblaze: "The borders will be marked and the fresh-kill pile full by midmorning."
Bristlefrost: "Do you really think I did okay?"
Rosepetal: "Yes. You were polite and firm. And you matched your Clanmates well. Though I'm not sure Thornclaw will enjoy being out with younger cats."
—Rosepetal praising her former apprentice The Silent Thaw, page 55

"Do you really think StarClan would stop talking to us because of something so small?"
—Rosepetal about not thanking StarClan after catching prey The Silent Thaw, page 58

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