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"Your heart is in ShadowClan, too. Our Clan is changing, but not all change is bad. Give yourself some time, and give Tigerstar a chance. I love you so much, Tawnypelt. I always will. But it's time to let me go."
— Rowanclaw speaking to Tawnypelt in her dreams in Tawnypelt's Clan, chapter 9

Rowanclaw is a lithe,[16] dark ginger[17] tabby[18] tom[17] with amber eyes.[19]

Rowanclaw was a ShadowClan leader in the lake territories. He was apprenticed to Jaggedtooth as Rowanpaw, and after becoming a warrior, Rowanclaw mentored Talonpaw and Ivytail, in which the former was killed by two vicious kittypets. Soon, he and Tawnypelt became mates, and they had three kits, Tigerkit, Flamekit, and Dawnkit. He succeeded Russetfur as deputy, and following a major storm, he became Rowanstar with Crowfrost as his deputy. When apprentices began to rebel against him, his Clan chose to follow Darktail instead of him, and he, Tawnypelt, and Tigerheart, his new deputy, took refuge in ThunderClan.

After the Kin's defeat, Rowanstar struggled to retain his leadership after Darktail's reign, and following Tigerheart's disappearance, he chose Tawnypelt as his deputy. Realizing he could not properly lead his Clan, Rowanstar disbanded ShadowClan, merging the Clan with SkyClan under Leafstar. Rowanstar renounced his leadership by renaming himself Rowanclaw and returned the rest of his nine lives to StarClan. Rowanclaw sacrificed himself to save Yarrowleaf's kits against Sleekwhisker and Nettle. As he died, he promised Tawnypelt that ShadowClan would be reborn with Tigerheart returning as their leader. After his death, Rowanclaw ascended to StarClan and gave Tigerstar one of his nine lives.


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The New Prophecy

"What a surprise, it's the half-Clan warrior! We all know you'd rather defend your brother than your Clan."
―Rowanclaw to Tawnypelt Starlight, page 190
Rowanclaw is a warrior of ShadowClan with his apprentice, Talonpaw. He participates on the journey to the lake. Once in their new home, he attacks Brambleclaw, a ThunderClan warrior, when he accidentally steps over the border. Tawnypelt, Brambleclaw's sister, rushes to defend him, and Rowanclaw spitefully questions her loyalty to ShadowClan. When Talonpaw dies from his injuries, Rowanclaw leads a patrol to fight against the vicious kittypets, Jacques and Susan. Rowanclaw participates in several border skirmishes against ThunderClan.

Power of Three

"It's nonsense to say that Tawnypelt isn't loyal. I haven't forgotten all the Tribe cats did for us, even if you have. They deserve our help."
―Rowanclaw to Blackstar Outcast, page 131
Rowanclaw receives another apprentice, Ivypaw. He is the proud father of Tawnypelt's kits, Tigerkit, Flamekit, and Dawnkit. He makes a point to Squirrelflight that his kits are Clan-born, hinting a jab at ThunderClan. He stands up for Tawnypelt's loyalty and supports her wishes to help the Tribe of Rushing Water by offering to dutifully watch their kits.

Omen of the Stars

"I'm glad to have such ambitious kits. But I'd like to be deputy for a moon or two before you take over."
―Rowanclaw to his kits, Tigerheart and Dawnpelt Night Whispers, page 62
After the death of Russetfur, Rowanclaw is chosen as the next deputy of ShadowClan. He demonstrates a fond relationship with his kits and gently teases Tigerheart and Dawnpelt when they argue who would be the better deputy. Flametail complains to his father about Blackstar not listening to him, but Rowanclaw asks his son to trust their leader. When Flametail dies, Rowanclaw sides with Dawnpelt that Jayfeather was responsible for his death. He participates in the battle against the Dark Forest and watches over his leader as Blackstar loses a life.

A Vision of Shadows

"I have been struggling to hold ShadowClan together. I had hoped, with a strong deputy like Tigerheart, that we could overcome the betrayals that have split the Clan over the past moons. But Tigerheart has left us. I could not hold the faith of my Clan before the rogues split us in two. I do not have the strength to repair the wounds that have been inflicted since then. I can no longer lead ShadowClan."
―Rowanstar renouncing his leadership Darkest Night, page 67
As the leader of ShadowClan, Rowanstar struggles to gain control of the Clan's many apprentices who refuse to abide by the warrior code in the peaceful moons following the Great Battle. He falls ill to yellowcough, and after Crowfrost dies, he appoints Tigerheart as deputy. His leadership is constantly questioned by his warriors to the point when Darktail arrives, many of his Clanmates choose to follow the rogue instead of their Clan leader. Rowanstar, Tawnypelt, and Tigerheart flee to ThunderClan and help the other Clans drive out Darktail.
Rowanstar's leadership continues to crumble as ShadowClan struggles to rebuild from the Kin. With many of ShadowClan's cats dead or missing and Tigerheart vanishing, Rowanstar offers his few remaining cats to SkyClan and surrenders his leadership. He renames himself Rowanclaw and spends a majority of his time with Tawnypelt, refusing to lead ShadowClan ever again. When Sleekwhisker and Nettle hold Tawnypelt and Yarrowleaf's kits hostage, Rowanclaw sacrifices himself to save his remaining Clanmates. As he dies, he promises Tawnypelt that Tigerheart will return.

Super Editions

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In Bramblestar's Storm, Rowanclaw struggles to support Blackstar, who was grown frail since the Great Battle. He gently informs Blackstar that the Clans must move on and nothing remains forever. Blackstar dies during the Great Storm, and Rowanclaw succeeds him as Rowanstar, appointing Crowfrost as deputy. Bramblestar journeys to ShadowClan to welcome the new leader. Rowanstar hesitates to allow ThunderClan to assist ShadowClan with kittypets and later, badgers. However, the bond between Tawnypelt and Bramblestar convinces Rowanstar to let them help.
In Tigerheart's Shadow, in the rebuilding of ShadowClan, Tigerheart struggles between supporting his father as deputy and doing what is best for his Clan. Puddleshine and Tigerheart receive several omens about Rowanstar's failing leadership. At first, Tigerheart believes he is undermining his father's leadership, which encourages him to leave to find Dovewing. However, StarClan was hinting that Tigerheart is the rightful leader of ShadowClan and not Rowanstar. When Tigerheart receives his nine lives, Rowanclaw grants his son a life for strength and resurrects him.


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In Tawnypelt's Clan, after the death of Rowanclaw, Tawnypelt struggles to identify with the current ShadowClan after losing much of her kin and Clanmates from Darktail's reign. She is still furious over her Clanmate's resentment for their late leader. She grows frustrated when Tigerstar doesn't listen to her as deputy, constantly reflecting how Rowanclaw always took the time to let her speak. While visiting the Tribe of Rushing Water, Rowanclaw appears to Tawnypelt in her dreams. He lovingly encourages her to adjust to the changes in ShadowClan and assures her they will be reunited one day.

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Rowanclaw is proud and loyal. He is close with his son and mate, who helped to support him through the hardships he faced as ShadowClan's leader. For more of Rowanclaw's personality and relationships, click here!


Rowanclaw's parents are Scorchwind and Darkflower and his siblings are Cedarheart and Lavenderkit. His mate is Tawnypelt, and Tigerstar, Dawnpelt, and Flametail are their children. For more of Rowanclaw's family, click here!



Did you know that Rowanclaw is the second known leader to step down from leadership? For more trivia about Rowanclaw, click here!


Rowanpaw: "Huh? Oh.... Right. Frogs are.... uh... Nasty."
Tigerstar: "And yet prey is prey, distasteful or not. Isn't that right?"
Rowanpaw: "Um, yes! Absolutely."
—Rowanpaw to Tigerstar, after smelling a frog Into the Woods, page 24

"If you ask me, all the cats who went to see that badger have forgotten which Clan they belong to."
―Rowanclaw to Brambleclaw and Tawnypelt Starlight, page 191

"I don't know about this. Leafpaw is Firestar's daughter, isn't she? Kind of convenient that she's the one who found the Moonpool, right?"
―Rowanclaw during the secret meeting Winds of Change, page 150

"You are young and foolish. You don't understand the pain and loss that battle brings. I have been too soft with you. With all of you. I've let small rules be broken. Don't think I don't smell the prey blood on your breath when you return from hunting. What you catch is for the fresh-kill pile, not your own belly. From now on, the warrior code will be followed. StarClan is watching us. Respect for our ancestors will guide our paws."
―Rowanstar to the rebelling apprentices Thunder and Shadow, page 175

"Take her! You did ShadowClan no favors by finding her. There's been nothing but trouble since she arrived. We're better off without her. And without you!"
―Rowanstar to Needlepaw about exiling Violetkit Thunder and Shadow, page 177

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Rowanstar: "You judge us, but you don't realize how much we have suffered. If we made a mistake, then we have paid for it with our own blood."
Mistystar: "Our blood too! Your Clan chose its own path, Rowanstar. Our suffering was forced on us by your Clan's actions. We lost Clanmates because of you. Shadepelt, Foxnose, Petalfur, and Heronwing were killed fighting the rogues."
Rowanstar: "I know. And I hope one day StarClan will forgive us. I do not expect you to."
Icewing: "We will never forgive!"
—Rowanstar about Darktail at a Gathering Darkest Night, pages 30-31

"You can't go! Look what happened to the Clans when WindClan closed its borders. We must work together."
―Rowanstar to Mistystar about closing RiverClan's borders Darkest Night, page 33

"StarClan sent a prophecy about SkyClan. We would be foolish to ignore it."
―Rowanstar at a Gathering Darkest Night, page 34

Rowanstar: "Leafstar did promise us friendship."
Scorchfur: "And you believed her!"
Rowanstar: "It was Tigerheart's idea."
Scorchfur: "'It was Tigerheart's idea.' When was the last time you had an idea of your own?"
Rowanstar: "I'd like to see you try to lead a Clan! Perhaps you could use the skills you learned from Darktail."
Scorchfur: "At least he knew how to lead!"
Tawnypelt: "You betrayed your Clan. Now you insult your leader? Show him some respect!"
Scorchfur: "He's done nothing to earn it. If he'd chased Darktail off in the first place, none of us would have followed those rogues. Instead he let them hunt on our land, while our apprentices grew arrogant and reckless. He couldn't manage to stop any of it."
—Scorchfur about Rowanstar's leadership Darkest Night, pages 158-159

Scorchfur: "So? What should we do?"
Rowanstar: "I must do what's right for the Clan."
Scorchfur: "Isn't it a bit late for that?"
Tawnypelt: "Rowanstar has always done what's best for this Clan!"
Scorchfur: "So we have Rowanstar to thank for the state we're in?"
Tawnypelt: "Do you think you could have done any better? You blame Rowanstar. But it was his Clanmates' disloyalty that killed them. If our apprentices grew arrogant, blame their mentors, not him. He cared about ShadowClan when none of you did. Rowanstar still wakes in the night, haunted by nightmares about the Clanmates he's lost."
Scorchfur: "He's lucky. He has nine lives to dream about lost Clanmates. They only had one."
Puddleshine: "That's not fair! You can't let him say that. StarClan gave you those lives because they believed in you."
Scorchfur: "They believed in him once. Perhaps Rowanstar is the dark sky they're trying to warn us about."
Tawnypelt: "If anyone's the dark sky, it's you! You let the rogues take over the Clan. You let them drive Rowanstar away. Don't blame him for your treachery."
Scorchfur: "And why do you think we chose a rogue over Rowanstar? He was a weak leader then, and he's a weak leader now."
—Scorchfur about Rowanstar's leadership Darkest Night, pages 160-161

Rowanstar: "Don't look to me for leadership! I failed my Clan. I failed my kin. I'm not worthy of being their leader."
Alderheart: "Rowanstar. you can try. You can—"
Rowanstar: "Don't call me Rowanstar! I have no right to that name."
Alderheart: "But StarClan gave it to you!"
Rowanstar: "StarClan was wrong. From now on, I am Rowanclaw."
—Rowanstar denying his leader name Darkest Night, pages 301-302

"I know I was a weak leader [...] I let Darktail and his Kin destroy my Clan, and I alone should bear their suffering. I deserve everything you can do to me."
―Rowanclaw to Nettle River of Fire, page 225

"No, this is for the best. It was my fault that ShadowClan was destroyed. But don't worry. Tigerheart will return. I've seen him in my dreams [...] Goodbye, Tawnypelt."
―Rowanclaw to Tawnypelt as he dies River of Fire, page 228

Rowanclaw: "You've been such a loyal mate to me. All our lives together, and even after I left you to join StarClan. I'll always love you."
Tawnypelt: "I love you, too."
Rowanclaw: "But I'm gone now. I'm dead, and I'm fine. I'm happy in StarClan. We'll be together there, but not for a long time."
Tawnypelt: "A very long time?"
Rowanclaw: "Many moons, and you'll be happy again, I promise. But the long life ahead of you means you'll have to adjust. Everything changes-you know that. Even your Clan."
Tawnypelt: "It's hard to forgive them for turning against you."
Rowanclaw: "I have. And they will forgive me, too. I wasn't the one they needed during the dark times. Tigerstar is a good leader. [...] You have to give him a chance. Remember what a brave, clever cat he's always been? With you and Dovewing supporting him, he can begin ShadowClan anew."
Tawnypelt: "I'm not sure I can. Maybe I should start over somewhere else. Stormfur is right: Things are simpler here. It's a good life, and I think they'd welcome me. [...] But my home is in ShadowClan."
Rowanclaw: "Your heart is in ShadowClan, too. Our Clan is changing, but not all change is bad. Give yourself some time, and give Tigerstar a chance. I love you so much, Tawnypelt. I always will. But it's time to let me go."
—Tawnypelt speaking with Rowanclaw in her dreams Tawnypelt's Clan, page chapter nine

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