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Rowanclaw used to be a confident and proud leader.[1] He was deeply loyal to ShadowClan, and had faith that ShadowClan was the strongest Clan.[2] However, after Darktail’s Kin arrived at the lake, he quickly lost control of many of the cats in his Clan, who went to join the pack of rogues.[3] He lost all faith in himself, and even after the rogues were driven out, he didn’t have the strength to rebuild his Clan without his deputy, Tigerheart.[4] Many of his Clanmates agreed, and saw Rowanstar as a weak and cowardly leader.[5] Rowanstar eventually gave up his leader name and nine lives, going back to his warrior name of Rowanclaw, and merged the remains of his Clan into SkyClan.[6] Cats were still unhappy with this, and when Yarrowleaf’s kits were stolen by Nettle, they agreed that Rowanclaw should sacrifice himself to save the kits, which he did.[7] When Tigerheart returned to ShadowClan, Rowanclaw appeared in StarClan and gave him a life.[8] Though many still see him as a feeble leader who couldn’t hold his Clan together, Rowanclaw was loyal to ShadowClan to the end, and his close family members know that he would do anything for his beloved Clan.[9]



Scorchfur: "So? What should we do?"
Rowanstar: "I must do what's right for the Clan."
Scorchfur: "Isn't it a bit late for that?"
Tawnypelt: "Rowanstar has always done what's best for this Clan!"
Scorchfur: "So we have Rowanstar to thank for the state we're in?"
Tawnypelt: "Do you think you could have done any better? You blame Rowanstar. But it was his Clanmates' disloyalty that killed them. If our apprentices grew arrogant, blame their mentors, not him. He cared about ShadowClan when none of you did. Rowanstar still wakes in the night, haunted by nightmares about the Clanmates he's lost."
—Tawnypelt defending Rowanstar Darkest Night, page 160
Rowanclaw loves his mate, and she loves him back.[10] She always supported him, even when every other ShadowClan cat thought he was weak.[9] She stuck by him when they had to take shelter in ThunderClan, and when he merged ShadowClan into SkyClan.[6] She was devastated when he died, and believed that without him, ShadowClan could never be rebuilt.[11] But as she watched his beloved ShadowClan reorganize, she knew that Rowanclaw was happy in StarClan as he watched Tigerheart demonstrate the leadership that ShadowClan needed to thrive.[12]

Tigerstar, Dawnpelt, and Flametail

Tigerheart: "One day I’ll be deputy, and then you won’t be allowed to tease me."
Dawnpelt: "No, you won’t! I’ll be deputy!"
Rowanclaw: "Do I have rivals already?"
Dawnpelt: "We were just playing."
Rowanclaw: "I’m glad to have such ambitious kits. But I’d like to be deputy for a moon or two before you take over. Do you want to be deputy too?"
Flametail: "I’m happy to be a medicine cat."
Rowanclaw: "That’s a relief. I don’t think I could take on all three of you."
—Rowanclaw joking around with his kits Night Whispers, pages 52-53
Rowanclaw had a good relationship with all three of his children, and is very proud of them.[13] When Flametail drowned in the lake and Dawnpelt accused Jayfeather of murder, Rowanclaw sided with Dawnpelt.[14] When Crowfrost died of yellowcough, Rowanclaw made Tigerheart his deputy, and relied on him greatly for leadership.[15] When Tigerheart left, Rowanclaw couldn’t lead his Clan and gave up his leadership.[4] Rowanclaw then appeared in StarClan and gave Tigerheart a life, knowing that he was the right leader for ShadowClan.[8]


"Take her! You did ShadowClan no favors by finding her. There’s been nothing but trouble since she arrived. We’re better off without her."
—Rowanstar to Needlepaw about exiling Violetkit Thunder and Shadow, page 177
When Rowanstar learned ShadowClan had an entitlement to a cat who could be part of a prophecy, he was adamant that Violetkit should join his Clan. He prioritised the political influence she could provide over her well-being as an individual, ignoring her pleas not to be separated from her only family. Though he promised she'd be taken care of in ShadowClan[16] and occasionally asked how she was settling in, Violetkit was too uncomfortable to reply to him as she was still confused why he took her away, but she still desired to gain her leader's respect. After she met the Kin outside of the ShadowClan camp with Needlepaw, Rowanstar began mistrusting her, suspicious that she was being influenced by the rebellious apprentices. Because of this, he harshly scolded her, not wanting her to grow up having a similar attitude. [17] When the rebellious apprentices decided to join the Kin and Needlepaw wanted to take Violetkit, Rowanstar took this as confirmation that Vioketkit was one of them. Considering her more trouble then she was worth, he ordered her exile. [18]
Later, Violetpaw attempts to rejoin Shadowclan, but Rowanstar was worried she was a spy for the Kin. Though he saw another chance to use her as a political pawn, allowing her to return as he hoped it would tempt the other apprentices back. [19] When Darktail's reign finally coming to end, Rowanclaw became too wrapped up in larger issues to keep up any contact with Violetshine. No longer under his authority in SkyClan, Violetshine had the confidence to think critically of him, conflicted on if he should be pitied or not. However, she gained a new reaspect for him when he sacrificed himself to save Yarrowleaf's kits, though Violetshine briefly pondered why Rowanclaw never fought so hard for her as a kit. [20]

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