"I've been taking food from Twolegs, too. I'd rather do that than starve. I reckon they'd take us into their dens. I think they're sorry for us, seeing how thin we are. If we went to live with them, we'd have shelter and we'd be safe from the rats."
— Rowanfur deciding to become a kittypet in SkyClan's Destiny, page 6

Rowanfur is a ginger tom with shredded ears[4] and an ancient SkyClan warrior under Spiderstar's leadership in the gorge.

In SkyClan's Destiny, Rowanfur is one of the warriors chosen to fight against the rats, along with eight other warriors. He returns to camp with the patrol, limping, with his ears shredded. Before they can report their defeat, Rowanfur asks Spiderstar if they were going to sit vigil for the two warriors who had died during the battle, Fallensnow and Sunpelt, even though they had not been able to recover their bodies because they fled from the rats to risk any more deaths.

When Frostclaw admits that she has been taking food from Twolegs because of how difficult it was for the Clan to find food, Rowanfur defends her from Honeyleaf and confesses he has been doing the same. He suggests that the Twolegs would take them into their nests as kittypets, where they would be safe from the rats. A black and white tom asks Rowanfur to show him where the kittypet food was, and he agrees to show him.

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Rowanfur: "Will we hold ceremonies for Sunpelt and Fallensnow?"
Spiderstar: "We will, Rowanfur. Their spirits are now free to walk among the stars."
—Rowanfur to Spiderstar about Sunpelt and Fallensnow SkyClan's Destiny, page 3

A black-and-white tom: "Then this is the end. Rowanfur, will you show me where to get Twoleg food?"
Rowanfur: "Of course, any cats who want to can come with me and Frostclaw."
—Rowanfur telling the rest of SkyClan to follow him, to find Twoleg food SkyClan's Destiny, page 7

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