"Wait! I shall put forward Poppycloud's idea at the next Gathering. We should let the other leaders decide—not because I think any Clan cat needs to be reminded that their territories should be well defended, but because it will stop needless suspicion over border patrols."
— Rowanstar to Lionstar in Code of the Clans, page 106

Rowanstar is a black-and-brown tom.[3]

Rowanstar was an ancient SkyClan leader in the forest territories, and his deputy was Nightmask. He was leader when Poppycloud suggested a new rule to the code, to patrol borders frequently, and he enforced the rule. Later, in StarClan, he appeared to Cloudstar and told him about the rule of the code that Poppycloud suggested.


In the Novellas

Cloudstar's Journey

Cloudstar is dreaming and is taken to StarClan. He is reunited with Maplestar, a cat who was at his leader ceremony, and suddenly Rowanstar appears from a clump of ferns. Maplestar introduces Cloudstar to Rowanstar. Rowanstar meows that he was one of the leaders who decided that patrolling and marking territorial borders daily should be a code in the warrior code. He also adds that Clear Sky made the outline of the territory, but he made the borders strong as stone. Maplestar seems displeased and mews that she recalls that the issue was brought up at a Gathering when his patrols were caught many times in ThunderClan territory. Rowanstar snaps back that ThunderClan's markers were not clear. Another cat rumbles that both Rowanstar and Maplestar brought honor and strength to SkyClan, but he made the greatest contribution to the warrior code. Darkstar appears and tells the leaders about his contribution to the warrior code. Cloudstar asks if he regrets giving ThunderClan a strip of forest, and Rowanstar is said to look appalled.

In the Field Guides

Code of the Clans

Rowanstar is an ancient SkyClan leader. He comes out of his den when the ThunderClan leader, Lionstar, comes into the SkyClan camp to complain that he had found SkyClan warriors on his territory. Rowanstar retorts that they had found ThunderClan cats on their territory too, and that ThunderClan should mark their borders more often so others can recognize the border, if they didn't want cats crossing them.
When a SkyClan warrior, Poppycloud, steps up and tells them all it should be part of the code to patrol borders frequently, Rowanstar lets her speak. He agrees with her that if both Clans were to patrol their territory more often, there would be less conflict. Lionstar, however, disagrees, asking what leader would be mouse-brained enough to have to be told that. Rowanstar tells him that it would be a leader that thinks a patrol walking on their own boundaries is planning an attack against them; that meaning Lionstar. Rowanstar says he will put forward the idea at the Gathering. When Lionstar threatens him, saying he'll be able to rip the fur off any cat who trespasses, Rowanstar replies that they will also punish any ThunderClan cats who cross the border.



  • Rowanstar's name has been spelled as Rowan-star.[1]

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Leader info

Leader info
Name From To
Nightmask Code of the Clans Code of the Clans



Lionstar: "I am concerned that there are always SkyClan cats on the edge of our territory, and I want to know what they're doing there."
Rowanstar: "I think you'll find they're on the edge of our territory. So there shouldn't be any problem."
—Rowanstar and Lionstar discussing borders Code of the Clans, page 104

"And if both ThunderClan and SkyClan patrols regularly went along our shared border, then neither Clan could be accused of spying or trying to trespass. That's a great idea."
—Rowanstar to Poppycloud Code of the Clans, page 105

Lionstar: "You do realize that if the other leaders agree to this ridiculous rule, then I'll be allowed to tear the fur off of any of your apprentices who just happen to cross our border?"
Rowanstar: "And we'd punish any ThunderClan cats who trespassed. The situation will be clear and fair- like the boundaries."
—Rowanstar and Lionstar speaking about punishment for a new law in the Warrior Code Code of the Clans, page 106

Rowanstar: "I was one of the leaders who decided that boundaries should be patrolled and marked daily, as part of the warrior code. Clear Sky may have traced the first outline of our territory, but I was the leader who made the borders as strong as stone."
Maplestar: "As I recall, Rowanstar, the issue was raised at a Gathering only after your patrols were caught once too many times in ThunderClan’s territory."
Rowanstar: "If ThunderClan had marked their boundary clearly, my cats would never have accidently strayed."
Darkstar: "You both brought honor and strength to SkyClan."
—Rowanstar, Maplestar and Darkstar Cloudstar's Journey, page Chapter 2

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