"I feel like I'm going to drown before I get to the river!"
— Rubblepaw complaining about the weather in Code of the Clans, page 79

Rubblepaw is a tom.[1]

In Code of the Clans, he is an ancient SkyClan apprentice. While on their way to attack RiverClan, Rubblepaw comments to his mentor, Robinwing, that he feels like he is going to drown before they even reach the river. Robinwing fears that the river will be so badly flooded, Rubblepaw may drown in it when Mothpelt tries to lead them across. While half of SkyClan flounders in the flooded river, Rubblepaw says that he and Robinwing have to help them. He holds onto Robinwing while he pulls his Clanmates out of the water. After a few cats have been rescued, Rubblepaw glares at them, as if he holds them responsible for asking his mentor to save their lives. He also tells Maplewhisker that he will support her as leader of SkyClan.



Robinwing: "You have to. And with the support of your Clanmates, you will."
Spiderpelt: "I'll support you."
Rubblepaw: "And me."
—Rubblepaw supporting Maplewhisker Code of the Clans, page 82

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