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== References and Citations ==
== References and Citations ==
[[de:Fliehendes Pferd]][[ru:Стремительный Конь]][[fr:Cheval Galopant]][[fi:Juokseva Hevonen]]
[[de:Fliehendes Pferd]][[ru:Стремительный Конь]][[fr:Cheval Galopant]][[fi:Juokseva Hevonen]][[pl:Biegnący Koń]]
[[Category:Long Shadows characters]]
[[Category:Long Shadows characters]]

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"My bones are too old to climb stone hills. Come on, Cloudy Sun, you know what to do."
— Running Horse voting to stay at the lake in Long Shadows, page 219

Running Horse is a dark brown tom with scant fur,[3] yellow eyes,[4] long legs with knobbly joints, and a muzzle graying with age.[3]


In the Power of Three arc

Long Shadows

Running Horse is an elder of the ancient cats' group. He is mentioned when Jaypaw asks about horsetail. Rising Moon states that he taught her everything that she knows about herbs.
When Stone Song calls a meeting, Jaypaw sees an elder and concludes that it was Running Horse, of whom Rising Moon spoke of so highly. He wonders if Rising Moon had mentioned the horsetail to the elder yet. When it is time to cast stones, Running Horse chooses to stay with Cloudy Sun at the lake, stating that they are too old to make the trip up to the mountains. However, the side that chooses to leave the lake wins by a slight majority, so the cats prepare to leave. Rising Moon is hesitant to leave, but she decides to look for herbs with Running Horse. Both Running Horse and Cloudy Sun appear reluctant to leave, but decide to support each other during the journey.

In the Omen of the Stars arc

Sign of the Moon

Running Horse complains about leaving the lake, vowing to return to the lake once the storm clears. Both he and Cloudy Sun appear very exhausted from the journey, seen lying on their sides unconscious. When Chasing Clouds is attacked by a large bird, Running Horse mutters that he was right in believing that the cats should have never come to the mountains. Running Horse is last seen asking a hunting patrol to bring the cats back something tasty.

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"I'll have a word with Running Horse later. He taught me so much about herbs. I'm sure he'll know about it."
—Rising Moon about Running Horse Long Shadows, page 195

Running Horse: "The stones are cast, so we have to go."
Cloudy Sun: "We'll get there. We'll help each other."
—The elders bravely preparing for the journey Long Shadows, page 227

"I'll talk to Running Horse; there's no question of an elder wandering about these mountains on his own, and deep down he knows it."
—Stone Song when Running Horse wants to return to the lake Sign of the Moon, page 185

"I told you so! We should have never come here."
—Running Horse telling his companions Sign of the Moon, page 225

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