"And if one Clan dies, the survival of all the Clans is threatened. We may be rivals, but we are linked by StarClan, stronger than rock, stronger than tree roots, stronger than the water in the river."
— Runningstorm on the Clans in Code of the Clans, page 116

Runningstorm is a hard-muscled brown tabby tom.[1]


In the Field Guides

Code of the Clans

"Greetings, Graywing. My name is Runningstorm of WindClan. This is Wolfheart, and our leader, Smallstar."
—Runningstorm greeting Graywing in her dream Code of the Clans, page 115
Runningkit is an ancient WindClan kit.
A patrol of RiverClan cats, Graywing, Brindleclaw, and Foxwhisker, see Runningkit and his siblings, Wolfkit and Smallkit, though they are all unnamed at the time. They are hanging from the edge of the gorge, so Brindleclaw almost goes to save them, but Graywing and Foxwhisker stop her from doing so. Graywing says that Brindleclaw couldn't risk her own life over those of kits from another Clan, because RiverClan needs her.
In the RiverClan camp, Minnowkit and Wildkit ask horrible questions about the kits that fell, wondering if the kits' eyes fell out and if they were wet and horrid-looking, but their mother, Hayberry scolds them for their horrid questions.
That night, Graywing, RiverClan's medicine cat, is visited by the kits in her dreams, but they are now full grown StarClan warriors. Runningkit is now Runningstorm, and he introduces himself and his siblings, now Wolfheart and Smallstar, to Graywing, and Smallstar explains that they were the cats who the kits would have been. Runningstorm shows a nursery to Graywing, explaining just how precious the youngest members of the Clan are. He tells her that if one Clan dies, they all do. Graywing apologizes, and when she looks back up, the three StarClan cats fade away.
The next day, Graywing takes Brindleclaw and Foxwhisker out to where the kits drowned. They find the kits' bodies washed up on the bank against a tree. The three RiverClan cats swim over to the kits and carry their bodies back to the opposite shore, Graywing carrying Smallkit, Foxwhisker with Runningkit, and Brindleclaw with Wolfkit. Graywing then honors the dead kits and declares a new law, in which every Clan is responsible for the safety of kits. Graywing and her companions then take the kits back to their family in WindClan.

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Smallstar:[3] Deceased, verified StarClan member


Wolfheart:[3] Deceased, verified StarClan member


Smallstar ♂Wolfheart ♀Runningstorm ♂

    = Male

    = Female

    = Gender Unknown


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