"Don't be such a scaredy-mouse. You won't notice it after a while."
Tanglepaw to Rushpaw in Battles of the Clans, page 40

Rushpaw is a small[2] she-cat[1] with short legs.[2] She is an apprentice of RiverClan.

In Battles of the Clans, Rushpaw, Duckpaw, Tanglepaw, and Pikepaw are being trained in water battle moves by their Clan's leader, Mistystar. Rushpaw complains that the water is cold, and is confused at first when Mistystar asks if Rushpaw would like to run ahead and tell the enemy where they are and where they're planning to attack. She realizes Mistystar was being sarcastic, and apologizes.

Rushpaw is noted by Mistystar to be struggling because of her short legs, and was very immature during training. She thinks that Rushpaw may have to go back to the nursery for a few moons to mature because she is so undersized and isn't serious about training.

Rushpaw tries to keep up with the other apprentices, but her head bobs from side to side clumsily, and she pants for breath. Rushpaw yelps and splashes when she tries to get out of the water silently, because she stubs her toe on a stone. When rebuked by Tanglepaw, Rushpaw argues that she is not hopeless, but a lot smaller than he is.

While the four apprentices practice their ambushing skills, Rushpaw tells the other apprentices not to swim too fast. When Pikepaw suggests that Rushpaw stay behind, she refuses. When trying to get out of the water, Rushpaw accidentally splashes some water with her tail in the opposite direction, and Mistystar heads that way. The other apprentices are angry with Rushpaw at first, but they realize her mistake confused Mistystar about where they actually were. They take this opportunity to attack her from behind. When Mistystar asks who made the splash downstream, Rushpaw admits that it was her, and that she had lost her balance. Instead of scolding Rushpaw, Mistystar says the move Rushpaw used was brilliant and turns it into a special RiverClan battle move called the Rushpaw Splash. Rushpaw finds it hard to believe that she did something right, let alone invent a new move.




Tanglepaw:[1] Living (As of Battles of the Clans)


Duckpaw:[3] Living (As of Battles of the Clans)


Rushpaw ♀Duckpaw ♀Tanglepaw ♂

    = Male

    = Female

    = Gender Unknown


Rushpaw: "That's easy for you to say, my legs are way shorter than yours. You're hardly wet up to your knees!"
Mistystar: "Rushpaw, would you like to run ahead and tell the enemy exactly when we're planning to attack? Perhaps you'd like to invite them to strike first?"
Rushpaw: "What would be the point of that? I thought you said we'd be learning about surprise attacks today?"
Pikepaw: "That's what she's trying to teach us, fluff-brain, but you're making such a fuss that every cat from here to the mountains knows where we are!"
—Rushpaw complaining about the cold river Battles of the Clans, pages 40-41

Mistystar: "Are you all here? So who made that splash downstream?"
Rushpaw: "That was me. I lost my balance and my tail flicked some water."
Mistystar: "It was a brilliant move! Making a noise downstream made me think you were somewhere completely different."
Tanglepaw: "I saw from your shadow that you'd turned around, so I realized we could still catch you by surprise."
Mistystar: "That was very observant of you Tanglepaw. Now, Rushpaw, do you think you could show us exactly what you did?"
Rushpaw: "You mean I did something right?"
Mistystar: "Better than that, you invented a brand-new tactic for water combat! And I think we'll call it the Rushpaw Splash!"
—Mistystar praising Rushpaw when she invents a new battle tactic Battles of the Clans, page 46

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