Rushtooth is a light brown tabby[1] tom or she-cat[note 1] with glossy fur.[1]


In the Novellas

Spottedleaf's Heart

When Spottedpaw goes to the Dark Forest for the first time, she sees a light brown tabby sitting beside a tree trunk whom the apprentice guesses is from RiverClan. After Mapleshade stops Thistleclaw's fight with Houndleap and tells the ThunderClan warrior he will fight Rushtooth, the Dark Forest cat stands up.
Spottedpaw later sees Mapleshade telling Rushtooth what a disgrace they are after losing the fight with Thistleclaw.

Character Pixels

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Notes and references

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  1. Rushtooth is referred to both as a tom and as a she-cat. Due to their limited amount of canonical mentions, it is impossible to determine which is correct.[1]
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