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"Yes. We can't let one Clan be driven out. There have always been four Clans. Onestar seems to have forgotten that. We will all be more vulnerable if one disappears. But should ShadowClan risk its warriors to fight ThunderClan's battle?"
— Russetfur questioning Hollypaw before the Great Battle in Eclipse, page 196

Russetfur is a sleek,[1] scrawny,[12] dark ginger[2] tabby[13] she-cat[2] with dark[1] green eyes.[14]

Russetfur was a ShadowClan deputy under Blackstar's leadership in the forest and lake territories. She was born as Red in the Twolegplace to Hal and an unnamed she-cat. After being impressed by the nobility of ShadowClan, Red and Boulder asked to join the Clan, with her being apprenticed to Featherstorm as Russetpaw. Once earning her warrior name, Russetfur dedicated the rest of her life to serving her Clan, mentoring Cedarheart and becoming Blackstar's first deputy. She was known for her sharp tongue and pride in ShadowClan. Despite her age, Russetfur managed to take a life from Firestar during a battle skirmish, before accidentally being killed by Lionblaze, and ascending to StarClan soon after.


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The New Prophecy

"ShadowClan can deal with fox traps, thanks. We've seen a couple of them in our territory, but we have the sense to stay clear of them."
―Russetfur growling at Stormfur Sunset, page 118
Russetfur is the deputy of ShadowClan under Blackstar's leadership. She helps lead her Clan during the Great Journey. While crossing the mountains, she tries and fails to save Smokepaw from falling. As ShadowClan settles in its new territory, two kittypets cause trouble for the Clan and kill an apprentice. Russetfur is outraged when Tawnypelt asks her brother, Brambleclaw, and ThunderClan for help and accuses her of being disloyal, but Blackstar begrudgingly accepts the help. She leads the assault on the kittypets and is impressed by Brambleclaw's intelligent plan.
Her patrol with Cedarheart and Oakfur discover Berrykit trapped in a fox trap and make no move to help him because of his loner heritage, breaking the warrior code. She leads another patrol with Cedarheart, Rowanclaw, and Oakfur to seize more territory after the badgers attacked ThunderClan. A ThunderClan patrol arrives with reinforcements, and Firestar defeats her, causing the ShadowClan deputy to order a retreat.

Power of Three

"Did Russetfur get any information out of you? She tried to from me, but fortunately Crowfeather had warned me not to give anything away."
―Heatherpaw to Mousepaw about Russetfur interrogating them The Sight, page 137
Russetfur interrogates other Clans' apprentices in hopes of gaining information from the naive cats. She leads another battle patrol to commandeer more territory from ThunderClan, seemingly leading all of ShadowClan in order to win. However, her Clanmates flail in the thick undergrowth and retreat again. Russetfur accuses Tawnypelt of being disloyal once again when she agrees to go with Brambleclaw to help the Tribe, despite nursing kits.
Russetfur catches Sol, Jaypaw, Hollypaw, and Lionpaw on ShadowClan territory and take them to Blackstar to be questioned. She continues to serve as ShadowClan's deputy despite Blackfoot denying his leader name after he stops having faith in StarClan; however, Russetfur transitions back into her roles when Sol is cast out. She once again catches Jayfeather, Hollyleaf, and Lionblaze on ShadowClan's territory and orders Firestar to control his cats.

Omen of the Stars

"That's not true! You just want extra hunting lands. Have your greedy warriors hunted the forest clean?"
―Russetfur to Firestar after he demands territory back Fading Echoes, page 276
She leads Toadfoot and Tigerheart to meet with the other cats chosen for the journey and irritably warns the group about stealing prey. She is noted to show signs of old age, but still remains steadfast to serve her Clan. She, Blackstar, and Littlecloud meet with Firestar, Brambleclaw, and Jayfeather to firmly stake their claim of land when Firestar demands it back. During the presiding battle, Russetfur firmly grips Firestar's neck as the Clan leader feebly retaliates, and Lionblaze throws Russetfur off him. This unexpectedly kills her, much to Lionblaze's dismay. ShadowClan retreats and hold a vigil for her. Yellowfang and Fernshade squabble about Russetfur's death before the latter brings her to StarClan.

Super Editions

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In Yellowfang's Secret, Red is a young loner living in the Twolegplace when she meets Yellowfang and Raggedpelt seeking more information about the latter's father. After a battle, Red and Boulder visit ShadowClan asking to join, impressed by the Clan's battle skills and mercy. Cedarstar allows them to intermediately join as apprentices, and Red receives the name Russetpaw with Featherstorm as her mentor. Marmalade, Pixie, and other kittypets attempt to rescue their friends, believing they were kidnapped by ShadowClan. The two explain they joined ShadowClan on their own accord and wish to train as apprentices. When Raggedpelt kills Hal, Yellowfang attempts to comfort Russetpaw who reveals Hal was her father, but does not realize Raggedpelt and Scorchwind are her half-brothers. Moons later, she becomes a warrior named Russetfur.


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In Tigerclaw's Fury, Tigerclaw is impressed by Russetfur's skills despite not being Clan-born. She uneasily hunts on ThunderClan's territory with Tigerclaw and Ratscar. ThunderClan catches them, and they attack with Blackfoot bringing reinforcements. She remarks to the others how Tigerclaw killed Runningwind, and that Whitethroat's death would not be in vain.

Tigerstar and Sasha

Sasha is invited to go on a patrol with Russetfur, Blackfoot, and Jaggedtooth, nervously trying to do well. Russetfur eases her worries by telling Sasha how they used to all be rogues and how Tigerstar revived their Clan from destruction. The two bond during the hunting patrol, and Sasha thinks highly of Russetfur.
Moons later, Russetfur and her patrol encounter Sasha when she accidentally crossed the border. She tries to convince her Clanmates to let Sasha go, but one of them smells kits on her. Sasha lies that her kits died during the harsh leaf-bare, and Russetfur lets her go. Later, Russetfur tracks down Sasha's den and sees her kits, Hawk, Moth, and Tadpole, asking if they're Tigerstar's. Sasha begs the ShadowClan she-cat not to tell Tigerstar, but Russetfur explains mournfully how Tigerstar was killed in battle moons ago. Before leaving, she warns Sasha that she should leave and wishes her family well.

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Russetfur is a sharp-tongued, short-tempered she-cat. She is fearless in battle and has a deep pride in her Clan. She is brisk and has high expectations of others, and does well when it comes to keeping cats in line. She would do anything for ShadowClan.[6]


Russetfur's parents are an unnamed she-cat and Hal. Her half-brothers are Raggedstar and Scorchwind. For more of Russetfur's family, click here!



Interesting facts


  • In Night Whispers, Fernshade mentions that she was Russetfur's mentor.[22] However, it is revealed in Yellowfang's Secret that Featherstorm was her mentor.[7]
  • She was mistakenly described as tawny,[23] russet,[24][25][26] fox-colored,[27] and dark red.[1] She has also been shown as gray with a white muzzle, underbelly, and paws.[28]
  • She has mistakenly been depicted with light green eyes.[14]
  • She was mistakenly referred to as a kittypet by the narrative,[29] despite correcting Cedarstar a few pages later that she and Boulder are not kittypets.[18]


The following information is from sources considered non-canon or retconned.

  • In The Clans Decide, Russetfur challenges Firestar when he comes to the ShadowClan border to help two injured cats, Pouncetail and Otterheart, from a RiverClan patrol that was stealing prey from ShadowClan. She, along with Smokefoot and Rowanclaw, say that the two cats are ShadowClan prisoners, although they are injured, but Firestar points out that they had stepped onto ThunderClan territory, so he takes them back to his camp to care for them. Russetfur is annoyed by this, but she lets them leave.[30]
  • On Vicky's Facebook, Russetfur mentored Nightwing[31] and Fernshade.[32]


Red: "My name is Red, and this is Boulder. We want to join your Clan."
Nutwhisker: "Right! As if we'd swallow that!"
Boulder: "We really do. We want to hunt and fight like you do."
Stonetooth: "Why? You belong in the Twolegplace. You should go back."
Amberleaf: "And stay there!"
Blizzardwing: "I don't believe a single word of this. It must be a trick!"
Cedarstar: "Tell us why you wish to join ShadowClan."
Boulder: "It's great here in the forest! You catch your own prey. and-"
Red: "Shut up, flea-brain! that's not what's most important. You impressed us when you fought with us. You showed us your strength and skill, but you showed us mercy, too."
Boulder: "That's right. You could have killed us, but you chose not to. If that's what it means to live by your warrior code—that, and the fact that you feed yourselves, and find your own shelter—then we want to be a part of it."
—Red and Boulder asking to join ShadowClan Yellowfang's Secret, pages 143-144

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Cedarstar: "Very well. A Clan would be foolish to turn down the prospect of new warriors, especially when times are hard. More paws to catch prey will always be a valued addition. You may stay here for one moon. If you prove your loyalty during that time, I'll consider making you a part of ShadowClan."
Red: "You won't regret it."
Cedarstar: "I hope not."
—Cedarstar allowing Red and Boulder to try out ShadowClan Yellowfang's Secret, page 145

"Every cat knows that ThunderClan ignores borders, but ShadowClan sticks to the warrior code."
―Russetfur to Squirrelflight Sunset, page 115

"Don't think you've won Firestar, ShadowClan will set a new border."
―Russetfur to Firestar after ShadowClan loses a fight for territory Sunset, page 142

Berrypaw: "Yeah, right! If I hadn't clamped my tail over your mouth you would have told Russetfur that Firestar was about to give up the land by the river before Firestar had a chance to announce it himself."
Mousepaw: "But she's the ShadowClan deputy! You can't just ignore her."
Berrypaw: "You didn't have to tell her your Clan's whole history either."
—Berrypaw and Mousepaw about Russetfur The Sight, page 132

"He hadn't even scratched her. Only pulled her loose. How could she be dead?"
―Lionblaze's thoughts after he killed Russetfur Fading Echoes, page 295

"She had a reputation throughout the Clans for a sharp tongue and a short temper, as well as fearlessness in battle and deep pride in ShadowClan. She played a vital role in helping establish the new territory beside the lake when she took on the troublesome kittypets who lived in a Twoleg den amid the pine trees. Even as she got older and more frail, Russetfur remained the ShadowClan deputy, keeping younger warriors in line with her brisk words and high expectations. She was killed by Lionblaze in a battle over the clearing between ShadowClan and ThunderClan; her death was a shock to everyone, and there were suggestions that such an old cat should not have been allowed to fight. But it was the death Russetfur would have chosen for herself, bravely and in the midst of battle on behalf of her beloved ShadowClan."
―Narrator about Russetfur The Ultimate Guide, page 79

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