"Maybe these kits will bring our Clans together again."
— Ryewhisker in Code of the Clans, page 13

Ryewhisker is a brown tabby tom.[2]


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Rywhisker is an ancient WindClan warrior under the leadership of Duststar. He is first seen with his mate from RiverClan, Cloudberry. They are playing together on their borders, playfully challenging each other to racing and swimming contests. Cloudberry later reveals to him that she is carrying his kits, which Ryewhisker had already figured out. Cloudberry is at first worried about how they would raise their kits, but Ryewhisker comforts her, saying that everything would be fine. He said Cloudberry could raise them while they were kits and then they could come live in WindClan when they got older, but Cloudberry is hesitant and uncomfortable about it.
When WindClan and RiverClan are fighting over prey stealing, he tries to protect Cloudberry from an attack from one of his own Clanmates, Hawkfur. While he is explaining to Hawkfur why he couldn't let him harm her, a RiverClan warrior leaps in and swiftly kills Ryewhisker. His death leads to the Clan leaders deciding to ban all relationships between cats from different Clans, and the first law to the warrior code is created.




Cloudberry:[3] Living (As of Code of the Clans)


Emberstar ♂
Cloudberry ♀Ryewhisker ♂

    = Male

    = Female

    = Gender Unknown



Ryewhisker: "Race you to the hawthorn bush!"
Cloudberry: "Not fair, Ryewhisker! You know you'll win!"
Ryewhisker: "I'll give you a head start. Or... or I'll close my eyes, or run backward, or carry a stone in my mouth..."
Cloudberry: "Bee-brain. I’ll race you to the hawthorn if you race me across the river."
Ryewhisker: "No way! You can't tell me it's natural to get your fur wet! I tried it once, don't you remember?"
Cloudberry: "You fell off a stepping-stone! Hardly a proper way to start swimming!"
—Ryewhisker and Cloudberry Code of the Clans, page 11

"They will be WindClan kits! And RiverClan kits! They will be ours, and that's all that matters!"
—Ryewhisker to Cloudberry while discussing their kits Code of the Clans, page 11

"If any cat understands that friendships don't stop at the border of a territory, it's Emberstar."
—Ryewhisker to Cloudberry Code of the Clans, page 12

Ryewhisker: "You think I'm going to let our kits be harmed by my own Clanmate?"
Hawkfur: "Kits?"
Ryewhisker: "Cloudberry is expecting my kits. I cannot let you hurt her."
—Ryewhisker and Hawkfur Code of the Clans, page 15

"No, Emberstar, that's not why I asked you all to come here. Ryewhisker's death is a tragedy we can ill afford after such a hard leaf-bare, but it would not have happened if he had not been... attached... to Cloudberry."
—Duststar about Ryewhisker Code of the Clans, page 16

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