"We shouldn't let the Clans push us around. If we leave, they will always remember us as weak."
— Sagenose to Leafstar in The Raging Storm, chapter 15

Sagenose is a pale gray tom.[8]

Sagenose is a SkyClan warrior under Leafstar's leadership in the gorge and lake territories. He was born as Sage to Petal and Rainfur along with his sister, Mint, and joined the newly revived SkyClan as Sagekit. He was apprenticed as Sagepaw, and after becoming a warrior, Sagenose fathered Fidgetkit, Curlykit, and Snipkit with Birdwing.


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A Vision of Shadows

"We can’t go back to the gorge. Our life is here now. There’s plenty of prey in the forest, and there won’t be trouble from rogues anymore. Once we’ve shown the Clans that we can’t be pushed around, SkyClan can thrive beside the lake."
―Sagenose advocating for SkyClan to stay The Raging Storm, page chapter 15
Sagenose arrives at the lake along with the rest of SkyClan and settles into their new territory after the defeat of Darktail, though he is hesitant about whether the other Clans will welcome them. When SkyClan is accused of contributing to the fall of ShadowClan, Sagenose insists that the Clans had been struggling since before they arrived. While mentoring Gravelpaw, he attends a negotiation meeting between ShadowClan and SkyClan which ends poorly. Despite hostility from the other Clans, he affirms that SkyClan should not let the other Clans push them around, and must stay at the lake.

The Broken Code

He receives his second apprentice, Kitepaw.

Super Editions

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In Firestar's Quest, Sage and Mint are young kits, born to their kittypet mother, Petal. Their Twoleg does nothing to help when Petal does not produce enough milk to feed Sage and his sister. Firestar arranges a rescue mission to free the family and bring them to the gorge with their father, Rainfur, where Sagekit and Mintkit are nursed by Clovertail. However, Rainfur is killed in the battle against the rats.
In SkyClan's Destiny, Sagepaw is mentored by his mother, Petalnose. When he learns about the traits of ancient SkyClan cats, Sagepaw wishes to know if he could be descended from them. In an attempt to prove this, he loses his grip on a cliff and falls, dislocating his leg. He recovers, participating in an attack on his mother's former Twoleg who was revealed to have abused her and Shrewtooth.
In Hawkwing's Journey, Sagenose and Birdwing have had three kits: Fidgetkit, Curlykit, and Snipkit. He is dubious of Echosong's interpretation of her vision. However, he is chosen to go on a mission lead by Darktail to find the other Clan cats. When Darktail and his rogues drive SkyClan from the gorge, Sagenose and Birdwing are separated from their kits, and Snipkit's body is found washed up by the river. Throughout the journey, Sagenose loses Curlypaw when she becomes a kittypet, and both Birdwing and Fidgetpaw when they are captured by Twolegs.

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Sagenose's parents are Petalnose and Rainfur. His mate is Birdwing, and Fidgetflake, Curlypaw, and Snipkit are their children. For more of Sagenose's family, click here!



Interesting facts

  • He was mentored by his mother, despite close family members usually not mentoring kin.[9] Although Leafstar didn't truly realize this until after Sagenose was injured, as SkyClan was relatively new.[9]

Author statements

  • Kate believes Sagenose to be a tabby with pale and barely noticeable stripes.[blog 1]


  • Sagenose is mistakenly referred to as a tabby.[10]
  • Sagenose was mistakenly described as a she-cat,[11] and again in an entire chapter of SkyClan's Destiny, but then directly after that chapter, he was said to be a tom again.[12]
  • It was revealed in the seventh Erin Hunter Chat that Sagepaw did, indeed, become a warrior, but at the time Vicky had forgotten what his warrior name was. She mentions that his name may have been Sagefur, but mistakenly refers to him as female.[13]


"That's so great! Do you think that we could be descended from those old SkyClan cats? I wish I was!"
―Sagepaw when Leafstar tells them about ancient SkyClan SkyClan's Destiny, page 47

"And what about apprentice tasks? We all have to do them!"
―Sagepaw about the visitors SkyClan's Destiny, page 213

Petalnose: "I wish I was descended from SkyClan."
Cherrytail: "You might be."
Petalnose: "Well, I can't climb trees like you can."
Sagepaw: "I don't care. You're perfect just as you are!"
—Sagepaw and others after meeting the loner SkyClan's Destiny, page 242
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Mintpaw: "Are you going now? I want to come, too!"
Sagepaw: "And me. I want to teach that Twoleg a lesson, after what he did to our mother."
—Mintpaw and Sagepaw as they go to deal with the Twoleg SkyClan's Destiny, page 271

Clovertail: "If we don't follow our leader, then it's the end of SkyClan."
Sagenose: "It might be the end of us anyway. Who knows what dangers might be waiting for us out there?"
Rileypool: "We've had our fair share of danger. But if any cats stay here, they won't be part of our Clan anymore. Do you want to be a kittypet, Sagenose?"
—Clovertail, Sagenose and Rileypool Hawkwing's Journey, page 370

"If Sandynose and Fallowfern could find us, then here's hope that the others who stayed by the gorge, or even the cats who were lost by the lake, might come back to us someday. Long live SkyClan!"
―Sagenose about SkyClan's future Hawkwing's Journey, page 407

"The lake Clans were falling apart when we arrived. It's not our fault."
―Sagenose at a Gathering Darkest Night, page 269

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