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"When I lead ShadowClan, I'll be better than either of them, he promised himself. [...] Whatever he did, he wouldn't make Tigerstar's or Brokenstar's mistakes."
This article contains major spoilers for the recently released, Blackfoot's Reckoning. Please proceed at your own discretion.
"Sagewhisker had a prodigious memory for herbs and a gift for listening to StarClan, but her greatest strength lay in observing the cats around her."
— Narrator in The Ultimate Guide, page 64

Sagewhisker is a snowy[1]-white she-cat with long whiskers,[2] blue eyes,[7] and a graying muzzle.[8]

Sagewhisker was a ShadowClan medicine cat under Cedarstar's leadership in the forest territories. Sagepaw was mentored by Redthistle and later earned her full name of Sagewhisker. She had a prodigious memory for herbs and a gift for listening to StarClan, but her greatest strength lay in observing the cats around her. She convinced Yellowfang to become her apprentice due to her hyper-empathetic abilities of being able to feel others’ pain. Yellowfang became a full medicine cat under Sagewhisker’s guidance, and they worked together in ShadowClan until Sagewhisker grew old and died of a heart attack. She ascended to StarClan and continued to advise Yellowfang, later giving Tigerstar and Brokenstar one of their nine lives.


In the Omen of the Stars arc

Night Whispers

"No warrior wants to die. Especially in a battle that should not have happened."
―Sagewhisker to Yellowfang Night Whispers, page 2
Sagewhisker talks to Yellowfang and Fernshade in StarClan's territory. She's upset about Russetfur's death, saying that they should've sent a sign that the battle was not justified and should not have happened. When Bluestar appears, Sagewhisker is angry with her as well, because Bluestar agrees that the battle couldn't have been stopped, and yet, Bluestar didn't try to stop it. When Yellowfang intervenes, it is revealed that Sagewhisker, Yellowfang's former mentor, is still angry with her for kitting Brokenstar. Sagewhisker claims that she still thinks the battle is ThunderClan's fault and that Brokenstar wasn't ShadowClan's fault while Fernshade goes to fetch Russetfur.
When Flametail sleeps at the Moonpool, Sagewhisker and Palefoot introduce him to ShadowClan's StarClan. She reveals that StarClan is divided and doesn't want to tell Flametail anymore, but when Raggedstar appears, she tells Flametail that he must break his friendships and protect his Clan at all costs. Sagewhisker also hints that a war is rising between all the four Clans.

In the Super Editions

Yellowfang's Secret

"I give you the life of compassion. Use it to shelter the weakest in your Clan, the kits and elders and the sick. Use it to show mercy to your enemies and to choose the path your paw steps will follow."
―Sagewhisker giving Brokentail his final life Yellowfang's Secret, page 449
As Goosefeather leads the medicine cats to the Moonstone, he pauses to face them. He nods at Sagewhisker as he names her, along with the others and explains they gather to perform the Moonstone. Sagewhisker sits a few tail-lengths away as Featherpaw, the new medicine cat apprentice, steps forward.
When Cedarstar calls for a Clan meeting, Sagewhisker slides out of her den and sits down to face the leader. Afterwards, Yellowkit makes her way to the medicine den to see Sagewhisker about a pain like a thorn is in her leg when Lizardstripe limps into camp. Mudclaw mumbles to her to go see Sagewhisker. Yellowkit waits as Sagewhisker treats Lizardstripe, and Lizardstripe thanks her. Sagewhisker pokes her head out of her den and instructs her to give it a good lick, and see her again tomorrow to make sure it isn't infected.
That night, Nutkit and Yellowkit complain about having a bad belly. Because of their complaints, their mother, Brightflower, goes to get Sagewhisker. She comes out to see the kits and exclaims if it's not one with them, it's another. She asks if they have any sense. Yellowkit asks what she is going to give them, and will it be something that will get the bad stuff out of them. Sagewhisker gazes at her intently and tells her it is, and the herb is called yarrow. She explains to them Brightflower told her that they ate crowfood. Brightflower asks if they will be okay, and Sagewhisker reassures they'll be fine, and explains to the kits she wants them to eat the yarrow and it will make them sick, but feel better. She admits they are yucky, but asks Nutkit if she would rather a yucky taste or a bellyache. Nutkit decides to eat them and they all move to the edge of the camp. Sagewhisker lays out a few yarrow leaves in front of the kits, which they both eat and vomit. Sagewhisker murmurs approvingly, and instructs Brightflower to let them rest for the day, and to also let them have milk but no food. She promises she'll check on them later.
Later on, when Yellowkit tries to eat from the fresh-kill pile, Sagewhisker spots her from her den and reminds her she cannot eat until the next day. She states she is surprised that she can think about eating yet. Yellowkit complains she is starving, so Sagewhisker offers for her to sort herbs to keep her mind off it, since all the apprentices are out and she needs some help. Yellowkit agrees, and Sagewhisker shows where the herbs are, explaining she digs holes in the ground and covering them with fern fronds to keep them fresh. Yellowkit looks at one of the holes, and Sagewhisker explains the herb is marigold, which is good for infected wounds. She states that these are not good, so she instructs Yellowkit to life them out and pile at the entrance so she can later carry them out of camp. While Yellowkit gets to work, Sagewhisker uncovers another pile with shriveled juniper berries. Yellowkit asks if she wants them added to the pile but Sagewhisker explains juniper berries are incredibly useful with bellyache and shortness of breath, so she doesn't want to dispose of the berries until she can get fresh ones. Yellowkit asks if she uses them for Silverflame, and Sagewhisker confirms, stating that Yellowkit learns fast. She points out the daisy leaves that are good for aching joints, but explains she collected them yesterday so she doesn't need to throw them out. Sagewhisker continues to show Yellowkit all the herbs and what they do while continuing to sort the fresh ones from withered ones. Afterwards, Sagewhisker thanks Yellowkit, complimenting her by saying that she's been a great help. She asks about her belly and tells her she'll remember to stay away from crow-food in the future.
Moons later, Yellowkit notices that Silverflame is sick and asks Sagewhisker about it. Sagewhisker mews she is old, and leaf-bare is hard for the youngest and oldest. She promises to look in on her. After Yellowkit has her apprentice ceremony, she suddenly feels very sick. Her mentor, Deerleap leads her to the elders' den, where Sagewhisker is. Sagewhisker is treating Silverflame, who is sick and in pain. Sagewhisker snaps what's wrong; Yellowpaw stammers she was in pain, but it's nothing. Sagewhisker pauses to chew up leaves, and tells her to see her tomorrow if it doesn't clear up. After Yellowpaw returns from the tour of the territory, she comes to the elders' den to find Silverflame close to death. Sagewhisker is with her but is unable to save her. Yellowpaw is angry at the medicine cat because of this, and avoids her, even when she feels a pain in her shoulder after battle training.
Some moons on, before Yellowpaw goes to the Moonstone, Sagewhisker gives Yellowpaw the traveling herbs, and warns of its bitterness. She advises Yellowpaw to listen carefully to StarClan in her dreams, for it could be the moment she finds out her destiny. Yellowpaw is determined that her destiny is to be warrior, but Sagewhisker just looks at her for a long moment before wishing her a safe journey.
Soon, Yellowpaw has her warrior ceremony, receiving the name of Yellowfang. Sagewhisker approaches the new warrior and congratulates her, commenting how she heard her hunting assessment was especially good. Yellowfang thinks she isn't her favorite cat, but she had to get past Silverflame's death and acknowledge Sagewhisker's status. Yellowfang thanks her, but Sagewhisker suddenly asks if she dreamed of being a warrior when she went to the Moonstone. Yellowfang says she doesn't remember, and Sagewhisker is a bit surprised, insisting that it's a significant moment. Yellowfang wonders why can't she be left alone and states if it was important she would have remembered. She turns her back on the medicine cat, but looks over her shoulder to see the medicine cat still regarding her with a persistent look. Yellowfang thinks she would give all her share of the fresh-kill pile to know what she is thinking.
After a battle against a group of kittypets, Yellowfang feels a lot of pain, so Deerleap takes her to Sagewhisker. She asks if Yellowfang was hurt from the battle, and Deerleap answers that she isn't sure. She explains that she can't find any injuries, but Yellowfang is exhausted and cant walk, so Sagewhisker promises to give her a thorough check-up. She sniffs Yellowfang and parts her fur to check. When she has finished, she faces Yellowfang and tells her there's hardly a scratch, but queries Yellowfang, who already knows that. She asks what hurts the most, and Yellowfang explains her paw does, and she cannot put any weight on it. She asks if Yellowfang noticed if any other cat hurt their paw, and Yellowfang says she had. Sagewhisker questions what the next worst pain is, and Yellowfang informs her that it's her ear.
Sagewhisker asks again if any cat had an injured ear, and Yellowfang remembers one did. The medicine cat then asks about an injury the final time, this time about her flank. Frustrated, Yellowfang remembers that Cedarstar fell against a tree stump. Sagewhisker meows she will see to him, and Yellowfang protests and asks if she is going to treat her injuries, but Sagewhisker repeats that she hardly has a scratch. She informs Yellowfang that what she is feeling is injuries of other cats and while she isn't sure how it could happen, iw isn't the first time it had occured. Yellowfang just thinks it's her imagination, as it's not hard to see an injury and imagine the pain of it. Sagewhisker tells her it's not her imagination, but StarClan must have given her this ability, and they must find out why; this causes Yellowfang to protest that she doesn't want to be different and storms out. She soon notices that her sister Rowanberry has a claw injury because she can feel it, so Yellowfang tells her to see Sagewhisker.
Raggedpelt is injured by a badger and Yellowfang feels his pain, so Sagewhisker meets her in the medicine den after treating him. Sagewhisker starts sorting herbs and asks what Yellowfang is going to do now, as in the future. Yellowfang thinks she will be a warrior, but Sagewhisker points out the pain she feels for others. Yellowfang mews if they are some herbs that can help, but Sagewhisker shakes her head as there is nothing wrong with her. Sagewhisker finishes sorting herbs and sits down beside Yellowfang, starting to tell her she has a great ability that can be used to help her Clanmates. Yellowfang is confused as to how, so Sagewhisker explains she can tell as soon as her Clanmates are injured or where their pain is when they're sick. She meows quietly that maybe being a warrior isn't the best thing for her, and that maybe she should be a medicine cat. Yellowfang bursts out in anger, stating that Sagewhisker is supposed to help her, though Sagewhisker sighs that's all she ever wants to do. Yellowfang doesn't want to talk to her anymore, thinking she doesn't understand and storms outside. She starts to avoid Sagewhisker again.
However, Yellowfang soon experiences pain from another cat, so she goes to see Sagewhisker. She wakes up Sagewhisker, and she asks what's wrong as she yawns. Yellowfang asks if there is someone in the Clan with a bellyache, and Sagewhisker twitches her ears and asks how it feels. After listening to Yellowfang's explanation, she decides it is hunger, and thinks Yellowfang has picked it up from Nettlespot, the new queen. She explains that she is worried for her and Cloudkit, and states she is too proud to ask for food. She gives to Yellowfang traveling herbs to give to her, and promises to tell a warrior to bring her some prey especially for her. Yellowfang is surprised that Sagewhisker expects her to take the herbs as if she was her apprentice, but doesn't argue.
Days later, Sagewhisker approaches Yellowfang and brings a few tansy leaves. She informs her Cloudkit is sick as his coughing a little. Yellowfang is confused as to why she would tell her, and mews she is sure she can fix him. The medicine cat blinks, and says the tansy should clear up the cough, and that Nettlespot is improving since she took the herbs to her. Uncomfortable, Yellowfang quickly excuses herself, and is conscious of the medicine cat's gaze following her.
After Newtspeck painfully injures her shoulder and Yellowfang feels it, they both go to see Sagewhisker. Sagewhisker bends over to examine Newtspeck, asking what happened. Yellowfang explains that she wrenched her shoulder, and then did it again. Sagewhisker concludes that it's a bad sprain, and tells Yellowfang to fetch some elder leaves and give them a good chew. After she has done that, Sagewhisker plasters it on Newtspeck's leg. She orders Yellowfang to get poppy seeds and tells Newtspeck that she has to sleep in the medicine den for now, and can go back to her den when she has rested. Newtspeck thanks her.
When Yellowfang detects Littlebird's fever, she goes to Sagewhisker and warns her. Sagewhisker prompts Yellowfang to fetch the herbs she needs. Yellowfang protests that she could give something that will kill her, so Sagewhisker shrugs and grabs herbs from her dwindling store. She nods to Yellowfang as she passes her and pads out of the den. While Yellowfang is out on hunting patrol, she finds coltsfoot and remembers that Sagewhisker needs them, so she takes it back to the medicine cat.
After noticing Littlebird's shortness of breath, Yellowfang quickly goes to wake up Sagewhisker. In the medicine cat's confusion at the sudden wake in the middle of the night, Yellowfang grows impatient and grabs some juniper berries. She asks the medicine cat if this will help, and Sagewhisker nods wearily, saying to call if there is any problem. Yellowfang is surprised she expects her to give it to Littlebird, but shrugs and goes out, much to Lizardfang's dismay, asking where the white she-cat is. After giving the juniper berries, Yellowfang returns back to the medicine den where Sagewhisker is still awake. Halfway sitting up, she asks how Littlebird is. Yellowfang reports she is better, and Sagewhisker promises to see her at dawn.
After Yellowfang and a patrol fights a trespassing WindClan patrol, she heads to Sagewhisker den where Sagewhisker finds she has wounds herself. Sagewhisker asks if it's worse this time, and Yellowfang nods. Sagewhisker narrows her eyes and comments she's not just feeling the pain of other cats, hinting at the wounds she has received. She states that she could have kept fighting and easily defended herself with this injury, but she feels too much pain so couldn't fight, and that makes it impossible to become a warrior. She pauses and with sympathy in her eyes, she announces it's time to face her destiny; she has to be a medicine cat.
During the next half-moon, Yellowfang has been confined in the medicine den to recover from her injuries, remembering what Sagewhisker told her, she has to be a medicine cat. Sagewhisker slips into the den with a worried look on her face, and she tells Yellowfang Nettlespot's milk is drying up, and she is not eating. She asks Yellowfang to get something that will build up her appetite. After Yellowfang grabs sorrel for her, Sagewhisker checks her wounds, and comments that they are almost healed, and she can attend Boulder's and Russetpaw's warrior ceremony. After Yellowfang expresses her frustration of being confined, Sagewhisker tells her that she is only stuck in the medicine den; there are worse places to be. She explains often this is the best place to know what's happening at the far corners of the camp. After the ceremony, Sagewhisker informs Yellowfang that she is going to the Moonstone for the half-moon, and Yellowfang wishes her well. Sagewhisker says it will go well. She also tells her that she wants her to stay in the medicine den for one night, and then she can move back to her own den. During that night, Cloudkit is sick again, and Yellowfang is forced to treat him in place of Sagewhisker. She decided to keep Cloudkit only on water until Sagewhisker returns.
When Sagewhisker does return, she learns as to what happens, and tells that Yellowfang was right to keep the kit off the milk. She says to Nettlespot that he can have a short drink of milk. After leaving the nursery, she compliments Yellowfang she did the right thing. Sagewhisker prompts again about becoming a medicine cat, insisting that her warrior training and her abilities she has never come across before will make her a great medicine cat. Yellowfang stutters she needs time to think about this, but Sagewhisker snaps, saying she has had enough time and she will be there every step of the way. She expresses her fear that she will die before she trains an apprentice, and ShadowClan will be without a medicine cat. Yellowfang agrees to do it, and Sagewhisker says she will speak to Cedarstar, and tells Yellowfang to speak to Raggedpelt.
After Yellowfang's medicine cat apprentice ceremony, Sagewhisker tells her that she first needs to work on controlling her ability. She then orders Yellowfang to sort the herb store and clean their nests. Yellowfang protests cleaning nests are apprentice jobs, and Sagewhisker retorts that she is an apprentice. She reports she is going to check on Nettlespot and Cloudkit so Yellowfang can get to the bedding. Frustrated, Yellowfang thinks all Sagewhisker wants is someone to do the dirty jobs, and hopes StarClan has a word with her about respect. When Sagewhisker returns, she scolds why she hasn’t got any herbs out yet. Yellowfang defends that she was about to, and Sagewhisker retorts she needs to work faster. Yellowfang starts sorting herbs, but Sagewhisker points out her mistakes, even after she asks what some herbs does and Yellowfang doesn’t know. Yellowfang snaps that she'll learn, but she needs a chance. Sagewhisker gives a snort, but looks a bit guilty, and mutters that she thought she knew better than that. Yellowfang explains that she only knows a bit from watching Sagewhisker, so Sagewhisker decides to start again. She says they'll start on herbs that relieve pain, before focusing on infection fighting herbs and cough deterring herbs.
At the half-moon, Sagewhisker takes Yellowfang to the Moonstone and introduces her to Brambleberry of RiverClan. She also introduces them to the other medicine cats, including Goosefeather and Featherwhisker of ThunderClan and Hawkheart of WindClan. At the Moonstone, she performs the medicine cat apprentice ceremony, mentioning her pride could not be greater.
Finchflight looks for Sagewhisker to treat a thorn in his paw, but thinks Yellowfang will do. Yellowfang remembers Sagewhisker removing thorns before, but she fails when trying to remove it, so when Sagewhisker walks in she takes over but informs Yellowfang she did the right thing. She treats Finchflight then turns to Yellowfang, and gives advice for this treatment. She asks how she went with blocking out the pain, and Yellowfang reports she did well, until she was surprised by Finchflight and lost her focus. Sagewhisker rests her tail-tip on Yellowfang's shoulder and murmurs it'll take time, and to just keep trying. Suddenly, an injured patrol returns from a rat attack. Sagewhisker has to remind Yellowfang that they have to check injuries and assess every cat, treating the worst injuries instead of listening to the patrol's leader's explanation. Yellowfang reports to Sagewhisker the worst wounds, and they both treat the injured patrol.
The plan is to attack the huge hoard of rats with Sagewhisker and Yellowfang nearby to treat the injured. They hide under a bush and store their herbs. As the battle goes on, Yellowfang is more and more aggravated, and thinks she needs to go and help as the attacking patrol is starting to fail. Sagewhisker tells her they need to protect themselves, but Yellowfang shakes off her restraining paw and leaps into battle. When it's time to flee, Sagewhisker abandons their herb stores under the bush, and Yellowfang is disappointed about the loss of so many herbs. Back at camp, Sagewhisker disappears into Cedarstar's den. She reports to Yellowfang that he has lost a life, and has only one more left. She checks on what Yellowfang has done, and compliments on her skills.
As Sagewhisker grows older and older, Cloudkit, now Cloudpaw, is seriously wounded and Sagewhisker is willing to let him go to StarClan. Yellowfang refuses to give up, so she doesn't stop her, but warns to prepare for the worst. She helps though, reassuring Nettlespot and stopping her from seeing her son in the middle of the night. She also gives advice for treatment. She keeps an eye on Yellowfang, instructing her to take a walk around while she keeps an eye on the apprentice. When Yellowfang falls asleep, she wakes her and informs her Cloudpaw is waking up. Two days later after Cloudpaw's first walk outside the den, Sagewhisker admits she would have given up on Cloudpaw, and tells Yellowfang she will become a full medicine cat. The next morning, Sagewhisker wants to go tell Cedarstar about Yellowfang graduating to full medicine cat status, but Yellowfang insists to tell another cat first. Sagewhisker guesses its Raggedpelt, and reminds her of the medicine cat code. Later, Sagewhisker takes Yellowfang to the Moonstone, declaring her a full medicine cat.
Sagewhisker notices Yellowfang growing slower, and putting on weight. She comments that she needs to stop eating so much. She also notices how unfocused she is becoming, and wonders if she is ill. Sagewhisker and Yellowfang soon go for a walk, and Sagewhisker reveals she knows that Yellowfang is pregnant with Raggedpelt's kits. She prompts that ShadowClan needs her; it's almost time for herself to walk in StarClan. She tells Yellowfang that she needs to decide once and for all, she needs to choose and stick to that decision. Yellowfang promises to the path of the medicine cat, and Sagewhisker says to her that she needs to let Raggedpelt know, the kits need at least one parent. Yellowfang soon gives birth to her kits, but only one survives. Sagewhisker works to keep Yellowfang distracted and away from the nursery, and is careful on what she says of the kit around Yellowfang. She also helps Yellowfang to adjust to the Clan gossiping about the kit.
During the half-moon, Yellowfang has to go alone to the Moonstone as Sagewhisker is suffering from extreme pain in her legs and belly. Later, when Yellowfang starts asking for help from Brokenkit, her own kit, Sagewhisker tries to warn her without talking about it directly, but Yellowfang doesn't take notice. She is cross when Brokenkit tries to steal some moss from their special store, and after Brokenkit becomes angry at Yellowfang, Sagewhisker tells her it's best he grows up normally, not singled out.
Days later, a cry comes from the medicine den, and Yellowfang detects that Sagewhisker's heart has stopped, and she cannot breathe. Sagewhisker sprawls on her side, gasping in pain. She hisses to Yellowfang she cannot hold on, and StarClan needs her. Brightflower arrives, asking what is happening but Sagewhisker convulses and her eyes glaze over. As shock sets into Yellowfang, Brightflower whispers she is in StarClan now. She meows that she served ShadowClan well, and no ShadowClan cat will ever forget her. Brightflower fetches Cedarstar, who stands over Sagewhisker's body and dips his head in respect. He farewells his Clanmate, meowing she was a good medicine cat and a friend. He wishes that she continue to guide her Clan as she walks with StarClan. The elders carry the medicine cat out and the rest of the Clan touch their noses to her cold fur, sharing memories of the medicine cat. Yellowfang stays with her body all day and all night, promising to uphold the medicine cat code, and saying she owes her so much. She says the send-off words before the elders carry the body away to Sagewhisker's final resting place.
Later, when Brokentail eventually graduates to deputyship and his father, Raggedstar is killed, Yellowfang takes Brokentail to the Moonstone for his leadership ceremony. Yellowfang spots Sagewhisker there and later, Sagewhisker gives Brokentail his final life. She gives Brokentail the life of compassion, to use it to shelter the weakest in the Clan, the kits and elders and the sick; and to use it to also show mercy to his enemies and to choose the path his pawsteps will follow.
In the graphic novel bonus section, Yellowfang takes her apprentice, Cinderpelt to the Moonstone and dreams there. She meets Sagewhisker, and is filled with warmth. They touch cheeks to greet each other. Sagewhisker tells her if she had known what lay ahead of Yellowfang, she would never have forced her to become a medicine cat. Yellowfang is confused, stating she didn't force her; it was her own choice. Sagewhisker comments she was always so strong, she knows how much pain she's in, all of StarClan does. Yellowfang asks if her apprentice Cinderpelt will have her medicine cat name, and Sagewhisker agrees, telling Yellowfang that she chose her apprentice well. She explains to Yellowfang that she will leave a strong legacy in ThunderClan and all medicine cats will be exceptional. Yellowfang expresses her distress as she killed Brokenstar, her son. Sagewhisker tells her Brokenstar brought the death upon himself, and the warrior code places loyalty above all things. She has proven more than loyal to ThunderClan. Sagewhisker lastly promises that she will walk with her, always.

Crookedstar's Promise

At Crookedpaw's first Gathering, Bluepaw points Sagewhisker out as ShadowClan's medicine cat. She is sitting beside Hawkheart, the WindClan medicine cat. Sagewhisker is mentioned briefly when Brambleberry introduces her new apprentice, Mudfur, to the other medicine cats.

Bluestar's Prophecy

Sagewhisker is the ShadowClan medicine cat during the time that Cedarstar is leader. Bluepaw points her out at a Gathering while she tells Crookedpaw who the medicine cats are. When Cedarstar announces that Raggedpelt is replacing Stonetooth as deputy, Sagewhisker cheers loudly for Raggedpelt, as well as a young cat, who is later revealed to be Yellowfang who is beside her. At one of the following Gatherings, Cedarstar announces that Yellowfang is training with Sagewhisker as a medicine cat. Bluefur then thinks that she doesn't envy ShadowClan, who is going to have to put up with Yellowfang after Sagewhisker.

Tigerheart's Shadow

She gives Tigerheart a life for persistence. As he receives the life, the white she-cat tells the future ShadowClan leader that he shouldn't give up in the face of failure or rejection. True leaders will try as many times as needed so that they can succeed.

In the Novellas

Goosefeather's Curse

Sagepaw arrives at the Moonstone with the other medicine cats and dreams. She stirs in her sleep while her white fur glows against the Moonstone. At another meeting, Goosefeather has his medicine cat ceremony, and Sagepaw cheers his new name. The new medicine cat blinks gratefully to the ShadowClan medicine cat apprentice. Sagepaw's mentor, Redthistle, decides to leave, and limps back home with Sagepaw following.

Blackfoot's Reckoning

Coming Soon

In the Field Guides

The Ultimate Guide

"Sagewhisker believed that being a medicine cat was more important than anything else."
―Narrator The Ultimate Guide, page 64
Sagewhisker has her own page. Her gift of observing the talents of those cats around her let her pick out Yellowpaw as the perfect one to take as her apprentice, though Yellowpaw went on the path of a warrior until Yellowpaw couldn't stand fighting alongside her fellow warriors anymore and became Yellowfang, the apprentice medicine cat of ShadowClan. It was also said that Sagewhisker served long and well under two leaders, Cedarstar and Raggedstar, but died before she had to witness the cruelty of Brokenstar. Her prodigious memory for herbs and the gift of listening to StarClan made her a natural medicine cat. Sagewhisker died midway through sorting and storing herbs, serving her Clan to her last breath.

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  • She has been mistakenly mentioned with green eyes,[9] and shown with amber eyes.[10]
  • Though she died before Raggedstar was made leader, in The Ultimate Guide she is said to have served Raggedstar.[11]
  • She was mistakenly referred to with male pronouns.[12]


"She served her Clan well. No ShadowClan cat will ever forget her."
―Brightflower to Yellowfang Yellowfang's Secret, page 352

"Farewell Clanmate. You were a good medicine cat and a good friend. May you continue to guide ShadowClan as you walk in the stars."
―Cedarstar grieving after Sagewhisker's death Yellowfang's Secret, page 352

"Just as long as no one's blaming ShadowClan for Brokenstar."
―Sagewhisker Night Whispers, page 5

"We cannot be dragged down by another Clan's treachery."
―Sagewhisker to Flametail Night Whispers, page 86

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