"I had no training. [Sandgorse] knew that. He gave his life so that I could escape. That's why he died. He held back the earth long enough for me to run. He died a hero, Talltail."
Sparrow about Sandgorse's sacrifice in Tallstar's Revenge, page 409

Sandgorse is a pale ginger tom[2] with amber eyes,[1] and dull, patchy, thin fur.[4]

Sandgorse was a WindClan tuneller, the father of Tallstar and Finchkit, and the mate of Palebird. Greatly proud of his status as a tunneller, Sandgorse was eager for his son to follow in his pawsteps, but when Heatherstar gave Tallpaw a moor-runner as his mentor, Sandgorse was outraged. He was very defensive over tunneling when the practice was challenged as being too dangerous. When showing Sparrow the tunnels, a cave-in caused Sandgorse to lose his life, and Talltail would go on to blame the tragedy on Sparrow, seeking revenge.


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Super Editions

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"I give you this life for forgiveness. No death need ever be avenged. Forgiveness brings peace far more surely than vengeance."
—Sandgorse giving a life to Talltail. Tallstar's Revenge, page 501
In Tallstar's Revenge, Sandgorse becomes the father of Tallkit and Finchkit, though Finchkit dies soon after her birth. He resolves to train his surviving son as the perfect tunneler, as he was named for his long tunneler's tail. However, Tallkit yearns to feel the wind in his pelt, and when he is apprenticed as a moor-runner, Sandgorse is furious. Tallpaw feels guilty for destroying his father's dream, and Sandgorse attempts to get his son interested in tunneling, but after Tallpaw almost drowns in a tunnel-run, the thought of being a tunneler terrifies him. When the greenleaf visitors arrive, Sparrow shows a strong interest in the tunnels, and Sandgorse takes him underground. However, when a cave-in occurs, Sandgorse gives his life to save Sparrow. After his death, Palebird takes his friend, Woollytail, as her new mate, and moons later, Sandgorse appears in StarClan at Tallstar's leadership ceremony to give his son a life for forgiveness.



  • He has been mistakenly described with green eyes.[5]

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"Tallkit felt a quiver of pride. His father looked strong and determined, as if there was no hole he couldn't dig, no earth he couldn't shape with his paws."
—Narrator Tallstar's Revenge, page 17

"The first rule of tunnelling is that you're always stronger than you think."
—Sandgorse to Tallpaw Tallstar's Revenge, page 23

"We always work in twos. If there's a cave-in, you never leave your companion. It's the most important rule of tunnelling. Another cat's life is as precious as your own. Never forget it for a moment."
—Sandgorse to Tallpaw Tallstar's Revenge, page 108

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"Sandgorse's eyes were bright with exhilaration. Had he enjoyed racing the river? Tallpaw winced. His father had even more courage than he thought."
—Narrator Tallstar's Revenge, page 116

"I was lucky I made it out. There was no way I could have helped Sandgorse. He's the one with all the skills. He shouldn't have taken me down there. He should have known it was too dangerous."
—Sparrow after he survived a cave-in and Sandgorse didn’t. Tallstar's Revenge, page 197

"Sandgorse was a great planner. He could pick out a route overground, then dig it exactly the same underground, paw step for paw step. He knew the tunnels under this moor better than any other tunneler. But he hated worms. […] Every time we hit worm soil, he'd send his tunnelmate in first. He always said he'd rather be plastered whisker to tail in clay than get a worm under his claw."
—Flailfoot to Tallpaw Tallstar's Revenge, page 213

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