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Sandstorm is a sassy and strong-willed she-cat. She is deeply loyal to ThunderClan and cares for those she loves very much.[1]



As apprentices, Sandstorm constantly mocks Firepaw for his kittypet heritage. When Firestar becomes a warrior before her, she becomes jealous and teases him even more. However, soon after this, Fireheart saves Sandstorm from falling to her death in the gorge. Sandstorm and Fireheart grow close after this and eventually become mates.[1] Firestar and Sandstorm then go on a journey together to find SkyClan, where Spottedleaf voices her approval of Sandstorm and Firestar’s relationship, and Sandstorm no longer worries about whether Firestar loves Spottedleaf more than her.[2] As a senior warrior, Sandstorm is one of Firestar’s closest advisors when he is leader, and they have kits and live together in ThunderClan for a long time. After Firestar dies in the battle with the Dark Forest, Sandstorm retires to the elder’s den, waiting for the day when she can join her mate.[3] She goes with Alderpaw on his journey to find SkyClan, where she tries to jump a fence and gets an infected leg wound. She knows that she is going to die, but is glad that she’ll die doing something important. Sandstorm then goes to StarClan and is finally reunited with Firestar.[4]


When Firestar first joins ThunderClan, Sandstorm and Dustpelt tease him about his kittypet past. Dustpelt also had a crush on Sandstorm, so he supported her in everything she did. Eventually, though, he and Sandstorm grow to respect Firestar, and Dustpelt comes to terms with the fact that Sandstorm loves Firestar instead of him.[1]

Squirrelflight and Leafpool

Sandstorm loves and supports her kits, and they love her.[5]

Alderheart and Sparkpelt

Sandstorm is often talking and bonding with her grandchildren and is fond of them. She goes with Alderpaw and Sparkpaw on their journey to the gorge and is often giving advice and comfort to Alderpaw. However, on the journey, Sandstorm attempts to jump over a fence and cuts her leg. The wound becomes infected, and Alderpaw tries desperately to save her. But Sandstorm knows she is going to die, and one night, Alderpaw sees her starry figure and knows she is dead. Sandstorm encourages Alderpaw to finish the journey, and the questing cats hold a vigil for her and bury her. Alderpaw is sad and disappointed that he couldn’t save her, but knows that Sandstorm is happy in StarClan with Firestar.[4]

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