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Interesting facts

  • One of Leafstar's kits, Stormheart, is named after Sandstorm.[1]
  • During Firestar's Quest, she played the role of medicine cat to SkyClan, before she and Firestar found and trained Echosong.[2]
  • Sandstorm was one of the best hunters in ThunderClan.[3]

Author statements

  • Sandstorm was killed to thin the crowd,[4] although Kate says it would have been nice to have her go out defending her Clanmates.[5]


  • She is mistakenly called Sandpaw, despite already having receiving her warrior name.[6]
  • She is mistakenly called Sandstrom.[7]
  • In Eclipse, she was said to be in camp when Sol first comes, but then a page later she is said to be walking into camp with Squirrelflight after they had been hunting.[8]
  • She has mistakenly been said to have pale golden eyes,[9] emerald green eyes,[10] and been depicted with blue eyes.[11]
  • She has been mistakenly called golden,[12] russet-furred,[13] and depicted as solid with a pale muzzle in mangas.[14][15]
    • The mistake from A Clan in Need with Sandstorm lacking pale stripes is fixed with the color reprint,[16] although she was mistakenly shown as solid orange prior to her appearance as a queen.[17]

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