"Your luck is going to run out if you go on tempting fate like this."
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"Twigpaw has not made this decision lightly. I've seen her struggling to do the right thing. Her heart has been torn in two directions since she came. I'm proud she has found the courage to decide. […] She's found where her true loyalty lies. That is not a waste of anyone's time. If she'd stayed here, with half her heart in ThunderClan, what use would she have been?"
— Sandynose defending Twigpaw from Leafstar in Darkest Night, page 288

Sandynose is a stocky, light brown[8] tabby[12] tom with ginger legs,[8] and amber eyes.[13]

Sandynose was a SkyClan warrior under Leafstar's leadership in the gorge and lake territories. He was born to Clovertail and Patchfoot alongside his sisters, Birdwing and Honeytail. He became an apprentice as Sandypaw, and after becoming a warrior, Sandynose mentored Pebbleshine following Billystorm's death. He became mates with Plumwillow, and she was expecting his kits; however, when Darktail drove SkyClan from the gorge, Sandynose disappeared. Hawkwing raised his kits, Dewkit, Reedkit, and Finkit, as their adoptive father, until Sandynose reunited with his kin upon his return. After arriving at the lake, Sandynose mentored Twigpaw, but supported her decision to go back to ThunderClan, and afterwards, he mentored Quailfeather. During a battle instigated by the impostor, Sandynose was killed and became a ghost, unable to find StarClan. Ashfur took possession of his spirit and the others and kept him prisoner in the Dark Forest.


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A Vision of Shadows

"When I tell you to catch a bird, I mean catch a bird. If I want you to catch a mouse, I’ll say mouse. You're a SkyClan cat now. Any cat can catch prey on the forest floor. Only SkyClan can hunt in the trees."
―Sandynose to Twigpaw about being a SkyClan cat Darkest Night, page 135
Sandynose is a warrior in SkyClan, who has recently arrived to the lake. Despite Twigpaw passing her warrior assessment in ThunderClan, Sandynose becomes her mentor upon her decision to join SkyClan, determined to train his apprentice from the ground up as a SkyClan warrior. When his son, Finpaw, is trapped under a fallen branch, Sandynose gives Puddleshine, the ShadowClan medicine cat, consent to severe his tail after attempts to move the branch fail.
As Finpaw recovers, Sandynose disapproves of his close relationship with Twigpaw, due to his suspicions that Twigpaw was still loyal to ThunderClan. He confronts Twigpaw about their friendship, arguing that she was distracting him from his training. When Twigpaw chooses to return to ThunderClan at her warrior ceremony, Sandynose defends her choice to Leafstar, explaining that she would be no use as a SkyClan warrior with half her heart in ThunderClan. However, Finpaw leaves SkyClan to follow Twigpaw to ThunderClan, stating his family can manage without him. Sandynose later receives his third apprentice, Quailpaw.

The Broken Code

"It'll take more than a vigil to forget that Sandynose was killed by warriors for the sake of a traitor."
―Sagenose to his Clanmates about Sandynose Darkness Within, page 41
Sandynose's apprentice, Quailpaw, is now a warrior named Quailfeather. Sandynose, along with his mate, Plumwillow, and other Clan warriors, agree with Bramblestar's impostor about punishing codebreakers. He doubts the existence of Bramblestar's ghost when it was summoned by Rootpaw and Tree. He assisted the rebels and ShadowClan during a battle against the other Clans instigated by the impostor; however, Sandynose is one of the few cats killed. Rootspring sees his ghost during a Gathering, where he and the other fallen warriors are unable to find StarClan. Afterwards, he is heavily mourned by his Clanmates after the battle amongst the Clans during the Clans' vigil. He is also said to be seen lost alongside the other ghosts, as noted by Cheddar to Tree and Rootspring.

Super Editions

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"Thank you, Hawkwing. I can never repay you for keeping my family safe."
―Sandynose to Hawkwing Hawkwing's Journey, page 405
In Hawkwing's Journey, Sandynose continues Pebblepaw's training after Billystorm is killed by a badger on one of Darktail's failed missions to find the Clans. He chastises Hawkwing for being suspicious of Darktail, accusing him of being prejudiced against cats who were not Clan-born. When Darktail and his group of rogues attack the gorge, he and Hawkwing work together to fight one off, but disappears in the retreat. Several cats are killed in the battle, including his father, Patchfoot, and the Clan assumes Sandynose to be dead following his disappearance. Plumwillow bears his kits in his absence, naming them Dewkit, Reedkit, and Finkit, and Hawkwing acts as their father. Sandynose and Fallowfern eventually reunite with SkyClan on their journey to the Clans' territory. He thanks Hawkwing for keeping his family safe, and reunites with his mate and kits. When the kits prefers Hawkwing as their father, which causes Sandynose to be hurt, Hawkwing reassures Reedkit, Dewkit, and Finkit that Sandynose will be a good father, stating they just need to give him a chance. After his kits become apprentices, he bonds with them more, being a happy family with them and Plumwillow.
"[Rabbitleap and I] came to return [the rabbit]."
―Sandynose to a ShadowClan patrol Tigerheart's Shadow, page 18
In Tigerheart's Shadow, a ShadowClan hunting patrol chases a rabbit over the newly established border, which Sandynose catches and decides to return it to the ShadowClan cats. Though the ShadowClan warriors are hesitant, they accept the rabbit, later returning the favor by giving SkyClan a rabbit in return, which caused arguments among the two Clans.

SkyClan and the Stranger

"Yeah—we were hoping it would count [my sisters and my], ah, final assessment before becoming warriors...?"
―Sandypaw lying to Sharpclaw about where he, his sisters, and Nettlesplash were going The Rescue, page 36
Sandypaw is an apprentice, along with his sisters, Honeypaw and Birdpaw. When he and Nettlesplash break the warrior code by eating on patrol, Leafstar punishes them by making them search Lichenfur for ticks. Later, he sneaks out of camp to eat kittypet food with Nettlesplash and Birdpaw, but begins to feel guilty. He is mocked by Birdpaw when he wishes to come clean, but appears smug when she and the others are reprimanded by Leafstar.

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Personality and Relationships

Sandynose is a loyal warrior to his Clan, but he is not afraid to speak what is on his mind, even to his leader or about other Clan cats. He cares deeply for his family, and though he is strict with Twigpaw when she joins SkyClan, Sandynose was proud of his apprentice, defending her against Leafstar. For more of Sandynose's personality and relationships, click here!


Sandynose's parents are Patchfoot and Clovertail, and his sisters are Birdwing and Honeytail. His half-siblings via Clovertail are Rockshade, Bouncefire, and Tinycloud. His mate is Plumwillow, and Reedclaw, Finleap and Dewspring are their children. For more of Sandynose's family, click here!



Author statements

  • Kate thinks that the reason Sandynose was so strict on Finpaw is because he thought he couldn't take his training seriously.[blog 1]

Interesting facts

  • Finleap looks exactly like him.[14]


  • Sandynose appears as a non-tabby in gray-scaled version of SkyClan and the Stranger,[2] but this is fixed in the colored version of the book.[13]
    • Furthermore, Sandynose is shown with darker ears in colored versions of SkyClan and the Stranger.[13]


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