"I wanted to believe that this combination of Clans would work, but this just made things clear that Leafstar has no business making decisions for ShadowClan cats. She didn't grow up with us. She doesn't understand our bonds!"
— Scorchfur when Leafstar sends away Sleekwhisker and Yarrowleaf in River of Fire, page 92

Scorchfur is a dark gray tom[6] with ragged,[10] slashed ears,[11] one of which is torn.[12][13]

Scorchfur is a ShadowClan warrior who has served under Blackstar's, Rowanstar's, Leafstar's, and Tigerstar's leaderships in the lake territories. As an apprentice, Scorchpaw was mentored by Snaketail, and after becoming a warrior, Scorchfur was known for his sharp tongue and open criticism of authority. He and his mate, Snowbird, had three litters of kits with the first being Cloverfoot, Berryheart, and Buster, and later, Yarrowleaf, Beenose, and Bluebellkit. During Rowanstar's reign, Scorchfur was among the leader's harshest critics, gladly joining Darktail when he took control of ShadowClan. While in the Kin, he and Snowbird had Conefoot, Frondwhisker, and Gullswoop. Even after his return, Scorchfur was quick to clash with Clan authority, particularly Leafstar during his time as a SkyClan warrior, who sent away his daughter, Yarrowleaf. When Tigerheart returned to revive the fallen ShadowClan, Scorchfur was relieved to once again serve his Clan under a leader he respected and was appointed a mentor to Flowerstem and his grandson, Flaxfoot.


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Power of Three

He is a ShadowClan apprentice under Snaketail and fights against WindClan and RiverClan during the battle of the eclipse. Despite being an apprentice, he fathers Berryheart, Cloverfoot, and Rippletail with Snowbird during this time.

Omen of the Stars

"I'll fight to the death if I have to."
―Scorchfur to Lionblaze and Littlecloud about the battle The Last Hope, page 274
Now a warrior with the name of Scorchfur, he participates in the fight for the border and survives, helping carry the body of Russetfur when the fight is over. He also fights against the Place of No Stars when they attack and is heavily wounded during the fight.

A Vision of Shadows

"If you go to the Gathering, don't bother coming back. ShadowClan doesn't need a leader as weak as you."
―Scorchfur to Rowanstar Thunder and Shadow, page chapter 22
His first litter of kits are now warriors, and his second are now apprentices. When Snowbird falls ill with yellowcough, he frets over her and openly questions Rowanstar constantly. He comes up with the idea to keep Twigpaw captive in exchange for lungwort and berates Crowfrost when the deputy lets her go so she can avoid falling sick. He is given Flowerpaw to mentor. Scorchfur decides to join Darktail when the rogue commandeers ShadowClan, becoming part of the Kin. However, upon seeing Darktail's cruelty, he regrets it. Several of his kits go missing, including Beenose who dies, and Rippletail who becomes a kittypet as Buster.
He and Snowbird have a third litter of kits, Conekit, Frondkit, and Gullkit, and Snowbird cannot find enough food to feed herself and their kits. Scorchfur takes more prey than usual, and Darktail punishes him harshly. He fights to drive out the Kin, but still disapproves of Rowanstar. His sharp tongue and lack of respect for Rowanstar is one of the reasons Rowanstar disbands ShadowClan and annexes them to SkyClan. However, Scorchfur openly defies Leafstar when she turns away his daughter, Yarrowleaf, who is heavily pregnant. When Tigerheart is resurrected and reinstates ShadowClan, Scorchfur helps Juniperclaw and Snowbird destroy SkyClan's dens and is assigned by Tigerstar to guard Alderheart when the young ThunderClan medicine cat helps out in ShadowClan's camp. When Cloverfoot is announced as deputy, Scorchfur is the first to cheer his daughter's name.

Super Editions

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In Bramblestar's Storm, at a Gathering, Blackstar announces Scorchfur's latest litter of kits with Snowbird, noted by Bramblestar to be looking smug. He also takes part in the battle against the badgers and fights alongside Bramblestar, complimenting the ThunderClan leader's battle skills.
In Tigerheart's Shadow, he is one of Rowanstar's harshest critics and refuses to listen to his leader out of spite. When Tawnypelt attacks him for insulting Rowanstar, Scorchfur retaliates and nearly takes out her eye, though quickly feels guilty over it. He attempts to leave for SkyClan with Juniperclaw, but is stopped by Tigerheart, who convinces the two to return to ShadowClan. He and Snowbird later tell Tigerheart that they prefer him over Rowanstar and that they will only take orders from him, frustrating Tigerheart.

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Killed victims

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Scorchfur, most notably, is often quick to criticize[15] and openly states what he disagrees with,[16] and his sharp tongue often sparks arguments.[17] However, he is not heartless. He felt it was necessary to feed the RiverClan prisoners captured by Darktail, so they wouldn't starve, stating "isn’t it our responsibility to see that they’re healthy?"[18] though this led to him getting reprimanded by Darktail.



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Beenose, Berryheart, Yarrowleaf, Cloverfoot, Gullswoop, Frondwhisker, Buster and Conefoot

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Rowanclaw, ShadowClan, and the Kin

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Scorchfur's mate is Snowbird, and Berryheart, Cloverfoot, Buster, Bluebellkit, Yarrowleaf, Beenose, Conefoot, Gullswoop, and Frondwhisker are their children. For more of Scorchfur's family, click here!



Interesting facts

  • Scorchfur fathered Berryheart, Cloverfoot, and Buster,[19] despite being an apprentice when Snowbird was pregnant with them.[20][1]



Flowerkit: "Scorchfur and Ratscar say all ThunderClan cats are just foxes in cat pelts."
Twigpaw: "Scorchfur and Ratscar are a pair of old gossips."
Flowerkit: "Can I tell them you said that?"
Twigpaw: "No!"
—Flowerkit and Twigpaw Thunder and Shadow, page chapter 19

Scorchfur: "We should have fought to keep her!"
Crowfrost: "A battle wouldn't have stopped them. And even if we'd managed to keep Twigpaw, do you really think ThunderClan could make Onestar change his mind?"
Spikefur: "You're a coward!"
Scorchfur: "Rowanstar would never have let her go."
—Scorchfur and Spikefur to Crowfrost after Twigpaw is returned to ThunderClan Thunder and Shadow, page chapter 20

Scorchfur: "How are they?"
Puddleshine: "Snowbird's breathing is much better. And Yarrowleaf is well enough to leave her nest when she feels rested."
Scorchfur: "She doesn't seem much better [...] She wouldn't have gotten sick at all if Rowanstar had acted sooner. And she'd have had the lungwort quicker if Crowfrost hadn't given away our hostage."
Snowbird: "[...] Go easy on him, Scorchfur. Puddleshine has been a lifesaver. More would have died without him."
Scorchfur: "And no cat would have died if we'd had stronger leaders."
—Scorchfur, Puddleshine, and Snowbird talking about the sickness Thunder and Shadow, page chapter 22

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"We're not coming. [...] Why should we meet with the Clans who refused to help us?"
―Scorchfur to Rowanstar Thunder and Shadow, page chapter 22

"We've never heard of them until ThunderClan told us about them. Why did Firestar, and then Bramblestar, keep this missing Clan a secret so long?"
―Scorchfur about SkyClan at the Gathering Darkest Night, page 34

Rowanstar: "Leafstar did promise us friendship."
Scorchfur: "And you believed her!"
Rowanstar: "It was Tigerheart's idea."
Scorchfur: "'It was Tigerheart's idea.' When was the last time you had an idea of your own?"
Rowanstar: "I'd like to see you try to lead a Clan! Perhaps you could use the skills you learned from Darktail."
Scorchfur: "At least he knew how to lead!"
Tawnypelt: "You betrayed your Clan. Now you insult your leader? Show him some respect!"
Scorchfur: "He's done nothing to earn it. If he'd chased Darktail off in the first place, none of us would have followed those rogues. Instead he let them hunt on our land, while our apprentices grew arrogant and reckless. He couldn't manage to stop any of it."
—Scorchfur about Rowanstar's leadership Darkest Night, pages 158-159

Scorchfur: "So? What should we do?"
Rowanstar: "I must do what's right for the Clan."
Scorchfur: "Isn't it a bit late for that?"
Tawnypelt: "Rowanstar has always done what's best for this Clan!"
Scorchfur: "So we have Rowanstar to thank for the state we're in?"
Tawnypelt: "Do you think you could have done any better? You blame Rowanstar. But it was his Clanmates' disloyalty that killed them. If our apprentices grew arrogant, blame their mentors, not him. He cared about ShadowClan when none of you did. Rowanstar still wakes in the night, haunted by nightmares about the Clanmates he's lost."
Scorchfur: "He's lucky. He has nine lives to dream about lost Clanmates. They only had one."
Puddleshine: "That's not fair! You can't let him say that. StarClan gave you those lives because they believed in you."
Scorchfur: "They believed in him once. Perhaps Rowanstar is the dark sky they're trying to warn us about."
Tawnypelt: "If anyone's the dark sky, it's you! You let the rogues take over the Clan. You let them drive Rowanstar away. Don't blame him for your treachery."
Scorchfur: "And why do you think we chose a rogue over Rowanstar? He was a weak leader then, and he's a weak leader now."
Tawnypelt: "You're no better than a rogue."
—Scorchfur about Rowanstar's leadership Darkest Night, pages 160-161

Scorchfur: "You can't give our land away!"
Grassheart: "He wouldn't have to if your sharp tongue hadn't cut the Clan into shreds."
Scorchfur: "Don't blame me!"
Juniperclaw: "Scorchfur wasn't alone in wanting a stronger leader than Rowanstar."
Tawnypelt: "No leader could have been strong enough to deal with so much treachery!"
Puddleshine: "Rowanstar is making the wisest decision. Without Tigerheart, we are no more than a bickering mob of starlings. We need the security of a Clan and the safety of Clanmates who hold the warrior code close to their hearts."
Scorchfur: "I've always stayed true to the warrior code."
Puddleshine: "Then obey it now and support your leader in his decision."
—Scorchfur about Rowanstar at the Gathering Darkest Night, page 268

"If he's well enough to complain, he's well enough to sleep in his own nest."
―Puddleshine about Scorchfur The Silent Thaw, pages 120-121

"Even if she hadn't been named, it's no secret that she's a codebreaker. Shadowsight is living proof of that. If she's atoning, she's protecting her Clan. StarClan is clearly angry with us. Too many warriors have been injured."
―Scorchfur about Dovewing's atonement and StarClan's anger The Silent Thaw, page 247

"ShadowClan's warriors shouldn't suffer while their codebreakers go unpunished. If neither ShadowClan's leader nor its deputy is ready to follow StarClan’s laws, perhaps we should find them new leadership."
―Scorchfur at a Gathering The Silent Thaw, page 267

"Why did you listen to this voice? You should have known better. You're supposed to be a medicine cat. We trusted you!"
―Scorchfur scolding Shadowsight The Silent Thaw, page 304

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