"Or Floyd, Scrap, and Mae? They only thought of themselves."
Tigerheart's thoughts on Scrap in Tigerheart's Shadow, page 141

Scrap is a mangy tom.[2]


In the Super Editions

Tigerheart's Shadow

As Tigerheart makes his way through a station in an attempt to find his mate, Dovewing, he picks up the stench of another cat. He is briefly confused by this, wondering if another tom lived in the station. Tigerheart hears a hiss, and quickly introduces himself. After a brief talk with the tom, Dash informs Tigerheart that he doesn't smell like a rotpile cat. Tigerheart asks what that is, and Dash tells the tabby about rogues living behind the station. He notes that they've been trying to drive Dash from the building, and Tigerheart pities the skinny tom. He agrees to help him drive the rogues away.
Dash leads Tigerheart to a rotpile behind the station. The black and white tom points Scrap and Floyd out to Tigerheart; both toms are sniffing around a rotpile. After a skirmish breaks out, Mae challenges Scrap to defend her, the mangy rogue doesn't defend her however, looking nervously at Tigerheart and Dash. He suggests they leave as there isn't much food there anyway, and there are more rot piles further down the street. The rogues look at each other uncertainly before Scrap follows Floyd, but glances at Dash reproachfully as he leaves.
Tigerheart later wonders about Scrap, Mae, and Floyd, noting that they only care about themselves.


Mae: "What about you, Scrap? Aren't you going to defend me?"
Scrap: "Why don't we just go and find somewhere else to eat?"
—Mae challenging Scrap Tigerheart's Shadow, page 126

"These cats were mouse-hearts."
―Tigerheart thinking about Scrap, Floyd and Mae Tigerheart's Shadow, page 126

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